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Part 13: Update XI

♪ BGM: DSO_All All Apologies

This is one of my favorite scenes as far as voice acting and character interaction is concerned. I recommend checking it out.

...What...? N-No, what's happening!?

Are you serious?
What we just saw... Do you seriously think that it's possible for him to be alive after that!?
No... Nooo... Ugh...
You gain nothing from averting your eyes from reality. No matter how horrible or painful. Listen. We saw Yuta Asahina, and we saw that huge explosion.
He's dead.
He...died? Y-Yuta died? But... B-But... Why?
The reason...doesn't matter. Even if we refuse to accept or understand it, it's the truth. That's reality.

Y-You... N-Nothing's going to change, no matter how hard you cry...
Ugh... Ugh... ...
Come on, that's enough. I-If you're done crying, we should get going... If we stay here, we're going to be an easy target for Monokumas.
I-It's impossible...
Impossible? What are you talking about? If you just give up now, you're going to die.
Well...I'm just gonna die anyway... Unlike you, I'm... I'm just some normal, regular girl. I-I can't even do anything... No matter what I do, or how hard I try, I'm... I'm just gonna die here...
So you're saying you're just giving up?
Stop screwing around! I won't let you!

But are you really sure you want to die?
Y-You wanna die right here? In this place? Not seeing your family or friends ever again? Are you really just gonna accept that!?
Of course not... I want... I want to see my family... But we've been separated for over a year. I don't even know where they are... It's probably too late, anyway... I'll probably never see them again.
Can't you just be a little more positive instead of giving up right away all the time?
No, you don't understand... The worst despair of all comes from having hope like that. Having such strong hope and just losing it in an instant... Like what we just saw.
So why don't you just overcome that despair as well?
Although I doubt you're even willing to listen, in your state. If that's the case, at least run. You're saying that you're going to die anyway... So you're at least prepared, right? If you think you're going to die, at least run away. If you're wrong, you live. If you were right, then at least you die on the run and not just standing here, suffering.
... Why...? Why do you bother trying to cheer someone like me up...?
L-Like I said! I'm a member of Future Foundation, and I can't just...abandon you.
But if you keep up that sniveling and crying, I'll start to seriously consider it.

♪ BGM: DSO_Beautiful Dead

Jeez, you're such a burden.
You said to just run, but what are our options at this point? The bridge is a no-go, and there's no other way to get out of town, right?
Did you forget what I *just* told you? You can't just give up right away!
Anyway, now that I think about it, I remember a subway running through this town.
Huh? A subway? Did the subway line go out of the city!?
Y-Yeah, I think it did.
You should have said that before!
Well, s-sorry! I just remembered it right now! And besides, there's no way the trains work...
You're right, if the power's out, they definitely won't be working... We're trapped.
Ugh, like I said, you can't give up so easily! Even if the trains stopped working, we can get out of town if we just walk along the tracks!
So don't give up, and let's go!
Y-Yeah... Okay!

But still, I... The way Yuta died... There's no way I can just keep it secret from that idiot swimmer. Well, either way, first Master and I need to get out of this town.

I-I'm not sure, exactly. We'll just have to find it ourselves.
Well, Toko... I'm starting to think that, if we work together, we can find it for sure.
Stop wasting your breath on sentimental crap and let's get moving already.
Toko... Let's get out of here together, okay?

So, I really like this scene. The voice acting does a good job of selling the situation and really, this has been almost overdue. With Komaru getting thrown from fucked up situation into fucked up situation, culminating in her hope for escape literally exploding, it is an entirely reasonable reaction to just straight up break down. And Toko, bless her, she's not the most experienced at this whole pep talk thing, but she's trying. And really, that's what counts. Like Komaru said, she needs somebody she can depend on in this situation, because going at it alone is just going to lead to dying. She needed to be reminded that even if you can't see an option out, you can't afford to just assume that that means that there isn't an option out, and really, there's no reason to assume that. This is a lesson that Toko learned from her adventures in DR1, and now it was time for her to pass that on, even if she's not too eager about this whole "working together" thing.

