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Part 16: Update XIV

Alright, so this time, we're starting over, because we're going over the entire first chapter again and picking up everything we missed. There will be no music links in this update, because the scenes will be switching so rapidly there will probably be a new music track playing in every new shot or so. So let's go!

Starting off, the Genocide Jack tutorial actually doesn't force you to use Genocide Jack. So instead, I just kill all the Monokumas using the megaphone, allowing me to rack up Nice Shots and get a lot more Monocoins. More cash is good.

Our first missed collectible is found right after Yuta was blowed to smitheroons. It turns out that all we had to do...

...was turn around!

Well, Yuta, turns out that that idea didn't work so well for you.

Next, there's a second entrance to the Towa Hotel here that I believe is only accessible after the bridge blows up.

Toko is not impressed with our detour, questioning if we're a ruin enthusiast or something. This area is blocked off from the rest of the floor...

...and hides another collectible!

A bit more EXP is very much appreciated.

We also get ambushed after picking up the skill, but it's nothing we can't deal with.

Of course, the first attempt at redoing that Monoku-Man puzzle that fucked me over earlier doesn't work out either. Time to reload... which means redoing the bridge segment and everything afterwards because I forgot to save. Blargh.

So, redid the bridge segment, got the skill again, trying to take out this Bomber...


Uh, thank you, kid, but I don't think that advice would have helped me avoid a game over from being blown into a pit. Guess I get to redo that again.

The next time around, the Monoku-Man puzzle works out on the first try, so that's also dealt with.

Our next collectible comes up when we chase the Monokuma kid in the hospital. Instead of pursuing him when he goes to the second floor, we instead need to head further up to the roof.

Here, we have to deal with four Bombers, which gives us some more welcome cash...

...and in the back, we find a collectible.

So this is the one that was close to Mondo. I have nothing really to say apart from that, so let's move on. That was the last collectible we missed, so on to the end of the chapter.

This time around, we get a perfect score. I probably won't get any A ranks on my first time through the chapter. I'm going to miss something anyway.

Listen up! Stay by my side, and I'll protect you for the rest of your life! That's an order! You are the dog, and I am the master! You have no right to decline.

And as a result, we get the highest praises from Byakuya. Well, for a certain value of "highest". I don't want to imagine what happened to Toko after she imagined this.

And as a reward, we get more Monocoins and a skill! The skill makes items slightly more likely to drop after killing an enemy. Not exactly setting the world on fire, but welcomed.

Also, to compare, here's the two save files - the top one is the one the updates have been made from, and the bottom one is the one I just made by blazing through this chapter. That's quite a lot more Monocoins!

Anyway, that's it for our quick replay of the first chapter. Next time, we'll head into the second chapter, and we'll start out by dropping in on the Warriors of Hope and seeing how they deal with Masaru being killed / horribly injured / beaten up but in alright shape / in a bizarre Schrödinger's Character state where he is both fine and dead until the writer decides what he needs him to be.