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Ultra Despair Girls & Danganronpa 3

by TheMcD

Part 28: Update XXVI

Alright, this won't take long. We didn't miss a lot in this chapter.

The first thing we missed was in the first room we enter after saving Shirokuma. In a hallway, to the left, is a sparkle that hides Jataro's Hidden Kid.

The next thing is this collectible, which we find in this storefront window just before the first Monoku-Man room at the riverside. This is super hard to spot, since the white background makes the white sparkle blend in really well.

It's very pleasant.

This is another tough one to spot - just hanging over the river here are more sparkles.

So this is where we missed Nagisa.

Finally, on the ground floor of Towa Tower, on the pedestal of the left giant Monokuma statue, we find the last collectible we missed.

It's Hiroko's Hit List entry! We'll have to give that to her once we get the opportunity.

And then it turns out that because I fucked up a Monoku-Man puzzle and had to reload and then forgot to recollect Jataro's Hidden Kid, basically the entire session was pointless and I was going to have to redo everything anyway. Which I did! So the "canon" run is still 100% completion with all Hidden Kids collected and an perfect A rank on both chapters.

Alright, I've decided. I will restore the glorious Togami family with you. But first, tell me... What is the size of your ring finger? A ring would look good on you...

And Fantasy-Byakuya has very high words of praise for us!

Our reward is this skill, which gives +1 HP, which is always welcomed, and the usual 500 Monocoins for an A rank. Also, some more optimal play in the third playthrough has us collecting about 800 Monocoins more than the regular playthrough on top of the 200 more from the better rank for a total of 1000 more Monocoins.

OK, now, before we leave, one more thing.

So here I am, defending Taichi from Junk Monokumas, and I shoved my face in one of them and let them hit me, taking my HP down to zero! Oh no, I'm going to die!

But then this happens!

When your health is about to run out, the enemy might come at you with a final attack. When this happens, Despair Time begins, just like what you see here! If you can stop the shrinking white circle right on the yellow area with the C Key... Toko will save you by attacking the enemy with her stun gun, which uses up 1 battery. But, if you can stop in the blue area... Surprise! She won't use up any battery! For the more confident players out there, why don't you try aiming for the blue area? Furthermore, if you have less than 1 battery, there will only be a blue area, so be careful... Now then, if you have finished reading this text, you can continue the game. Brace yourself!

So then Despair Time is engaged. This white circle comes closing in pretty fast, and we need to hit C at the right time.

I manage to get a hit in on the blue part...

...and Toko runs in, blasting the enemy away.

We then return to regular gameplay, with the enemy in question stunned for a little bit. So that's Despair Time, the thing Toko meant when she said she'll save Komaru when she's really in trouble.

Anyway, that'll be it for now. Next time we get to begin Chapter 3. Ugh, Chapter 3. Now, why do I go "ugh" at the prospect of Chapter 3? Well, basically, when people want to nuke this game into oblivion, it's about 95% likely that it's because of something in particular that happens in Chapter 3. So that'll be fun. But that's for when we get there.