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Part 37: Update XXXV

♪ BGM: Chapter Title

Alright, let's leave Chapter 3 behind us and head on to Chapter 4.

♪ BGM: DSO_New World Order

To note - this chapter is where I started running into major problems with recording. Apparently the stuff in this chapter is more performance intensive than the previous ones. As a result, there has been a slight downgrade in graphics quality, and more importantly, the videos have gone from 60 FPS to 30 FPS. Just so you know.

Wh-Where did this come from...?

In order for the new society of children to be calm and peaceful, I need to create paradise.
Everyone has high expectations of me... I cannot fail.
So please! Get out of our town!
O-Omaru, don't be tricked! You don't have to actually accept that offer...
No, this is not an offer. It's an honest request.

I-I wouldn't trust a kid, even if he's kneeling on the ground! He's obviously tricking us!
I do not intend to trick you...I'm serious!


I know that! But it has to be done! Monaca has high expectations of me! I'm sure she'll understand!
I'll take you to the secret passageway. It's the only way to get out of town. I can guarantee your safety until you reach it. The Monokumas won't attack with me here. ...C'mon. Let's go.
H-Hey! I told you to wait!
...What? Do you have another objection?
D-Do I...? Um...
O-Omaru! Are you really okay with this!?
Of course she is, this is what she wanted all this time.
I-I wasn't talking to you! I'm asking Omaru!
She wants to leave this town, why are you getting in her way? You're on the same side, right? Then you should respect her feelings.
Her feelings...?
Sh-Shut up, you have no right to say that...
It's going to be alright. I will personally guide you to the secret passageway. No need to worry.
...Let's go.

...You don't want Monaca to hate you, do you?

♪ BGM: Wonderful Dead 004

Alright, well, that was certainly a turn of events. So now we're following Nagisa to a place where Komaru can apparently just straight up leave the town, and she's lost her wristband, too. Everything's coming up Komaru?

First of all, new skill. More cash!

Next, some sparkles behind us.

♪ Jingle: Hidden Kids Discovered!

Next, a collectible.

After that, we just continue on down the road.

♪ BGM: DSO_Living to the Fullest

This way! Follow me closely!

But then, Nagisa stops.

And then, suddenly Monokumas appear on the ground like fucking ninjas or something. Apparently they have cloaking devices?

And they start approaching!

Hold on! Why are you attacking me?


Nagisa's reality is falling apart, and he can't deal.

And between the advancing Monokumas...

...two Monokuma kids seem very pleased with this development.


So now we have to defend Nagisa. This is a fairly simple segment - it's just waves of regular Monokumas with an occasional Siren mixed in - which does pretty much nothing since the Monokumas are already alerted. So, lots of blasting ensues until they're all gone.

♪ BGM: DSO_Despair-Syndrome

Without their Monokuma backup, the kids bail.

This is...strange... What in the world is this?
Hey, you weren't lying when you said you wouldn't trick us, right?
Of course! If I wanted to deceive you, I would not have removed your wristband.
Then... They must have found out you betrayed them.
B-Betrayal? Me!?
N-No! That's wrong! I'm no traitor! I am the leader of the Warriors of Hope! I care about making paradise more than anybody! The reason I'm letting you guys go is *because* I care so much!
It appears your allies aren't taking it that way.
I'm sure she'd understand if I explained it to her properly... Monaca has such high expectations...
Yeah, keep on saying that, Mister Genius Grade-schooler.

♪ BGM: Wonderful Dead 004

With that done, we move on down the road.

Our next interruption comes here at this intersection.


Bombers show up and Nagisa freaks out again.

So, this segment involves a ton of Bombers popping up on the rooftops. Some of them eventually jump down and attack Nagisa, but that should hardly happen if this segment is played efficiently.

Efficient playing in this case means taking advantage of the positioning of the Bombers and killing those that are in position to blow up the others. Since there's no cash to be gained here, I think all we're losing here is some EXP, which is in large supply anyway.

There's some pretty large numbers in the end, but nothing we can't deal with.

♪ BGM: Wonderful Dead 004

We don't get very far until our next interruption, which is right in that intersection up there.


Suddenly, we get the big guns. A whole squadron of Guards plus two Ball Monokumas, and reinforcements are waiting to pile in once the other guys are dead. I've gone through this segment two times before. The first time I was blinded by the prospect of loads of money and tried to shoot all the Guards individually. That's just not happening though. Way too many - you run out of ammo eventually, which is what happened to me. The second time around, I did it the intended way - stun the Ball Monokumas with Dance, then use Knockback to take out a whole batch of Guards in one clean shot. This works, however, I had to bin the footage because it was too laggy. The third time around...