♪ BGM: Wonderful Dead 001

Well, with that done, we need to head back. When we left the hotel, there was a path over to the back which we ignored because we were heading for the bridge. Now this seems to be a pretty good way to go.

With the bridge blowing up, our way back now goes through what was previously blocked, with the overpass now blocked by debris.

This is the part where I find out that there's a limit on how far your shots go - I want to kill this Bomber Monokuma from a safe distance, but alas, the Break shots just aren't getting there!

It should be noted that concentrating on getting something from a Monomono machine probably isn't a good idea with a Bomber Monokuma lurking, because well...

...sometimes you get surprised.

Moving on, let's check out this path.

Looks like...a shop.

♪ BGM: It's a Kids' World

Here, you use Monocoins to purchase Bling Bullets and boosts for your scissors. First off, let me explain purchasing Bling Bullets.

Think of Bling Bullets as special add-on effects that attach to Truth Bullets. If you're overwhelmed by all the choices, the items with crown marks are a good buy. New Bling Bullets arrive occasionally, so be sure to check in periodically.

After selecting a Truth Bullet, choose the Bling Bullet you want to attach.

I've heard that, depending on the combination, you can activate a super special effect! Try out various combinations to make the ultimate blinged-up Truth Bullet.

Lucky for you, we've prepared a few different kinds of boosts for the scissors. However the wind may blow, you need not worry. Take as much time as you need to decide. Unlike Bling Bullets, scissor boosts do not need to be attached. When you buy a boost, it's automatically applied. Perfect for the laid back generation. And that concludes this tutorial. Enjoy the shop!

Alright, so let's check out this shop. This is the main place we get to blow our Monocoins on stuff. Like Nagito said, we get an opportunity to upgrade the megaphone.

As far as Bling Bullets are concerned, my purchasing decision is pretty simple.

I just buy everything because fuck it. A benefit of trying to get as many nice shots as possible is that nice shot kills give you more Monocoins as drops - a 75 coin drop is pretty much guaranteed except with specific enemies.

With Genocide Jack's upgrades, I just get some basic upgrades - like I said before, I'm going to not use Genocide Jack that much, or at least attempt to. I'd rather keep Monocoins for the future Bling Bullets that become available.

♪ BGM: Wonderful Dead 001

And speaking of those Bling Bullets, let's put them to use.

When we apply them to a particular Truth Bullet, they will be enhanced by a certain degree. We can boost the effectiveness, the capacity of shots, and the speed. So here, we can see that putting Swiftly on Break would increase the speed by a fair bit.

Additionally, there are special combinations that will give an added boost. Largely and Energetically would give us a "good" boost, but here we have an "excellent" boost.

We get an additional 2 effectiveness, 1 capacity and 7 speed. It's not a lot, but hey, it's a free bonus, we'll take it.

Moving on, we find some place with a siren on top.

But oh no, it is actually a Monokuma!

And suddenly, more Monokumas show up!

♪ BGM: Absolute Despair Girl

If a Siren Monokuma finds you, they will summon the Monokumas in the area. Be very careful not to get caught! It would be absolutely terrible! Just awful! Oh. Well, I guess it's a bit late for this warning... My bad!

You're a cheeky blighter, tutorial man.

I did a bit of a dumb by backpedaling so far that I went back to the previous part of the map, thus losing out on the 75 Monocoins the one Monokuma I had killed dropped, but still, they go down without many problems.

We find something to read in this place.

More stuff about how great Towa Group is at fighting against the forces of despair. I guess it was overdue that this place got fucked up by Monokumas.

We find some more swanky doors, and you know what that means!

♪ BGM: It's a Monokuma World

More Monoku-Man! But also, a present!

Looks like this Monokuma Kid has a gift for us...

♪ Jingle: Truth Bullet GET!

It appears you have obtained Dance. Dance is another kind of Truth Bullet. Enemies hit with it can't move or attack. In other words, they're weak as a baby! It's a powerful Truth Bullet, but it's even more effective against Siren Monokumas! Nearby Monokumas will be drawn to the Siren hit by Dance. Now, throw a fast-moving electric car into that party... Well, I'll let you figure out what happens after that.

And the kid just runs off.


