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Part 5: Update III


Alright, now back to our regularly scheduled programming. After Komaru gets to watch the Warriors of Hope make their first appearance on live TV, we get to watch the intro movie.

There's probably going to be more in the video than I'll be showing here, just because of the way the intro video is structured, which would lead to like 50 images for a minute long intro otherwise.

What we do get is a bit of a character roll call.

Looks like Toko will be playing a fairly major role in this game as well.

We get some mysterious Monokuma variants.

We can now put some names to the Warriors of Hope.

There's also some scenes involving giant robots, which I guess makes sense, since we already have regular-sized robots, which of course means there need to be giant ones as well. There's some more scenes that mean basically nothing until we actually see them in context...

...and we finish it off with another title card.

♪ BGM: Chapter Title

And another title card. I guess that makes the first two chapters the preprologue.

♪ BGM: DSO_Welcome Despair Academy

But the school covered it up, so it was too late when the world finally realized... It grew out of control, becoming a monster that swallowed the entire world. It couldn't have just been some riot or student protest. It had to be something far deeper. That much should be obvious... It did come from Hope's Peak Academy. after all.

Violence spawned revenge, which fueled more violence, driving the crime rate even higher. Before long, a global war broke out. A war not for land or ideals, but only for the sake of war. A war that tainted the world with despair.

And even when it felt like I was falling, I kept believing. "It's still okay, it's alright..." Then, I found out that 7 of my classmates had died suspiciously. I fell further still. But even then, I kept telling myself, "It's all going to be fine, don't be afraid..." But the realization that it was too late came to me like the ground rushing up to break my fall.

The world I had been living in up to that moment collapsed. Everything changed.

I was supposed to be a normal high school girl, but instead I became a complacent prisoner.

There's no use in keeping hope. That's what I was forced to realize once again...

♪ BGM: Ambience ♫

And as the killing goes on outside...

...Komaru is despairing inside.

Wh-why is this happening? If I knew this was going to happen, I would have stayed in my room forever!


However, it seems like Komaru was hiding in a blind spot, so the Monokuma can't see anything and just leaves.

♪ BGM: Secret Base ~Left Behind By The Adults~

This game does like using music ahead of when it's actually supposed to be used.

I gotta run... that's right, that Byakuya guy said that someone is supposed to be here, right?

They're... supposed to be here...

♪ BGM: DSO_Despair-Syndrome

While walking around the restaurant, Komaru spots something!

It's a guy in a suit!

Ugh... mnf...
Ah! A-Are you alright!?
Wh-Who are you? You shouldn't be here... Hurry up and run!
U-Um... You're from Future Foundation...right?
H-How did you know?
I-I... I was told by a guy named Byakuya Togami to meet you here!
Could you be...? Are you a Captive? G-Go to the park... Head through this door... And...go straight down the road... Th-There should be a...Future Foundation helicopter there... Hurry... Go...
But! What about you!?

Suddenly, glass shattering!

♪ BGM: Absolute Despair Girl

Monokuma attack!

Komaru can't deal in the slightest.

Hurry... you gotta get out of here.

I... I'm sorry.

And Komaru makes a run for it.

OK... over here! I'll take you all on!

...I'm so sorry.

Yeah, that guy is pretty much dead. RIP that guy, we hardly knew ye.

♪ BGM: DSO_Living to the Fullest

This segment is just a short stroll to the right. We can't even move up or down, just left or right.

As we move to the right, we get some explosions in the background and the sky starts changing color.

The Monokumas just ignore us right now, they're busy stabbing other people.

Eventually, we make it to a playground.

♪ BGM: Silence ♫

There's a helicopter there!


More people in suits!

Are you people from Future Foundation?

That special government agent kind of glance is being exchanged.

Um... this guy called Byakuya Togami... said that you guys... can rescue me!

More glances and a nod.

What is your name?
Komaru... it's Komaru Naegi.

♪ BGM: We Can't Change The World

So... where is Byakuya Togami? Is he safe?
H-He told me to run, so I... I haven't seen him since...
I see... I can't reach him, so I thought he might be in danger... But then again, this is Byakuya Togami we're talking about. I'm sure he can handle himself...
B-But, there was someone from Future Foundation getting attacked in the restaurant back there!
Please! You have to go save him!
Understood. I'll go back for him!

