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Part 30: Update XXVIII

♪ BGM: Welcome To Towa Tower

Alright, we can't see shit. We should rectify that situation. I see a sparkle in the distance, guess we can head for that?

♪ BGM: Silence ♫

Oh shit, Monokuma!


So now we have a Monokuma kid playing with a little Monokuma doll, and she has a glowstick clipped to her.

When she spots Komaru and Toko, she jumps over the counter...

...kicks over a can of that weird Detect-only paint...

...and legs it, leaving her glowstick behind.

Ah! Hold on! How do we get out of here?

Well, at least it's going to be a bit brighter now.
Th-That little brat! I'm... I'm sure she knows how to get out of this place!

Let's try following her footprints.

And there we go.

♪ BGM: Welcome To Towa Tower

So now we get to use Detect to see footprints and follow them along to try and find our way through this place. This involves a lot of stumbling around, because there are collectibles here too, and they're not really on the beaten track.

The first thing we spot on our path is some sparkles.

♪ Jingle: Hidden Kids Discovered!

In my continued stumbling around and trying to find a way to the collectibles, we also run into some Monokumas, which are placed in very unfriendly spots.

Lining up Nice Shots in the dark is a bit difficult, but I manage.

Anyway, here's collectible number two.

Yes, the person closest to Celes is her cat which is so pampered it won't even touch regular food anymore. And if you're wondering how I know the cat belongs to Celes, just look at the name.

The footprints end up going over chairs and tables, which make them a bit questionable as a guide, so I just kinda go "fuck it" and stumble through the darkness some more.

Running into Monokumas is practically guaranteed.

We do end up stumbling into the last collectible up here.

It's another Socki page! I wonder if this will make sense in the end. I kinda doubt it.

Eventually we just run into the girl we were chasing, basically on accident.

♪ BGM: DSO_Despair-Syndrome

And Komaru decides to take action!

Got you!

Y-You! I bet you know exactly where the exit is, right? T-T-Tell me!
Uh huh...

♪ BGM: Silence ♫

And she brings us...

An emergency staircase, right here? Thank God! Truly perfect for an emergency like right now!

Let's hurry and get out of h-


Tee hee...

She then closes the door behind her.

Wait! Hold o-

Suddenly, fucking explosion!

Toko... Hey, Toko!

♪ BGM: Absolute Delusional Girl

If you wash black clothes too many times, the color fades. But there's a way to combat this. It is a simple method. First, do the laundry like you normally would.
Y—Yes... Do the usual...

Oh yes, I will! I'll add beer...anything!
And just like that, faded clothes can be fully restored!
Ahhh... I'm starting to get better at doing laundry!

Somehow, these scenes just get even more magical as we go along.

Toko, get a hold of yourself!

♪ BGM: DSO_Despair-Syndrome

We found the emergency exit, but it's blocked!
Th-That brat... She betrayed us. A little more and I would've blown up...
I don't think she was our ally from the start...
Sh-Shut up! This is your fault!
Why is it *my* fault!?
You're the one who said you wanted to contact Future Foundation! And now this happens!
Thanks to you, I got caught in this damn trap... Take some responsibility!
Argh, who cares!? I don't want to hear your excuses! I just need some light, yeah! Light! More light! More liiight!

♪ BGM: Welcome To Towa Tower

Well, at least we can see a bit more now.

Alright, this is pretty simple. We have a thing where light is coming out of, and a Bomber stuck in front of it. I can put two and two together. Also, collectible over on the right.

I can only imagine Komaru shoving those rules into Toko's face and pointing heavily towards the second one.

And now we can get out!

♪ BGM: DSO_Beautiful Dead

Are you okay...?
No, I'm just happy!
Well, you didn't have to scream about it!
But still, it's good that we're finally outside, but now what do we do?
I-I'm sure there's a way to get down...

♪ BGM: Wonderful Dead 003

And now, we're on top of the world or something. And thus, we are at the horns of a dilemma - we have two ways to go, one left, one right. One sure to have a collectible, and one to have the way forward. We shall go... left!

I have chosen wisely!

♪ Jingle: Skill GET!

And I get a useless skill as a result! Awesome!

On the other side, we have the ladder down and a save point. Let's head down then.

Better than being in the dark! C'mon, let's go!

And as the two descend the ladder...

♪ BGM: It's a Kids' World

...we cut to the Warriors of Hope! By the way, this is one of those videos I particularly recommend you watch.

Well, not like I care. I hate him anyway.
Taro probably got himself killed... Cut, ground down, crushed and stretched, squashed into paste, burned and eaten! Poor little Taro... Even though I hated him.

Something seems to be bothering Kotoko.

Anyways, Monaca... Why are we not holding a funeral this time?
...A funeral?
Oh, that. I got bored of that. Doesn't really matter, we can't even fill the coffin anyway.
W-Well... if you got bored of it, guess we don't really *have* to... ...But, um... Do you think Jataro really died?
I mean, if he did die, we should have found his body, right? I was just, y'know...a teeensy bit curious. That's all.

♪ BGM: Like I Would Become A Monster

Like! I! Said! You're! Trying! To! Say! Monaca! Is! Wrong! You're! Questioning! Monaca!

Uh oh, she made Monaca maaaaad.

N-N-No! Not at all! There's no *way* Monaca could be wrong! And speaking of wrong, aren't the people who put Worcester sauce on fried eggs just wrong!? I-It's so obvious that fried eggs taste best when you drown it in maple syrup, right!?
Look, I was just a little curious, that's all! My head's just a little out of place right now is all... I'm just a teensy bit curious! Like about why mailboxes are always white, or how enemies become friends right after a fight!
You...don't have to worry about things like that.
I-I'm sorry! It's not like I have bad feelings toward Monaca or anything!

