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Part 27: Indiana Herb and The Pressure Plate of Doom

Update 24: Indiana Herb and The Pressure Plate of Doom

Things to do in the castle:

Not very much! Apparently, the only one who had anything new to say was Iolo and what it was reeked suspiciously
of small talk at its best/worst. I can't say I'm surprised, though. Given the shambles that is his marriage it's
more or less to be expected that he managed to rack up some practice in this sort of thing.

Also, here's something I seem to have forgotten about. Miranda will tell you in which worlds you've used
Altara's staff successfully. As to why they chose her out of everyone, I have no clue. Was she a mage on the side in Ultima 7 or something?

And finally, looks like I managed to break the guards as well. This was what I got when I accidentally spoke to one and it's indeed pretty
amusing. I assume that if I'd talked to a female guard after the last murder, the same thing would have happened to the male guards. Talking to her one
more time fixed it, though.

26.) The Tomb of Praecor Loth Pt. 1 ( (Dailymotion)