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Part 17: Update XV

♪ BGM: Chapter Title

It's time for the second chapter.

♪ BGM: Like I Would Become A Monster

We find ourselves in a strange room with a lot of candles and a throne...

...and a shrine to the apparently now deceased Masaru.

A bowl is struck to make a tone, and this is the part where my lack of knowledge of what is probably a Japanese memorial rite comes out and I basically get to say "this is a thing that is happening and that is all I know".

May his soul rest in peace.

Rest in peace... rest in peace...

Nagisa doesn't seem to be all that interested in this whole deal.

♪ BGM: It's a Kids' World

He always acted all big, and was a perverted idiot, but...he was a pretty good person. I remember the time he fixed the air conditioner, and even the chairs and tables, too...
Um... I was the one who did that...
...Anyway, he was a good person. Oh Lord, why do the good ones always die first!?
I should have been the one to die. Might as well. That's how it feels... Like you're trying to hide that you actually think I should have died, cuz no one likes me.
...But I agree with you. It would be much better for the hated one to die instead of the leader of the Warriors of Hope...
Ah, that reminds me! That's totally true! Masaru *was* the leader, huh?
What are we to do without our leader?
*sob*, *sob*... Oh, Masaru!

I like the enthusiasm Kotoko is showing here.

Ugh... if only I went first, Masaru wouldn't have died. I'm a useless loser... And being locked in the bathroom by Masaru is no excuse! It's my fault for being there. I shouldn't have been pooping in the first place.

Waaah, even though he was so strong, so full of life... Now he's just a chunk of meat!
Like I said... According to the Monokuma Kids' report, they did not say he was dead. The report indicated that he was captured by adults, and his status is unknown.

♪ BGM: Silence ♫


♪ BGM: Like I Would Become A Monster

Hearing "status unknown" or "unconscious"... You knew they're probably gonna die anyway. That's what I always thought, anyway.
But, but even so, if we don't actually confirm it for ourselves...
No, it would be pointless. Our precious Masaru... He's returned to the earth now.
But... We should have someone go look into it, just in case...

A prince! Who became! A star! What! Is essential! Is! Invisible! To! The! Eye!

Huh. I've LPed two visual novels - or, well, one visual novel and one third-person-shooter with very heavy visual novel elements - and both of them quote that particular line from The Little Prince. I have no idea what to make of that.

My goodness! You made Monaca maaad.
Awww, now you're gonna be the hated one, Nagisa. Even more than me...
But it stopped short! Never to go again! When the old man died, y'know!?
R-Right, I understand! It's just as you say!

No, you don't understand, Nagisa. I dare you to explain what Monaca means when she quotes The Little Prince and the song My Grandfather's Clock in her freakout.

Masaru...died. That's just...what I need to believe.

♪ BGM: It's a Kids' World

You were a grand leader. You worked your hardest, like a real hero should, though you were a coward.
Phew! I feel much better now, after a good cry! Okay now, let's get back to the game.
Alright? The fun's not over yeeet!
You...want to continue with this? Is it not more important to work on establishing Paradise further? There are other adults around--
Nagisa... You don't wanna play anymore? Do you hate Monaca now because Monaca's just so selfish!?
N-No, of course not. We're allies, and we'll create Paradise together, after all.

Wh-Where did that come from? I hardly think it's appropriate to discuss that now...
So you...don't like me?
L-Like I said, it's not *that*...

♪ BGM: Silence ♫

You know, Nagisa... That attitude of yours... You're acting just a little bit like an adult...
You're an adult?
D-Don't be stupid! That's not true! I'll be a kid until I die! I would rather die right now than become an adult! Don't you believe me?

♪ BGM: It's a Kids' World

Then... Do you like me?
I... I like you.
Yaaay! Nagisa liiikes Monaca!
I l-like you as an ally, with whom I can build Paradise... It's not...*love* or anything.
Oooh, this is bad. Nagisa is burning up...
Jataro, you're our Priest! Chant some healing magic!
O Heaven, change my words to life, give mercy to the lost soul! Haaaiyaaa!
S-Stop that! Don't tease me!
Jeez, don't be so mean to Nagisa! Nagisa, Kotoko, we are all allies here. We need to learn to get along.
...I'm standing right here... You didn't mention me because you hate me, right? That must be it...
So let's all get along, okay? Let's have fun hunting together, okay?
Kyaaa! As expected of our Monaca, positive as always! I just love that about you!
Ah, of course, it's not *just* that. I love everything about you.
Fine... Let's continue the game. I have no further objections.
That's our vice leader... Oh wait, you're the leader now.
...The leader?
Yeah, I mean, that hero guy... Um, what was his name...?
Well anyway, our last leader died, so since you were vice leader, you're promoted.
I'm...the leader of the Warriors of Hope?
Yeah, that's right. I have high expectations of you, our new leader Nagisa.
Y-Yeah... High expectations for me...

Remember this part. This'll become relevant later.

Good! You're so reliable, I knew I can count on you!

Hmm, I have a little business to take care of. Buh-byeee!
Business? What kinda business? Monaca always goes off on her own like that...
Prying into a lady's private life? If you were an adult, that'd be sexual harassment!
Oh! Could it be her tummy? Do you think maybe she just has to poop?
Ugh, you actually went there!? That topic is off-limits! Jeez, I hope you die in the worst way.
But I heard that...going to the bathroom once in a while is actually really healthy!
Excuse you, but our little Monaca does not do number two! You'll just have to settle with mine.

That's always a fun sign that children think a particular other kid is just incredibly precious and innocent - when they actually say "she does not poop".

W-Wait... That makes it sound like I'm a pervert or something...
Ahhh, oh no! This is such a bother... What if my good image is soiled by this? What if people avoid me all the time, and I can split them like Moses?
...Oh. That actually sounds pretty good...
Anyway, there's nooo need whatsoever to worry about where Monaca goes. She's not telling us because it's something we don't need to know.
Yeah... I should remember to just focus on hunting Demons. And also to always brush my teeth.
Ah ha! Cheater! I won't let you get a head start! I'm gonna go hunt down Demons as well!
You're right, we should focus. This is Monaca, after all. This game surely has some purpose. Perhaps it's to send a message to the coward adults that they cannot win against us...
Yes, that's probably it. This game can play a vital role in establishing our paradise!
You were totally against it a minute ago. Did the power of being a leader go to your head?
Wh—What was that!?
Ahhh... Guys, Monaca said no fighting...
Heeey you guys!

♪ BGM: Abnormality on the Girls' Front Line

You're too late! Monaca already left.
My sincerest apologies. I didn't know how to make them. And of course, I couldn't look it up...

I'm not certain. I did make sure to add the sugar and the rendered fat...
Rendered fat!?
Did you really intend to make your rulers, the Warriors of Hope, drink this swill?
I think *you'll* be the one drinking this slimy thing instead. That's an order.
Ah, but how troubling... If I keep drinking it down, I'll feel it filling up my stomach...
But, if it's your order, master... I live to serve. I am your servant, after all. ...Ahahahaha.

And thus, we learn that Nagito isn't the person to ask when it comes to food. Anyway, that'll be it for this update. Next time, we rejoin Komaru and Toko as they make their way into the subway station and scope the place out.