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Ultima VII Part 2: Serpent Isle

by Nakar

Part 45: INTERLUDE - Inbetween Break Stuff

In case you're wondering what I do between updates...

This part actually comes a bit later; I just finished Skullcrusher and decided to go do some stuff with all the crap I was carrying. There may be one or two spoilers but you'd need to be sharp-eyed to spot them.

This is the Serpent Gate to the Great Northern Forest, which along with Fawn will be one of two serpent teeth we find in Skullcrusher. Note neither actually takes us to the frozen north, so until we catch up to Batlin it's actually not normally advisable/possible to leave.

Map location here. I never find this gate accidentally; I only ever see it when I warp here. I mean it's here, I just never see it.

It was bugging the hell out of me that I was still missing Great Douse. Then I remembered that I hadn't gone back to the Sleeping Bull to buy spells from Ensorcio. Don't forget to do this, even though you can learn most of the good things he teaches elsewhere. He's the exclusive teacher of Great Douse and Sleep, I believe, and I somehow hadn't found a Sleep scroll prior to this point.

This leaves only three gaps in our spellbook. One in the Fourth Circle...

...and two in the Fifth Circle. All three are plot-related, so we can't have them now.

And since we have so much stuff, I realized it'd be better not to bother carrying it. So...

"Are we using the transdimensional legacy of a long-dead civilization to store all our stolen goods in a place where they can't be stolen back?"

Now you know where Morrowind got it from.

Quest items, maps, and scrolls. Screw that crap, I don't need most of it ever again.

Then we'll convert all our gold and gems and such. And then stash the tens of thousands of coins in the Secret Dark Path Base.

And then of course, enough chemicals to drug the entirety of Britannia, safely stored next to volatile powder kegs.