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Part 41: Update XXXIX

♪ BGM: We Can't Change The World

Hey, Toko...
We've been walking around this sewer so long... Do you think it'll be okay?
What do you mean?
Like, is this smell gonna stick to me? I'm starting to worry I'll never get it off...
...Ah, sorry! You don't want me to talk about smells, do you?
No, it's just rude!

♪ BGM: Alice in the Children's Land

Alright, we're back in the sewers again. We're actually really close to the base - guess the game figured there's no sense in making us walk a lot, which is appreciable.

Doesn't mean we won't have any collectibles, though!

♪ Jingle: Skill GET!

This is super situational, but I guess we have the skill points to spare.

And another collectible!

Looks like the kid writing this is a killing game creator in the making.

♪ BGM: DSO_Beautiful Dead

I-I think we're okay...
The problem is the adults... I don't know if they'll even listen to us.
I'm sure it will be fine! If we do our best to persuade them, I'm sure it'll work out.
Hmph... The former you would have been sobbing and crying out, "Waaah, Toko, Tokooo"!
I don't talk like that!
Well, even if you're bound to fail, I'll always proudly watch over you.
Yeah. Just having you here by my side is reassuring.
...You know I was being sarcastic, right?
Ah, right. If you meant it as actual encouragement, then you're the one who's changed.
Th-That'd be no good! Having a dirty mouth and a heart of gold is like, my *thing*.
Ah, wait!

♪ BGM: Silence ♫

Do you hear that?

We hear some faint screaming, and the fact that there's a Monokuma kid near the ladder is probably not a good sign.


♪ BGM: Absolute Terrified Girl

Toko, hurry!

Oh no, the base is probably under attack! We have to hurry!

...just let me get one more collectible before we head there, alright? I'm sure they can wait a little bit longer.

Man, that is a terrifying punishment.

Now, where were we? Oh, right, saving innocent people from being slaughtered. I knew I was forgetting something.

Meanwhile, in the base, people are making friends with the Monokumas. They're getting along just great.

What's happening?

Toko! Komaru!

Oh, I'm so glad you guys came!
What... is going on here?
A huge group of Monokumas ambushed us! Please, please help us! If this keeps up, the secret base is gonna be totally wiped out!

L-Looks like there's no time to waste.

♪ BGM: DSO_Living to the Fullest

Alright, so we basically have a repeat of the last time we defended the base. A bunch of Monokumas, and adults to defend.

I start out going for Nice Shots, but fairly quickly just give up and just start machine-gunning fuckers with Burn.

This time around, we also get Junk Monokumas thrown in the mix. They take some more focused fire, but still go down fairly easily with Burn. Eventually, their numbers run out.

♪ BGM: Silence ♫

The base seems to have gotten its shit thoroughly wrecked.

Y-You're right...

They want to destroy us all. They won't stop after this. They never will.
N-Never? I... I'm just so tired, I don't know if I can keep up anymore...
...Um... I have a little proposition for you. Will you hear me out?
What kind of proposition?
The enemies aren't attacking from the front, but from the hole at the back of the base.

Block the hole? But how?
To tell you the truth, high explosives are packed inside my body in case of emergency.

♪ BGM: DSO_Weekly Despair Magazine

You mean in a suicide attack?
But my self-destruct button was damaged in battle. I can't do it on my own.
So...there's no choice but to ask you to do it.
Y-You... You want Komaru to shoot you so you explode?
N-No! I can't do it!
But this is the only way to save everyone.

♪ BGM: DSO_Desire for Execution...

I'm scared too... But it will be alright. It feels strange, but thinking about saving me courage. Maybe that's not saying much, coming from an AI inside a Monokuma...
But it's the truth! And if it's for everyone's lives, then I'm not scared at all! So please!

I beg you, please! Take me to the hole and let me save everyone!

♪ BGM: Wonderful Dead 004

Well, Shirokuma is telling us to follow him, but of course, I first have to make a tour of the entire base because, well, they wouldn't have given us control if there wasn't something to find, right? Turns out, I was wrong, there was nothing to find and we're just supposed to follow him. So, let's do that.

♪ BGM: DSO_Welcome Despair Academy

No, n-no, I can't... I can't do it...
Komaru... ...No matter how scared you are, there are times that you *have* to fight. There are times you *need* to stand up. Times you *can't* be afraid of death.
Do it, before we lose something important!
But...if you still think you can't...

