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Part 31: If you wanna be with me, baby, there's a price you pay

Update 28: If you wanna be with me, baby, there's a price you pay

Things to do in the castle:

Yet again: not much, which is a bit disappointing seeing as the game's almost over. I kind of hoped everyone might have a bit of new dialogue to see us off into the endgame, but no such thing. Oh well.

Miranda tells us to see Nystul, though. Who knows, maybe he has an idea how we could benefit from the gift the now-fully-deceased Praecor Loth gave us in the last update?

And apparently, he does -- looks like the rumors of this thing being pretty damn powerful weren't hogwash. Too bad there seems to be no way we can use it on our own. Is this thing like a trumpet where you have to practice like every day for weeks to get your first note out of it?

And this is all Nell had to say if I asked her if she could think of anything that might help us. Yeah, she did tell me this before and I sorta forgot about it but there's no need to be all passive-agressive about it!

30.) Endgame Pt. 1 ( (Dailymotion)

And we're off to the amazing final dungeon, OMG!  OK, that was a lie.