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Part 24: Update XXII

♪ BGM: Secret Base ~Left Behind By The Adults~

So, last time, we got told to get the fuck out. Like, literally. But before we do that, there's still something for us to collect here.

♪ Jingle: Skill GET!

Useful, I guess. Anyway, let's head out.

But as we head out... that?

Side note - everybody that speaks here is a different person. I can't be arsed to make several different headshots for generic adults just to differentiate between them, though I might have to down the line.

S-Someone, help! That's my wife!
P-Please calm down!
I can't! I can't just stay calm looking at this!
This is a trap! They're just trying to flush us out. Why fall for their cheap tricks?
Did something happen?

...Huh? Why?
Just because the adults managed to make their way here... It doesn't mean they're "saved." As long as we're helpless against the children, there will be no future for the adults here.
But, there's no need for you guys to worry about that! I'm sure you're already troubled enough...
Then I won't think about it. W-Won't do any good anyway...
And...sorry about earlier. I never thought Haiji would react like that...
It seems as if he hates Future Foundation.
Wh-Who cares? I'm not interested in those who are beneath me. Anyway... The exit's over there, right?
Huh? Leaving already? You should at least stay the night.
I-If I had to spend a night in this dump, I would rather leap into the arms of a Monokuma.
Aren't you being a bit too dramatic...?
They're probably planning to attack us while we sleep. Or take funny pictures of our sleepy faces!
Oh no! A sleeping face shot *would* be bad!
But it's already nighttime. And underground, it's going to be even darker...
Huh!? D-Dark already?
I-I guess I've got no choice... If you insist. Just for one night.

"Private room"? No matter what you call it, this is a prison cell!
N-No it's not! It just *looks* like one! But... It's not.
Well, this is the only place there is, so... We got no choice.
And about what you mentioned before... Are you really a member of Future Foundation, Toko?
S-So what if I am?
And if you make contact with them, they will come and save us?
Well, yeah, but reaching them is the problem...
It's true that it will be difficult... But it's not impossible. I'd like you to have this.

♪ BGM: DSO_Beautiful Dead

...This is...
It's the newest wireless device Togami Group developed. It can send audio and video. It wasn't available to the public, but groups like the police and Future Foundation use it.
So if we use this, we can call Future Foundation?
Really? W-We can?
No, it's not that easy. Because of the jamming...
Jamming? Like, raspberry?
...He means radio interference.
Thanks to the signal jamming everywhere in Towa, this device can't be used in town.
Then why give it to us? You want us to throw it away for you or something?
No, it's not that...

If you send a signal from a higher spot, you should be able to avoid the jamming. And of all the buildings in this city, there's one that just might work. And it's not far.

It's a huge tower, a landmark of Towa City. That building is taller than Towa Hills, so you should be able to send a signal from there.

I-If you already knew about this, why didn't you just use other adults? Why us?
It's impossible for anyone here. Monokumas are patrolling outside, after all.
But I've seen you two fight. You can beat those Monokumas and make it to the tower...
B-But that mole man said he didn't want to rely on Future Foundation.
I'm sure he'll understand. If Future Foundation comes, his people will be saved as well.
Of course, I won't force you. No doubt about it, this will be a dangerous mission. I wish I could do it myself... To tell you the truth, I'm jealous of you two... I wish I had the power to protect people...
... Hey, Toko?
I-I know, you want *me* to decide, right? Well, it's been decided. Even if a competent adult were to go, it'd be too dangerous.
...I want to go.

♪ BGM: DSO_Welcome Despair Academy

I know it's dangerous, but we found a way to survive up until now... So I want to keep trying. Keep going forward.
I-I understand how you feel, but... Maybe you should think this over...
What happened, Toko? Earlier you were telling me to stop hiding and fight back.
N-No, it's just... ...
W-Well, I guess it's better than just rotting away here. When I think of it that way...
Then...we are going!?
F-For now, we'll check it out. We'll see about contacting Future Foundation when we're there.