I'm gonna kill you!


And now we get to fight Shirokuma.

He does actually do damage when he hits you. I didn't check what happens if he actually kills you, though.

All we need to do is blast him twice with Break.

And then our heroes died in the explosion and all the adults got murdered. The end.

♪ BGM: DSO_All All Apologies

Well, of course that's not how it went, though the way Toko got sent flying by that explosion should have caused some serious damage.


So you're awake. You guys lost consciousness after the explosion.
Um...where's Shirokuma!? What happened to him?
Thanks to Shirokuma, the hole was blocked. His sacrifice...saved us all.
Sacrifice...? Then that means...

♪ BGM: DSO_Junk Food for a Dashing Youth

Toko seems to be, uh, still having some problems.

...Jeez, wake up already!

♪ BGM: DSO_All All Apologies

I know AIs typically sacrifice themselves in situations like this, but I didn't think...

But we're the ones who saved you! You should be thanking us!
Most of the thanks goes to Shirokuma... Though I am willing to acknowledge that you're not spies.
Th-That's it? That's all you'll acknowledge?

No respect. No respect at all.

Now's not the time for this kind of argument! Thanks to Shirokuma, we're out of danger for now... But the problem's far from solved.
What's going on?
The hole those brats opened is closed now, but we have Monokumas at the front entrance. We can hold them off for a little while, but if this keeps up...
So we're running out of time...
Dammit, do they really intend to destroy this base at any cost?
So what are you gonna do? You gonna "wait for an opportunity" as usual?
H-Haiji...If we don't do something now, we...
...I know. I know.
...No matter how scared you are, there are times when you have to fight.

♪ BGM: DSO_Beautiful Dead

We have to do something before we lose something important!
Toko, lend me your hand!
...Huh? Ah, okay...

♪ BGM: Silence ♫

I said I'd lend you a hand, not be your stepladder!

Hey, what are you doing?

Um, please listen up!
Huh? What is she doing?

♪ BGM: DSO_Welcome Despair Academy

I...don't have any talent... I'm just a normal girl, not special or anything...
And I know you guys don't have any reason to listen to someone like me...
B-But, well... Ah, how do I put it...? There's something I want to say... B-Because I'm a normal human with no talent...ummm...
Ah, I-I'm sorry, I really don't know how to put it...
H-Hey! Komaru!

Why are you asking me!? You didn't plan this out!?
Then what are you up there for?
Yeah I... I don't really know...
F-For now, let me just say this.

♪ BGM: DSO_Beautiful Dead


I got caught up in something I didn't understand at all, and I couldn't do anything... So I... I guess I'll just say to you what I wish I said to myself.

♪ BGM: DSO_New World Order

...Hey! How much longer are you going to be just another victim!?
You're "normal," you're "weak"... How much longer are you going to use those damn excuses!? You're just happy to be a victim and ignore everything around you!
Are you really okay with that, you coward!?
Talent or whatever, that doesn't even matter. No matter how much talent or power you have, you can't avoid being scared or hurt! You let everyone else handle things that scare you and say, "I can't help it, I'm normal"...
Are you really going to stay that way forever!?
Maybe you can't help being normal... But you can't just keep using that as an excuse! If you do...
If you do, someday... You're gonna lose something that's important to you, y'know?
And after'll be too late!
It's obvious that we're all afraid... I'm just as scared as you are... But even though I'm afraid... I know I made the right decision. To stay here, with Toko. Because if I just went and left her... I think I would have regretted it.
I, along with Toko and everyone here, want a happy ending! A proper happy ending that's super cliché and predictable, where everyone's smiling...
So please... Please, let's make that ending happen! Let's stand up against this despair together!
...Th-That's it... That's all I have to say. Sorry for being so loud...

♪ BGM: DSO_Beautiful Dead

...Wait here. I'm going to make some preparations.
Preparations? For what?
Well, I have a trump card... And I might as well bet the house on it.
A trump card...?

I feel like one of those lame kids who try to motivate everyone and fail completely...
Hmph, it was good enough. Not bad for your first try. Hell, I even feel a little...impressed.
...Though it was painful to listen to.
So it *was* awful!
But! It looks like you were able to motivate the cowards here a little bit.

Oh, I'm sure I'll try to forget this ever happened later...
But... Y'know, you might be right, after all.

