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Part 15: Update XIII

♪ BGM: Wonderful Dead 001

Alright, time to finish this chapter, and I guess you're getting this one quick because I knocked it out in the same bit of update writing. This is the part of the game which really grabbed me and got me even more excited to go through the game. We begin by exiting the hospital.

Looks like you're finally starting to get a little positive.

Then, as soon as we move a bit...

Allow me to introduce another way to use Detect. If you find this mysterious sparkle, try using Detect continuously on it.

There are 5 sparkles hidden in each chapter. It would be super fun to try to collect them all, right? All the cool kids are doing it.

So, this is the last collectible type we have - Hidden Kids. Throughout each chapter, there will be five of these sparkles hidden, which you really have to pay attention to not miss. Since this chapter is almost over, they're very tightly bunched and easy to spot. This will not continue throughout the next chapters.

So like the tutorial said, we shine Detect on the sparkles, and...

♪ Jingle: Hidden Kids Discovered!

...we found Masaru!

Moving on, this Monokuma very kindly breaks up that barricade for us so we can head that way.

And we find these doors again!

♪ BGM: It's a Monokuma World

Time for more puzzles!

♪ Jingle: Monoku-Man Activate

This one is simple, too. Shoot the car with Move when the Siren moves away from it, then shoot the Siren with Dance and blow up the Bomber as before.

Step one.

Step two.

Step three.

♪ Jingle: Monoku-Man Success


♪ BGM: Wonderful Dead 001

Next up, some more collectibles.

We will be finding more of these as the chapters go on.

Next, we have a minor puzzle. Bombers run out at us, and we blow them up.

They will keep coming out of this hole until we figure out that we need to blow them up close to the barricade so we can progress.

So we do that.

Also, sparkles!

♪ Jingle: Hidden Kids Discovered!

Moving on, more sparkles!

♪ Jingle: Hidden Kids Discovered!

Minimaru tells us the way to go back to the subway.

More sparkles!

♪ Jingle: Hidden Kids Discovered!

Finally, close to the subway, even more sparkles!

♪ Jingle: Hidden Kids Discovered!

And that completes the set.

Right in front of the subway, we find another adult that is not dead!

♪ BGM: We Can't Change The World

A kid...actually using a monster like that... A monster like that shouldn't exist... A monster like that... It's impossible...
Y-You two... You're not children, right?
No, we're not. We're also being hunted by the children...
I see. Even though you guys are still so young, huh? Looks like we're all out of luck...
Um, I didn't mean to eavesdrop, but... What did you mean when you said monster...?
I-I-I'm sorry, I... Just...saying it out loud is... I can't...
If you can't say it, that's fine!
I'm sorry, I'm sorry... I'm so sorry...
I-I said it's just fine!
I'm sorry... I'm sorry, I'm sorry! Please, don't kill me, don't kill me...
Jeez... What could break an adult down like this...?
I'm sorry, I'm sorry... I'm so sorry...

♪ BGM: Wonderful Dead 001

Also, the subway has now gained a skill shop and two Monomono machines. Hrm. There's no new bling for us, so we just skip it.

♪ BGM: We Can't Change The World

Ugh, what if it's no good? I'm so nervous...

Y-Yay! Yay! Toko, it worked! It's open!
I-I can see that...
Toko, let's open the shutter! Give me a hand!
I-I guess I've got no choice, right?

Y-You can't know for sure... We might run into danger instead...
Well... Should we not go, then?
...I don't know.
I-If you say it's better not to go, then I'll trust you.
But... We've come all this way, and we don't have any better escape plans right now...
Argh, so indecisive...
Fine! I'll go! We're going this way, I decided, so now just do what I say!

We head down the subway tunnel, and it starts being filled with children's drawings on the walls.

Ominous. Yet, also, adorable.

Well, let's get going.

♪ BGM: Ambience ♫

This is another very recommended scene.

Wh-why is it so dark? I told you, I'm afraid of the dark!

It's OK. I'm telling you, it's not that dark.
I-it is dark! It's more than dark enough!

Aaaaaargh! Is anyone there? Turn on the light, damnit!

Suddenly, lights!

And as our protagonists adjust to the new light...

They find themselves in a cage stadium, surrounded by hundreds of cheering Monokuma Kids!

And they're locked in, too!

♪ BGM: It's a Kids' World

Wh-what is this?
Hey! Hey-hey! You totally fell for it! You really thought you could escape, didn't ya? Hahaha! But too bad! I totally saw that one coming!

And the Hero makes his entry!

The judges are impressed as well.

I'm the super-duper Hero of the Warriors of Hope, the Li'l Ultimate P.E., Masaru Daimon!

Komaru, for a change of pace, doesn't know what the fuck.

