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Part 16: I think we need to Discuss that Wallpaper

Update 13: I think we need to Discuss that Wallpaper

Things to do in the castle

Wow, news indeed spreads like wildfire here. Even though I finished my romp through the Ice Caverns ages ago, it took this
long until Dupre got wind of it. He seems to think the river there may prove useful in helping with out water shortage. Well, good luck with that, I guess.

Nystul seems to think the dimensions the gem in level 5 leads to have some kind of connection between then. Tut tut, Nystul, old bean, surely you jest!

Syria told me to go see Charles because he has some kind of unhealthy fruit fetish or something.

As I had nothing better to do, I decided to do as she said. I wasn't really expecting much but looks like he can indeed prove to be useful sometimes.
Look at this sweet key he found!

I didn't expect Patterson to get over his unrequited love for Lady Tory so quickly but there you go, he's already his old jokester self again. Haha, good one, Patterson!

Nelson seems to think that there's more behind the murder, though. If this is true, I think I can rule out the "a bull somehow found a way to use the gem to teleport itself into the castle and attacked her due to the color of her dress" scenario I came up with last night.

Nell had this weird tidbit to share. Don't really know what to make of it, maybe she was still half asleep?

And of course there was Feridwyn. He told me th

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