What, this? It's Shirokuma, of course.

Oh my god the head is talking.

Shirokuma! You're alive!?
The only thing left is my head, but my AI chip is in there, safe and sound! It's a miracle! Hehe, it's not exactly a triumphant resurrection, but here I am, nonetheless.
I heard you sacrificed yourself, so I thought...
Well, that was pretty misleading.
But I'm relieved. If you're alive, then everything's fine!
Looks like you made that traumatizing speech for nothing, then.
Was it that bad!?
No, no, it was great! I feel like you gave everyone a little light of hope... But it's still a small light... In order to make it grow, we need to do something more...

Get out of here...?
Looks like he's finally gonna start fighting back.
Is it true, Haiji!?
...It's all thanks to you, Shirokuma. You risked your life for us... I finally realize what I need to do.
...So thanks, bear.
Looks like your speech wasn't that memorable...
Aw, don't say that!
From here on, I want you two to follow me to a certain place. It's where our game-changing trump card is hidden. But it's not gonna be easy. You guys better prepare yourselves.
...Well, I guess I hardly have to tell *you* that.
I'll be waiting for you at the entrance.

♪ BGM: Wonderful Dead 004

Alright, now we get to walk around the base again. We could just talk to Haiji and continue on, but where's the fun in that, there's stuff to be done here! Let's start by having a chat with Hiroko.

♪ BGM: Abnormality on the Girls' Front Line

Thanks to you two, the atmosphere of this place has really brightened up. It was creepy before...
Really? I don't think we made the place any brighter...
She doesn't mean it like *that*. She means the mood of the place. She's saying that thanks to you and Shirokuma, the ambience here has improved.
Exactly right, Fufu! You're good at explainin' stuff. Anyways, thanks guys.
Shirokuma deserves the most thanks...
Maybe...but you were pretty courageous yourself, y'know?
Well...if you say so. Thank you.
There, was that so hard? But I gotta say, compared to your sad face, you're much cuter like this. Oh, right. Did you find any more of these lists of people with wristbands?

Alright, let's hand over what we've got.

Huh? You were a nurse...?
Didn't I tell you? I might not look like it, but I used to work day and night in that uniform.
I had a reputation in the hospital that my blood-drawing skills never missed a vein.
A nurse who's a former delinquent. Pretty cliché. Do you have a heart of gold, too?
Well anyway, the bit about the "son"... Do you have a son, Miss Hagakure?
Yeah, one. Little older than you two. Proud of him, a very successful boy.
...In what way, exactly?
Hm? Did you say something, Toko?
N-No, I was just thinking...what a doting parent she is.
He's a sharp boy. Handsome, tall, kind... If he didn't come out of me, I wouldn't believe he was my own kid!
...Well thanks for that image.
But even if my son *is* perfect, something has been bugging me... It's just a small thing, but... He's just a teeny, eentsy bit clumsy with money. He's in debt.
Well if he's so successful, he should be able to pay off his debt right away, right?
Oh, and he also repeated middle and high school about 4 times.
W-Well... I've heard that...really smart kids don't always do well in school...
Oh yeah, and he's also just terrible with women...
Oh I'm sure he's...popular...?
...It's getting pretty tough to defend at this point, isn't it?
Well, those flaws are kinda cute too, in a way.
Yeah, I figured you'd say that. You really are a doting parent...

C-Could it be...? Yeah, it totally is! There's no mistaking it, this has to be her!
Wh-What are you talking about?
Ayaka Haneyama... It's Ayakasu!
Ayakasu? You know her, Koko?
Not personally... She's Ayakasu, the iron guardian deity from that national idol group! You don't recognize her? Her catchphrase is, "Rock you like Ayakasu!"
Ah, I remember! I saw her on T.V. before. That idol group with Sayaka at the center...
Right...her group... Bringing in cash from gullible idiots like Komaru, she can't be *that* talented.
Hey! Did you just make fun of Sayaka!?
I was making fun of *you*!
Pick on me as much as you want, but don't you dare pick on my favorite idol!
If you must know... I'm a Sayaker.
Sayaka has over 100 million fans! That's what we call ourselves, Sayakers. I shouldn't have to tell you that you do *not* want to make enemies of us!
So...what kind of things do these "Sayakers" do, anyway?
Well, nothing specific... We're just people who like Sayaka and cheer for her. In my case, I buy CDs and merch with my monthly allowance... And guess what! Sayaka and Makoto went to the same middle school! Isn't that amazing?
Y-Yeah... That's pretty amazing...

