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Part 34: Update XXXII

♪ BGM: DSO_All All Apologies

This is another one of the scenes I particularly recommend you watch - the voice acting adds a lot here.

D-Dammit! They take away my stun gun, then they stuff me into this dusty room...
It's all her fault! I hope she chokes on a fish she caught herself! ...
Well, I guess I don't want her to actually die...
...Argh, I gotta focus on Master Byakuya now, not that stupid idiot! I can't just stay trapped in a place like this! I gotta hurry and save Mas--
I-I! ...
Th-That was close! I was about to sneeze there!
Ugh, I can't take this dust anymore! I gotta find Omaru and... ...
Gah, seriously, why am I thinking about *her* at a time like this!? So irritating... ...

So while Toko is trying really hard not to sneeze and is probably going to fail at some point...

...Komaru is not having a good time.


She's thinking about the attack.


They tailed you, and you brought them right back here!
It's all your fault! You did this to all of us!

Oh wow, internal monologue. We haven't had that since, like, the prologue?

...He's right... If I didn't insist on coming back here...

And if I had just tried harder, if I were a better person, I could have protected them... I couldn't do it... Because I'm weak...
It's just like Toko said, I'm so weak... I kept saying "I can't do anything," always relying on others... I never even thought about "saving others," and now this happens...

♪ BGM: Silence ♫

♪ BGM: It's a Kids' World

My name is Kotoko Utsugi. I'm the Fighter in the Warriors of Hope. Formerly known as Li'l Ultimate Drama! Well, not like it matters at all... Ooopen sesaaame!

♪ BGM: Abnormality on the Girls' Front Line

Phew, I reached waaay back for that reference! I had to deal with baby boomers all the time, so my gags are kinda dated.
And speaking of old...
...Aw, I can't think of any follow-up! I must be nervous!
*sigh* My heart is racing faster than 16 shots a second! Master Takahashi would be proud!

Now that's a nice reference.

Yeah, yeah, I already know what you wanna say. You were gonna tell me a Fighter should be a boy.
And speaking of boys, I've heard some people say that slugs don't have a gender... But actually, slugs have both male and female bodies at once!
People who go around spreading half-assed lies about slugs deserve swift punishment!

You know, it's been quite some time since we had a good old "Komaru doesn't know what the fuck", but Kotoko sure delivers.

I mean, I am reaaally good at "physical education" though...

Is that... Is that even a subject you can be good at?
There are no girls who dislike health and physical education!
...That's my theory, anyway.

Truth Is, I'm actually here to hunt you down... Buuut, I changed my mind. I'll let you escape.
It's not like my feelings about Demons have changed any. I still hate them deeply. I still wanna kill them all in the most painful, cruel way possible.
Like, for example, drowning them in a septic tank, or putting a razor under their fingernails. But that's not even enough. I hate them with full power.
But anywhooo, despite my hatred, the reason I let you escape was because...
...You are suuuper adorbs!
I looove adorable things! I collect everything adorbs, from faucets to toilet seats!
So, I'm gonna let an adorable girl like you go.

But shhh! Keep it a secret, especially from the Sage, Nagisa. He's super strict with rules!
Nagisa says I can't even drink soda during meals! It's not my fault the food is so tasteless! I mean, he could at least let me have a little... Tells me to drink milk, even if I'm eating cereal! It's like drinking curry soup with your curry.
Ah... Um...
Anyway, let's go! Go on, get out before those chumps notice!
B-But I can't be the only one to go... I can't just abandon all the people here...
Oh? Something wrong? Is your red flower blooming? Or maybe you just like locked rooms? Like, you're a murder mystery enthusiast?
I can't...just leave Toko behind...
Well, I can understand a little hesitation... Why don't you just leave the cell for now?
C'mon, just step on out. Girls are more adorable if they're a teeensy bit selfish.

♪ BGM: It's a Kids' World

♪ BGM: Like I Would Become A Monster

The smooth shaft! The fresh pink color! The brutal yet hypnotizing shine!
Kyaha, it's so adorbs I just can't stand it!
Ah, by the way, my dad was a dentist. And also, Papa was always cheating with his dental assistant. But I guess he had an inferiority complex 'cause he always role-played as a brain surgeon. Yes, a great daddy indeed... Neglecting his business and making me earn money instead...
A perfect Papa who I could kill over and over and over and it still wouldn't have been enough...

Oooh! Your sleepy face is suuuper adorbs!
I bet your face is cute even halfway through swimming a stroke!
Ah, however...
Being adorbs isn't always a good thing. Cute girls go through terrible things... And if you're adorable too, you have to protect yourself. On your own. If you can't, you have to take whatever they give you. It's a shitty rule, but I didn't make it. Adults did.
...So be prepared for that life.

♪ BGM: Silence ♫

W-Was someone just...talking about me? Ah... Ha...

♪ BGM: Monster That Shouts Its Love in the Middle of Hell

I wonder what he's doing while he's calling my name... Jeez, Master's such a perv!
I can't just stay put here! I gotta get out of here Master out!

♪ BGM: Abnormality on the Girls' Front Line

Jack doesn't think much of walls.

Hey, Dekomaru! Let's go see Master now!

If you are of use to me, I'll buy you ramen! I'll even add seaweed for you as a... eh?
Hey, she ain't here! Now that's committing to a joke! Kyeeehahaha!

Strange though... her scent's still here... did she perhaps run away on her own?

Is that like a GPS for Dekomaru's wristband? I see... this'll be good for tailing her!

Aaaaaanyway, you want me to chase after her, don'tcha?

Buuuuuut... why are you giving this splendid gift to an enemy like me?

Is it perhaps that the other me has some annoying plan hidden up her sleeve, huh? Well, doesn't matter, our goal is probably the same anyway.


These kids play with corpses on the regular, and even they think this shit's fuckin' weird. Anyway, that'll be enough for now - short update this time. Next time, we might actually finish the whole chapter! Oh, and we'll also get to the part that makes everybody want to nuke this game. That'll be fun.