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Part 6: Update IV

???: Hey... can you hear me...? Are you okay?

Man... something about this line is really familiar.

Komaru finds herself waking up on some sort of bed.

And she has no idea where the hell she is. Nor do we, for that matter.

But then, she notices something!

You look completely exhausted.
Wh-who are you?
Me? Oh, my name's not really important. After all...

...I'm just a lowly servant.

Komaru doesn't know what the fuck.

♪ BGM: Abnormality on the Girls' Front Line

So, two notes. One, this music is pretty damn jammin'. And two, let's address the elephant in the room. Yes, that is Nagito Komaeda we're looking at. Or at least, whoever this is, he sure as hell passes the duck test. Looks like Nagito, talks like Nagito, and as we'll see throughout this conversation, he acts like Nagito, too. He even wears a glove on his left hand to hide the fact that that hand is Junko's hand.

And on top of that, I get captured by them. I've seriously got no luck at all.
But because I pleaded for my life, they allowed me to their servant.
Ah, I'm being rude. Enough about me, let's talk about you.
Either you truly are completely exhausted, or you're simply afraid to wake up and face reality. You were asleep a full two days.
A-A full two days!?
A full two days. More than enough time for the world to change completely. Yes, even our world can change just that quickly. Like a watercolor painting caught in the rain.
Ah, but you're more concerned about yourself than the world right now, correct? You're wondering what's to become of you, now that you're trapped here, in this place.
...Wh-What's going to happen to me?
Ah, apologies. Your reaction was so...normal... It surprised me a little.
Ahah, you honestly...don't have a single unique characteristic.
Well, no need to be depressed about it. This world is filled with unremarkable people. And the only one capable of empathizing with common, boring people... is a common, boring person like yourself.
...So that's why you pass.
Wh-What are you talking about?
Well, that is just my personal opinion. It doesn't matter to them at all. Which means I'll need you to take a proper test.
...A test?
Ah, but before that, I'll return this to you...

♪ Jingle: Truth Bullet GET!

Truth Bullet GET!

Th-The Hacking Gun!
I borrowed it from you without permission, sorry. But I absolutely had to analyze its capabilities.
It sure is an amazing little machine. A device that forcibly hacks machines by shooting program codes with electromagnetism...
However, it was a bit...too powerful. I made a few modifications. For game balance purposes.
Oh, no need to worry. You'll have the opportunity to upgrade it later.

Huh. Was Nagito previously a fourth-wall-breaker? I don't recall that part about him.

U-Um... I have no idea what you're talking about...
I understand how you feel,'s about time you started the test.

...You'll meet them when you get there. However, even after you meet everyone, be sure to keep that gun of yours a secret.

I'll be going on ahead.

With that expository dialogue done, Komaru knows exactly as much what the fuck as she did before. Which is nothing at all. Nagito was never the type to be clear when talking to others.

♪ BGM: Alice in the Children's Land

Alright, now we get control of Komaru again. You'll note that we have an ammo counter now. You'll also note that we only have one Truth Bullet type - Break, the basic one. Nagito sure balanced the fuck out of this gun. Well, let's check out that present.

♪ Jingle: Truth Bullet GET!

Ah, another Truth Bullet!


Looks like you have obtained Move. Move is a Truth Bullet that can activate some machines with superpowered hacking magic. Try it on that power panel with the red light. Oh, and I know you probably remember, but... You can press the F Key to change ammo.

Alright, let's give it a shot.

Well, that worked. Let's move on.

Now that you've put in some time with the Hacking Gun, let me tell you something... The red left eye is a weak point for all Monokumas...

It's one hell of a shot, one that's way stronger than the regular Break. Now that's killing two birds with one stone! If you think you're so hot, why not try aiming for the weak point?

Oh, is that a challenge?


We get some Monocoins for that as well - a whole 75 of them! We won't be buying gifts with these this time around, though we have other things to spend these coins on.

We continue onwards, blasting Monokumas in the eye (well, actually just the one)...

...and eventually make it to some sort of central area where we get locked in.

After blasting one more Monokuma...

...Komaru already suggests what to do to proceed. And I think I can already see where we need to go.

I enjoy that Komaru actually shouts "MOVE" when shooting the Move Truth Bullet. She commands the machine to move, and it moves!

We only get these stairs to go up, so I guess that's where we're going.

And then, we get to enter these doors to meet the master of the house... next time!