All this time, Toko is just thinking "oh my God, if she gets back together with Makoto and they talk about what they've gone through, it's going to be SO awkward". Like, seriously, imagine having to have the "your favorite idol is dead because she murdered somebody and tried to frame your brother for it" talk. There's some benefits to Toko not telling Komaru the whole story about the killing game.

But anyway, why is Ayakasu in a place like this?
Miss Hagakure! I put my faith in you! For Sayakers everywhere!
...Well, I'll do my best...

Hm, apparently he's around Towa Tower... Did you guys run into him?
We did, but... Before we went up the tower...
...This doesn't sound good...
Yeah, it wasn't. He was attacked by a Monokuma...and killed. Right in front of us.
God DAMMIT! Those little shits have no right! No, not just the kids... No one has any God damn right to kill anyone! I gotta rake those brats over the friggin' coals!
His name was Taichi Fujisaki...
He was a good man... A devoted father.
...He sure was.
I hope his daughter is okay at least...
... ...Yeah, I think she's doing just fine. a cat, right? I'm not going crazy, am I?
Nope, that's...definitely a cat.
It's a cat...
Well...shit. I never thought a *cat* would end up a target.
Well those brats weren't originally responsible for kidnapping the Captives... But they're still gonna use this cat as a target? That's pretty messed up.
And check out that name. Grand Bois-something... That's one hell of a name.
Yeah, I can't tell if it's fancy long or gaudy long...
It's lame is what it is. That cat owner sucks at naming...
Do you...know who owns this cat?
Do I? No, I don't think so...
Welp, even if it's just a cat, I can't just let the kids get it. I'll send someone over.
...Even if that cat makes it all the way home, its owner won't be waiting for it.
Hm? Did you say something?
N-Nothing. I just think this cat has a bad personality, that's all.

Th-Th—Th-That's impossible!
Wh-What happened!? Are you choking!? Vacuum! Get the vacuum!
No, this woman! It says she's the author of "Tara ☆ Spa"!
Tarasupa? What's that?
It says she's a manga artist, so it must be the title of a manga, right?
Not just any manga! A manga masterpiece! The drawings of food are so well done, it's said that reading it will make you start to drool!
Yeah, I feel like I saw my son reading it...
So Teacher Second Fry was just a penname for this woman... What a shocking scoop!
Jeez, where did *this* enthusiasm come from?
This is big news! Huge news! The end of the century is the next generation of space wars!
Well if she's that famous, I kinda wanna meet her.
If there's an opportunity, I'll be sure to get an autograph.
Th-Thank you very much! Oh, but make sure it isn't addressed to me! That will make the value go way down!
That's exactly what you would say if you were gonna sell the thing!
Th-There's no way I'd sell it! Don't downplay my respect of manga artists!
Y-You don't have to take it so seriously...

♪ BGM: Wonderful Dead 004

Alright, so that's done, now let's go and talk to the other people. Side note - ever since the scene with Komaru having her big motivation speech, she now walks and runs differently. She no longer grips the megaphone with both hands while running, and while walking, she now holds the megaphone pointed upwards and walks more upright. It's a slight change, but it does show an increase in confidence, and it's a really nice touch I didn't even notice while playing. It's super subtle, but shows they care.

♪ BGM: We Can't Change The World

You've really grown since I first met you...
No, not really. The reason I was able to act so cool was because of the sacrifice you made, Shirokuma.
Hehe, so I was that cool, huh? But you're still *much* cooler than me!
No, no, you were much more cool.
...So how much longer are you gonna keep up this modesty battle?

Beats me, first I've heard of it either. Shouldn't you just ask him?
I—It's suspicious... He's had plenty of chances to use a trump card before now... Why didn't he even tell any of the other adults about it?
Who knows? But it is Haiji, after all. I'm sure the man has secrets.
Secrets, huh...
I hope those secrets don't come back to haunt us.

Your speech really touched my heart, lady!
Oh... Did I actually like...say anything like that?
Well...I remember it being *something* like that.

Now, this update has gone on for about a mile and a half, so let's cut things here. Next time, we'll talk to Haiji and find out what this "trump card" business is about.