♪ BGM: Ghost Stories From the School District of Revolution

Wh-What the hell? What's with this dorky little brat?
I-It's him! He's one of the kids who put the wristband on me...

I'm not llke those adults who call themselves leaders but hlde like cowards! The best leaders are the ones that stand bravely on the front lines!
That's a true Hero, Lord Masaru Daimon!

Lots of cheers from the peanut gallery.

Ehe... Ehehehehe! That was cool, right? I looked totally cool right then, right?
What a narcissistic little ingrate... Brats like him always get what's coming to them.
Hey, didja freak out when the leader of the whole group just popped up like that!? Scary, right!? Pathetic! Just like I always say, stupid little girls with no wieners are total cowards!

That kid... He said wiener... Wiener!? H-He j-just blurted out "wieners" like that!
Ugh, h-how indecent! Reprehensible! Big... Stupid... Wiener!
Um, Toko... You don't have to keep repeating it.
Alriiight! Brace yourselves, Demons! Even if you show your tummy like a dog and beg for mercy, you're gonna get it now!
Brace...for what?
Isn't that obvious!? This is a Killesseum! I'm gonna kill you Demons!
Excuse you, you dolt... You can't even say it right, there's no such thing as a Killesseum.
It's pronounced colosseum, which is an amphitheatre made in ancient Rome...
Acting all cool like that and not even knowing how to pronounce it... You really are a kid!

What is this Demon thing in the first place? That better not be about us.
It's not just us... Isn't he talking about adults in general?
Yeah, that's right... You adults are Demons... You are our enemies... Enemies of kids... That's why me and the Warriors of Hope are gonna hunt down every last one of you!
And then make a peaceful paradise just for children in this town!

More cheers from the audience, and then...

♪ BGM: Absolute Terrified Girl

What, you can't tell just by looking!? These guys are the Demons I've hunted down! Ehehe! How 'bout it!? Isn't it awesome!? It's worth one trillion brazillion points!

Ugh... Oh my god...
I-I told you not to look!

As Hero, I hunted them down and let everyone go free!

More cheers!

Ehehe... Now now, don't praise me *too* much... I just did what any good leader would do...
H-How could you do this...? You guys... You all realize that one day you will all be adults too, right?
I won't become an adult!

If I'm gonna turn into a dirty, mean, ugly, smelly Demon, I'd rather die as a kid!

You see...? You can hear it, right? Everyone loves me... They appreciate me... Because I'm their Hero... If I...hunt down every single Demon... Then nobody has to be afraid anymore!
Th-They won't have to be afraid of the violence, and the pain! W-Won't have to... Afraid...

I-I won' I'm all... I don't hafta be scared of the... The dark and the pain and the alcohol smell... Not anymore... Not anymore, not anymore! No matter how much you beat me, I won't be afraid anymore! You hear me!? Not afr...aid...

Komaru, again, doesn't really know what the fuck.

Masaru looks at his left hand, which has started shaking.

Huh? Wh-what is this?

Hehehe... uh, yeah, that's weird.

He then proceeds to punch the shit out of his left arm.

Damnit! Stop! Stop! Stop!

Stop! Stop! Stop! I said stop!

I'm not scared! I'm not scared! I'm NOT scared! I'm not scared of anything!

The other two can only look on as this unfolds.

I'm a hero! I'M A HERO! A hero isn't afraid of ANYTHING!

He isn't afraid of dying!

Of killing! NOTHING!

P-please stop it!

Stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, STOP ALREADY! STOP! STOP! STOP!


No! Please stop that!

And suddenly, he stops.


♪ BGM: DSO_Despair-Syndrome

Ha... Hahaha... Hahahahahaha!

We're not Demons! We won't do anything to you guys. Please!
Th-These kids are completely insane! Talking to them isn't going to accomplish anything! They don't even respect life and death anymore... They're beyond sanity entirely.

But you're almost Demons. You're going to be just like the Demons, I can tell...
And that's why I have to defeat you now, before you turn into one!

And with Masaru snapping his fingers...

...some sort of control unit is sent flying towards him.

He's ready to go. But what does this unit control?

♪ BGM: Sortie! Its Name Is Robot

The ground shakes...

...a drill starts coming out of the ground...

...and a giant robot pops out!

Wh-what is that!?
I-I didn't know there'd be robots! That's cheating!

Hey! Watch me, everyone! The leader of the Warriors of Hope! The Hero!

I am gonna defeat these wienerless Demons in no time!

Toko! What should we do?

W-we're going up against a machine, so... as long as you have that gun Master gave you...

With this... we have a chance?

We'll be fine!


Why don't you sound sure!?

Go! Hero Robot Mark Guyver! Stomp all over these filthy Demons!

It's time for a boss fight.

♪ BGM: The Warriors Of Hope

Alright, so, this first boss fight isn't all that complicated, but, y'know, gotta start somewhere.