♪ BGM: Fever Time

...I've decided "fuck it".

One problem with this segment is that for whatever reason, the Guards like to get stuck inside the busses they file out of. This prevents you from using Ball Monokumas to kill them, meaning you have to waste a Knockback and a Break on every single one. This time around, Jack makes things a lot easier.

In the end, they also throw in four Junk Monokumas just for the hell of it, which are fairly difficult to hit with Ball Monokumas unless you set it up with two Dance shots. Again, Jack makes short work of everything, albeit at the cost of about three and a half batteries. Still, very much worth it.

♪ BGM: Wonderful Dead 004

With that done, we move on in our path. But first, we run into a pile of bodies.

♪ BGM: Ambience ♫

I won't look... But even if I don't see it... I can pretty much figure out what happened...
You really don't feel anything seeing this?
These people...are Demons. Our enemies...
...That's not what she asked.
You said it before, right? It's because you're afraid of adults?
...Yeah, that's right. We can't help but be terrified around adults... If the adults just didn't exist, we could live peacefully... That's what I believe.
Why are you so afraid of adults?

♪ BGM: DSO_Despair-Syndrome

We were in the classroom where they put all the troublemakers. But I resented being called a "troublemaker." It makes it sound as if we ourselves were the cause of the trouble. But that's not right. Our troubles were created by adults. By our parents.

My parents were, without exaggeration, the worst... Like Demons.

♪ BGM: Like I Would Become A Monster

They didn't treat me like a person. They probably even forgot I was their child. From morning tlil night, study, study, study... When I got sleepy, analeptics. Even if I faint, "HP" is fully restored with a handy I.V. in my arm... three to four days straight. And If I showed even the slightest resistance, they'd use "items" to neuter my spirit.

In case you don't notice it - in the right corner of the picture, you can spot something that looks suspiciously like a knife with some slight blood stains next to it. Just to make clear what Nagisa means when he says his parents used "items".

And by doing so, as long as they steadily racked up "XP," I'd level up to their expectations. And it wasn't just at home. I received the same expectations at school as well. My father was a teacher at our school. He was a researcher of children's talent.

He wanted to see what the growth curve would be like if he pushed a child to the breaking point.
...Isn't that funny? I was the subject of such an amusing experiment.
I-It's not funny at all...
But even with all that, I was still better off than the others. You saw Monaca's legs, right? That...was done to her by her family. Her father and older brother were jealous of her talent, and that's how she ended up like that...
Th-That's horrible!
Because we had talent, because we were superior, we were treated like we were in Hell. But during it all, we didn't hold a grudge against our parents. We accepted how we were treated. Because we weren't aware that it was okay to hate our parents. We trusted the "common knowledge" that kids must love their parents, so we didn't fight it. Instead, we bonded over our struggle. And those discussions led us to the same conclusion.

♪ BGM: DSO_Desire for Execution...

We were desperate to run away from our scary parents, scary adults, the whole scary world... And we thought there was only one way out. But...that's when it happened.

That was Big Sis Junko.

♪ BGM: DSO_Ocean Breeze Dead End

If you don't want it...give it to me.
She wanted the thing we were going to dispose of... ...Our lives.

Ever since then...the days have been so much fun.

She gave us not only love, but a dream as well. The dream of creating a "children's paradise," where the children can live peacefully. We also learned from Big Sis Junko the beliefs required to build that dream.
The belief that adults are Demons. It was as if we saw the light... Thanks to her, we finally realized... The common knowledge we had known up until then were lies adults created for their own benefit. Children cannot defy their parents, everyone must get along, violence can never bring peace...
To destroy the world based on such lies, we decided to fight against the adults.

We learned that kids can kill adults if they wanted to, and we were encouraged.

Big Sis Junko was so pleased... Just the idea of a child killing an adult is despair-inducing.

J-Just as I expected, you guys were just tools to her... She was using you...
The way she took you in... It's no different than a cult. You bring in the weak people and attach them to your own dream... The revolution you're talking about... It's all just another piece of despair to her.
You guys...were completely deceived by Junko Enoshima.
And what's wrong with that? Did I not tell you that we are her possessions? We would rather her take advantage of us than horrible adults.
Sounds like it's too late.
Say what you like. Big Sis Junko...gave us hope. That's the truth. And because of that hope, we were able to defeat the Demon Boss.
Demon... Boss?

♪ BGM: DSO_Weekly Despair Magazine

...Our parents.
You killed your parents!?