Well, whatever. Let's get some arcade action going!

♪ Jingle: Monoku-Man Activate

So, this is a pretty simple puzzle. We have a Siren Monokuma in the path of an electric car, and some regular Monokumas. We attract the regular ones to the Siren with Dance, then Move the electric car to kill them all in one shot! Let's do it.

Shoot Siren with Dance... attracts the other Monokumas...

...and squash them with the electric ca- motherfucker.

Alright, take two.

Fuck. Take three!

There we go.

♪ Jingle: Monoku-Man Success

Let's move on.

We run into somebody who seems to be alive!

♪ BGM: We Can't Change The World

Eeek! A, A-A, A-A-A-A kid! Are you a kid!?
N-No, I'm not! We're being attacked by the children too! I'm on your side!
I-I see... I'm sorry... I have to always have my guard up, y'know? Or else I'll end up dead... I know it's pathetic... Surviving by running and hiding like a coward.
You...ran all the way here by yourself?
...No. At first, it was my whole family with me, but... Now I'm the only one. My parents and my wife all ended up prey to those Monokumas...
Um, if you want... Do you want to come with us? I'm sure it will be better than running alone...
Tempting offer, but I'm sorry, I can't. My right Ieg's torn up from a Monokuma. I can't run with just one leg.
Then...l'll lend you my shoulder...
No, it's fine. I already let my family down... I can't bring harm to two strangers...
He said it's fine. We're barely moving fast enough as it is, we can't protect an adult with a bad leg, too. He has a better chance of surviving if he hides somewhere by himself.
Yeah... She's right. Thanks for your concern, but she's absolutely right.
... ...Well, if that's the case... Okay.
... Ugh... *sob*... *sob*...
Wh-What's this out of nowhere?
I let my family die, right in front of my eyes... And now I'm making 2 young girls pity me... I'm pathetic... *sniff* Just so pathetic...

Well, that's uplifting.

We have some more literature to check out here.

♪ BGM: DSO_Beautiful Dead

I'm sure the person who dropped this was just a kid. All boys have a superhero phase, after all.
A-All bovs!? Don't vou dare! My noble master Byakuya would never befoul himself with this childish crap!
Hm, don't you think Byakuya is kinda like a superhero, in a way?
What do you mean?
Like when he rescued me, his timing was so perfect, just like a hero's.
Master...doesn't think of you as his damsel in distress at all! You're no Lois Lane, woman!
I-I didn't mean it like *that*...
Well, I can never be too careful... You never know who's a homewrecker until it's too late...
But I know what you mean, about the perfect timing. Lots of strange coincidences lately... The Monokumas ambushed this town exactly when Future Foundation arrived to save you... It's too convenient to be coincidence.
Byakuya said the reason they came here was because they received an anonymous rescue plea... Do you think...the children did it?
Wouldn't surprise me.
Then...the children were targeting Future Foundation from the beginning? Why?
Hmph, how would I know? But it does seem to fit. Still, I can't imagine what kind of grudge they could have against Future Foundation... The only thing I know for sure is that we can't underestimate these brats, or we'll end up dead.
Hm... I hope there aren't any more unpleasant surprises...

♪ BGM: We Can't Change The World

Next up, we find the way to the subway, but there's a problem!

Jeez, keep your voice down. If the shutter is closed, that means someone closed it. If that's the case, we should look around here for some kind of clue.
...A clue?

HINT HINT. This is like two seconds' walk away, too.

The Monokumas might have done the act, but it's the kids making them kill. It's...sickening.
Huh? It looks like he's holding something...

A key! Boy, that was easy!

Could this key be...?

Suddenly, Monokuma kid attack!


And off he goes!

R-Running into you and not even apologizing! Who raised that little brat?

♪ BGM: Absolute Despair Girl

Toko! This is bad!
The key! The kid stole it!
We gotta go after that kid! If we don't have the key, we can't get into the subway!

And off she goes!

Ah! H-Hey!

And that'll be it for this update. Next time, we pursue a kid, because god damnit, he took our key, and this indignity will not stand! We'll obviously need to solve a puzzle and then be incredibly smug at him to rectify this situation!