This robot has three different attacks. One is for it to start spinning itself and moving towards us. It stops after a bit, so the solution is just to stay away.

It can also smash its drill into the ground. This is not a problem as long as you move away. The third attack doesn't happen until you deal some damage to it, so let's deal with that next. How do you deal damage to this robot?

Its weak point is here. Much like the other robots, the red Monokuma eye is the weak spot. So we shoot that with Break, and that's how you deal damage. Most of the time, the robot blocks the weak spot by holding its shield in front of it, but it leaves itself open sometimes. When it does the drill punch into the ground, it leaves itself open while the drill is in the ground, and before the spinning attack, it leaves itself open as well for a bit, allowing you to cancel the attack by shooting the weak spot. So now we deal some damage for a bit.

We then get to see the third attack - it jumps to the back of the arena, then charges at you full force. The only way to stop this is to shoot the weak point twice, which is conveniently enough left open while it's charging.

When you break up the charge attack, the robot gets stunned, giving us five more free shots.

After a bunch of shooting, the weak spot opens up. This essentially just means "you dealt X amount of damage to it", and it's easier to shoot.

So now we just keep shooting the weak spot a bunch more.

The game also occasionally drops more ammo for you so you don't run out, since there's no other way to refill.

And eventually, it just blows up, concluding the fight.

♪ BGM: Punishment of the Hero

The robot seems to be having some problems.

Some problems of the exploding variety.

Of the very exploding variety.

Some other problems seem to be approaching Masaru.

It doesn't seem like the Monokuma Kids are happy with this...

...not at all.

Aaaaand he's gone...

...leaving only a pair of headphones.


It doesn't look like just infighting either, which means...
N-No, it can't... This must be some kind of Punishment for losing the game... How cruel...
Huh? What?
N-Nothing, forget it! Now's our chance to get out of here!
Y-Yeah, you're right. Let's go!

Don't have to tell me twice! Run away!

♪ BGM: DSO_Beautiful Dead

Ugh... Ugh!
Toko! What happened? Are you hurt?
E-Even though I met one of the ringleaders, I couldn't even get any information out of him... Like where Master Byakuya is, a-and about... That person as well...
...That person?
Ugh, I'm no good... I'm such a worthless girl! Just trash! An idiotic piece of filth!
No, no you're not! Hey! You're not no-good trash, and you aren't ugly either!
...I didn't say ugly! D-Don't throw stuff in there on your own!
S-Sorry, that was just spur of the moment.
Wh-While we bicker like this, those brats are probably torturing Master Byakuya... W-Writhing in...

Oh no, we're losing her again!

♪ BGM: Absolute Delusional Girl

Haa... Ahh... Ahh...

Haa... Ahh... Ahh...

I...believe in her... I believe in Toko Fukawa!

♪ BGM: DSO_Beautiful Dead

Y-Yeah that...sure sounds bad...
Anyway... Where do we go from here? The subway turned out to be a trap... Where else can we even go?
How about instead of asking me all the time, you use your own brain for once?
Well, I guess you're better than you were before. At least now you want to survive.
Just stay focused and pay attention to your surroundings.

Huh? Isn't that...? If I remember right, that place should have been buried in rubble, right?
For whatever reason, it looks as if the debris was cleared away while we were fighting that brat.

You really haven't learned your lesson!? Think about it... Isn't it a little too convenient? If this really is just a coincidence, then you're the luckiest girl on the planet.
So you think this is a trap, too? B-But if you think about it, something that's *obviously* a trap might not be a trap, right!?
...Just what is going on in that brain of yours?
I-If you say it's better not to go, then we won't do it. But...
I-It's not like I'm telling you *not* to do it! There's nowhere else to go anyway... I'm just telling you to prepare yourself if it's a trap.
Prepare myself?
O-Okay. Got it.

♪ BGM: Ambience ♫

Ugh... I hope it has some light, at least. Because if it's as dark as I think it is, we are definitely turning around!
It's gonna be alright. I'm with you, after all!

S-s-so what? Are you just gonna magically turn the lights on or something?


...mysterious Monokuma thing!

Next, we get the ranking for this chapter and oh my God you motherfucker. You actually gave me a B for having to retry that one Monoku-Man thing twice because of the fucking pathfinding screwing me? Oh man, this is gonna be fun down the line.

♪ BGM: Absolute Delusional Girl

After that, we get judged by Byakuya as filtered through Toko-vision.

From here on... I'll allow you to stay by my side.

If we had gotten an A, we would have gotten a skill on top of more Monocoins as a reward.

♪ BGM: Chapter End

And that concludes Chapter 1. Next time, we'll replay Chapter 1 and fix everything I fucked up the first time around. Fun!