Welp, that guy's dead too.

I hope he can make it in time...
Um... What exactly is going on here? I still have no idea what's happening... I don't know who you are, or where I am, or anything...
I see... Well, we don't have much time, so I'll give you the short version. First off, we're from an organization called Future Foundation. We're trying to help the world recover from the incident. You know what I'm referring to?

Komaru, again, doesn't know what the fuck.

It's behind your imprisonment. The Biggest, Most Awful, Most Tragic Event in Human History.


This silhouette belongs to Izuru Kamakura.

Are you alright? Are you following?
Ah, y-yeah... It's just a lot to take in, that's all. It's...hard to hear.
I'm sorry, but you need to know. This town is an island off the coast and controlled by a powerful IT corporation. It's commonly called Towa City. Towa City used to just be a nickname, but now, it's what everyone calls it.

♪ BGM: Wonderful Dead 004

"Wonderful Dead" is one of the main themes of this game, with it getting a total of five variations throughout the game. This variation is one of my favorite tracks in the game, and it really nails that lounge feeling I was talking about in the first update.

Towa Group and their cutting-edge technology are running the show here.
Towa Group is a corporation that played a huge role in rebuilding the world. Ever since The Tragedy, air pollution has made a lot of the planet uninhabitable.

So here's something. It was brought up after my recaps that a large amount of the information regarding the fuckedness of the world came directly from Junko's mouth - a mouth that has absolutely no issues bullshitting for her own gain. However, the part about the air pollution wasn't a lie.

But Towa Group developed an air purifier that can clean massive quantities of air at a time. They invented it only three months after the safety order to stay indoors was given. Even after all this time, people all over the world are still clamoring for it.
But the clean air isn't the only thing that draws people to this town. Because of Towa Group's influence, this city has suffered far less damage than others.
Because it's relatively unaffected by The Incident, it's of special interest to us.
But this kind of riot going on in Towa City... This is something we never anticipated...
So it's a riot? Why is something like this happening?
Honestly, even we have no clue whatsoever about what's happening here. Where those Monokumas came from, why they're attacking the city... And that broadcast by those creepy kids! None of it makes any sense at all.

Even Future Foundation doesn't know what the fuck, so how can Komaru?

The only thing we know for sure is that something horrible is happening here...
We need to get more intel, but our priority is to escape. We need to leave, at least for now.
Y-You're right... We need to hurry and escape, we'd probably get killed in a place like this...
And I'm... I mean, I want to see my family again. It's been so long, I...
Oh... About your family...
Hold it. What was that?

♪ BGM: Silence ♫ you hear that?
Is that...singing?
Over there!

♪ BGM: Let's Play With Monokuma

Yes, that is children singing. And they are singing about murdering adults together with Monokuma. And it's amazing.

Our group is being menaced by a kid wearing a Monokuma mask.

...a kid?

Not just a kid!

And, well, RIP that guy, I guess. Was that the guy from the restaurant or the guy that went to get the guy in the restaurant?

Get back!

Things don't go much better for this guy.

This way!

Get in!

Komaru gets tossed inside the helicopter.

This guy doesn't fare well against the Monokuma attack either. Man, they don't pay enough for training at Future Foundation.

Komaru tries to shut the helicopter door, but a Monokuma gets its claws in there beforehand.

However, some good kicking solves that problem fairly easily.

♪ BGM: DSO_Despair-Syndrome

Safe at last... or is she?


Time for liftoff!

No! Waaaaaaaaaiiiiiiit!

♪ BGM: Business Trip Version Punishment ~Helicopter Crash Episode~

Well, this artstyle and music should give a familiar feeling to those that know the first two games.

The Monokuma is not being a particularly good pilot...

...and tearing out the steering isn't going to help.

The helicopter is headed straight down...

...and crashes right back into Towa City.

Komaru somehow makes it out of that wreck relatively unharmed.

And good too, because it explodes right afterwards.

Then a Monokuma shows up.

Then about five more.

Then a whole bunch more.

Komaru, faced with this new situation, fairly rationally decides to pass out.

Because really, you're not going to do much with this many killer robots surrounding you.

Next time, we get to see where Komaru lands after this!