Yes, Komaru. The group of children that has slaughtered pretty much an entire fucking city because of their fear of adults, which was born entirely from the abuse their parents inflicted upon them, actually did kill their parents as well. Is that *really* a surprise?

That was a special battle that can only be fought once... That made us level up even further.
From there, "Operation Children's Paradise" began, and we started freeing other children... By doing so, the advance of the Warriors of Hope seemed unstoppable. But...
Just when things were going so well, Big Sis Junko died. Killed by some idiot.
When she died and we lost our guide, we didn't know what to do... But... Monaca didn't despair.

♪ BGM: DSO_Welcome Despair Academy

We shouldn't give up. We can't abandon hope.

Things that didn't matter vanished... And we felt ourselves rising up again. Come to think of it, that moment... That was the real beginning of the revolution.

We, the survivors, will fulfill the dream, and prove how amazing Big Sis Junko is. We would leave lies like education and love for family in the past, and create paradise. That is our hope!
You guys... You really don't understand that you're doing something very wrong.
Justice and evil, these are beliefs that *adults* have defined, are they not? First off, pure evil simply does not exist. In all evil there is something good. And in the same way, "justice" always hurts someone. There is no pure justice, either.
Hmph, are we really gonna stand around waxing philosophical with some little brat!?

♪ BGM: DSO_Beautiful Dead

I wanna know why you guys chose Towa City. And not only that, how did you guys get that army of Monokumas?
The one who chose this city and prepared our Monokumas was Monaca.
Isn't she amazing? She created them with her special magic.
Don't take any of this seriously, it's just some kid talking.
Basically, Monaca's the mastermind, and to save Master, I gotta deal with her.
Monaca is our princess! I will never allow that!
Earlier, you said that there is no such thing as pure justice or evil...
But even if that's true, a dream that requires you to hurt someone... I think it's wrong.
Hmph, after all this time, still saying something so naive... It seems as though we really don't have much in common. I was right to ask you to leave.
So let's go already. The secret passageway is right up ahead.

♪ BGM: Wonderful Dead 004

And with that, let's keep moving on. Our destination seems to be a shrine of some sorts.

♪ BGM: We Can't Change The World

Hey, you have a second?
Huh? Y-Yeah...

♪ BGM: DSO_Welcome Despair Academy

Are you really sure this is okay? To end it like this, running away...
You're asking this now? All this time, I've been trying to escape...
And not just that, I'm still worried about my Dad and Mom...
What are you gonna do, Toko? Are you really gonna stay here?
O-Of course. I have to save Master Byakuya.
Hey... What do you think, honestly? Is it better for me to stay in this city?
Wh-Why are you asking me?
I mean, if I'll be alone.
Toko... Do you want me to stay?
Y-You...have no reason to worry about me. I'm capable of surviving on my own...
Yeah, you're right. When I'm around, I'm just a burden to you. Unlike me, you're truly amazing, Toko.
...Hey, Omaru...
Sorry...for getting you involved in all this.
Involved...? What do you mean?
Just...leave. Before he changes his mind.

This little area also has a collectible for us.

♪ BGM: DSO_Beautiful Dead

Again with that nonsense, after all this? We are well aware that we are killing innocents.
This is war. When you're burning the enemy's country to the ground, do you stop to spare the "good" people? Even if we had years, we would never achieve our dream with that...benevolence.
Consider it fate. We were born and raised here. We were treated as if we weren't even human. Wouldn't it be a cruel twist of fate if we *didn't* fight back?
But for you to just do to them what they've done to you...
Perhaps you think we should have *stayed* sub-human? Just *accepted* it?
N-No, not like that...
Then you tell me. What should we have done? What was the right thing to do? What should we have done to earn the privilege of a normal, happy childhood?
Oh stop being such a drama queen! You could have relied on the police! On the government!
You're asking those who have had their lives destroyed by trust other adults.
Ever since we five were born in Towa City, our destiny was decided. No one can stop us. With all the children in this town, we will build an ideal paradise.
With all the children in this town? You're talking about all those brats in the helmets?
Of course. It's not just us, but also the Monokuma Kids. All the children.
Funny that all the kids in this town just happen to have murderous intentions like you!
...Hmph, perhaps I've said too much. I have nothing else to say to you. You cannot stop us now.
P-Pretty bold for a shrimpy little brat like you to talk big! I don't care how unfortunate your childhoods were, killing humans will never be okay.
I didn't expect a Demon to understand.

♪ BGM: DSO_Welcome Despair Academy

Well, I guess this is a good place to cut this update. Next time, the secret passageway out of this town!