♪ BGM: DSO_Beautiful Dead

Looks like you made your decision. Thank you so much. I'm grateful for your courage.
Well, make sure you get plenty of rest today so you're prepared for tomorrow!
Thank you. I'|y starting to see some hope, thanks to you, Shirokuma.

Wah! Wawawa!
Oh, g-good for you, a t-tight and bouncy hug from a high school girl is priceless...

And thus, the two go to sleep. And, well...

♪ BGM: Silence ♫

Ugh, s-so cold... Master Byakuya...

♪ BGM: Beautiful Days

Yeah, sure is.
Of course, there's no real way to tell underground...
But still, I feel refreshed. I was able to get a really good night's sleep.
You're the only one who slept well! How can you just fall asleep so fast like that?
Okay then, now I'll tell you how to get to Towa Tower. After you climb the ladder, go the opposite way you came from. That will take you above ground. A little bit past that, there will be a river. Follow the river, and you'll find the tower.
Doesn't sound like it's too far away.
Th-The problem isn't the distance, it's the Monokumas between here and there.
Well, it's gonna be alright! I'm sure of it!
Why do you say that? You have no reason to think that whatsoever.
You're the reason, Toko! You might be worried for whatever reason, but with you around, there's no need to worry!
Wh-What? That doesn't even make sense!
Just leave it to us! We'll definitely get a message off to Future Foundation!
You two be careful! Have a safe trip!

♪ BGM: Alice in the Children's Land

Alright, and with that, we're back in control.

Our path, like Shirokuma said, leads us further along the sewers into areas we haven't been at yet.

And here's a collectible!

♪ BGM: DSO_Beautiful Dead

What do you mean number 1?
Of all the books in the world, this refuse known as light novels is my number 1 most hated thing!
No, I take it back. Light novels shouldn't even be counted as books! They're literally waste paper! No, not even! I wouldn't wipe my ass with this. Light novels are the worst waste of paper ever.
...Well I obviously don't read them either... But surely some of them aren't so bad? They say that tastes grow over time, so maybe if you give it another shot...?
You couldn't *pay me* to give light novels another shot.
That's a pretty thorough hatred you have there...
You said you don't read them either, right? That makes me think that maybe, for the first time, I can see you as a human being.
Wh-What did you see me as before!?
So, what kind of literature do you fancy? Post-modernism? Romanticism? You better not tell me you like Victorian novels with a straight face.
Um, I don't really know how it's classified... I'm really just into manga...
Manga!? That's not literature, it's not even a novel!
Well, it's a *graphic* novel... And there's tons of different kinds! You should try reading one.
Collaborations from failed storyboard artists and English major dropouts? No thanks. Manga's a waste of resources too, just like light novels. Maybe worse.
H-Hey! You can make fun of *me* all you want! But if you make fun of manga, you've crossed the line! I won't forgive you!
...Where did all this passion come from?
Well, I mean... Reading manga is like, my only hobby. I'm proud of the fact I'm well-read... You don't like it when people make fun of stuff *you* think is important, right?
Don't you *dare* talk about novels and your little picture books as if they're on the same level!
And you say you're more well-read than others. I bet that means you only read like 1 a week! I see through you, you're just a self-declared otaku.
F-For a high school girl, 1 a week is a lot! I have to buy them with my allowance, after all... And what's important is the quality, not the quantity! It's about your love of the medium!
You know what I think? I think your mind is trying to protect itself from that garbage. You're subconsciously only allowing yourself to read 1 a week. 2 would probably kill you.
Ugh, you're so frustrating! No one makes fun of manga! And making fun of me for not reading a lot of them!? Just because I refuse to buy used!?
Yeah... Your love of terrible manga is so gross.
They're not terrible!
...Fine, but you're still gross.

♪ BGM: Alice in the Children's Land

And apart from that and these two Monokumas, that's the only thing standing between us and the exit of the sewers. So next time, we'll exit the sewers and get to explore some exciting new locales!