Yep, yep, I already know that. It's not something to apologize over.

♪ BGM: Silence ♫

The director, the producer, the sponsors, everybody was super happy! And now...there's another business you have to attend to. And your mom's gonna come with, okay? It's going to be alright... Kotoko is just so sweet... Everyone will be gentle with you... Very, very gentle...

♪ BGM: DSO_Despair-Syndrome


I-I'll do my best, with singing *sob*, and acting...*sob*... So pleaaase...*sob*... Anything but gentle...
Oh, ooopsies! I *totally* forgot. Gentle is a bad, baaad word for Kotoko... Jeez, to make you end up like this... It's as I've always known, Demons are the worst.

So to comfort Kotoko, Monaca rolls up...

...and just fucking socks her straight into the jaw.

How can they be so blind?

And then Monaca just punches Kotoko over and over again.

Even blind to the fact that they scarred Kotoko like this...

♪ BGM: DSO_Ocean Breeze Dead End

And then, a hug.

... ...Demons...are filthy, smelly, ugly chunks of meat, more worthless than dirt... And disgusting, filthy Demons...deserve a disgusting, filthy death.

They should just hold it in, and hold it, and hold it until their intestines explode!
Jeez, Kotoko! That's so gross!

♪ BGM: It's a Kids' World

Ah, it's Nagisa!
How's not the time for banter. We've got a lot of work to do here!
Oh my oh my, are you perhaps...jealous?
Wh-What're you talking about? What do I have to be jealous of?
"It's not like I'm jealous of *you*"...
...Is that what you're trying to sayyy?
Like I said, it... it's not that at all!
Hey, what do you mean, "jealous"?

Ahaha, I don't get it at all!
And hey, more importantly, you mentioned there was work to be done... Did something happen?
Yes, I've received a report from the Monokuma Kids I sent scouting earlier. Those two schoolgirl Demons are sending a communication from Towa Tower.
Don't tell me, they're trying to contact that Demon society, Future Foundation?
It's not a problem. I already scrambled their transmission. We also have a hostage. Future Foundation can't make a move regardless.
And... I have a plan. By taking advantage of those two Demons, we can massacre all of the remaining free-roaming Demons.
You mean...the Resistance?
As long as they exist, our paradise cannot be completed. We should take this opportunity.
Amazing, amaaazing! I don't really get it, but it sounds super amazing!

W-Wait, Mona... Hey!

I-It's nothing, just... Y-You're a little close to me is all...
Awww, you're such a shy boy, Nagisa! Meow!
Your plan... If it works, our paradise can finally be built... And when that happens, the Warriors of Hope will level up to Saviors!
Hm, as our new leader, I will continue to have high expectations of you, sir!
Y-Yeah, you're right... High expectations for me!

High expectations for Nagisa.

Hey, you're listening, right? Kurokuma?

Oh, right... You can talk now.

♪ BGM: Like I Would Become A Monster

We focus on a black Monokuma wearing a tie, a fedora with a feather in it, a gold chain, an eyepatch, and it's smoking a cigar.

And then suddenly, it leaps into the air!

Wahaha! I can finally talk! Finally!

It lands back on the chair.

Wheeeee! Hi hi hi there!

The voice acting for Kurokuma is amazing. I don't know how to describe it - I want to say "hyperactive stereotypical mobster".

Cut back to the kids, an- pffffahahaha. Oh god, there is so much going on in these expressions. Nagisa just knew this was going to happen again, Monaca seems like she's high as a kite and trying to reason out what particular hallucination she's having this time if the black talking bear showed up again, and Kotoko's is the best of them all, just that right combination of a slight bit of horror, but mostly total confusion. Man, I think Kotoko's expression here is avatar material. I'd honestly do it myself if I wasn't so particularly happy with what I have right now. If somebody wants me to turn that into an avatar, tell me, I'll gladly do it.

Kurokuma then starts talking so fast it becomes incomprehensible for a while. If you haven't picked up on it yet, his thing is that he's a motormouth and loves to talk.

♪ BGM: DSO_Mr. Monokuma's Extracurricular Lesson

Damn, even someone extremely good at talkin' like me is already tired out from runnin' my yap! It's like, the hero is still in its child phase, but the warrior alien brother already showed up! ...That example sucked! Damn this fatigue, I'd say I'm only about a third as sharp as usual!

Gonna pull out the organs, grind 'em up, make 'em into yummy, cruelty-free cuisine? And then, ya gather 'em up, sell 'em in a supermarket, and become an urban legend? Huh? ...Now that sounds awesome. I wanna see that!

And the kids, well, they don't know what the fuck.

♪ BGM: DSO_Beautiful Dead

Meanwhile, our intrepid heroes have arrived at the end of the ladder.

Jeez, this half-assed ladder! Wh-Where's the person in charge!?

We're already on the 2nd floor. Just a little bit further and we're out!
I-I...might actually be cheered up a little... I'm not the shrewish woman I used to be.
Yeah, you know what? I don't think I'll rely on you any time soon.
I-It's gonna be alright! This is just the last hope, that's all.
The last hope? That's not reassuring at all!

Alright, and with that, we've arrived at the end of this update. Next time, we'll head back through Towa Tower and then... well, I guess we'll have to figure that the fuck out too.