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Part 44: Update XLII

Alright, let's go through this chapter again and see what we missed. It was quite a bit this time!

The first thing we missed was here. There's a set of cars, and we're supposed to notice that the one in the middle is one we can Move.

And that brings us to a collectible!

Another Hit List entry, this time for Byakuya's person of interest.

The next thing is before the shrine - when you turn around and check the arch, there's some sparkles.

This is where Jataro was hiding.

Next, we have some sparkles in the narrow side passage, hiding up out of view.

Here's where Kotoko is.

So, this is where we have something that needs pointing out. I made a bit of a mistake - while replaying the chapter, I turned the sound down a fair bit and played something else on the side on a second monitor, in this case the AFC Divisional playoffs matchup between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Indianapolis Colts, forgetting that I would need to make videos of the Monoku-Man puzzles I fucked up the first time through. Because of that, the videos have a bit of a, er, different sound.

This one is pretty simple - we basically had the solution the first time around anyway. Blast the single Bomber with Dance when it's the most to the left...

...then hit it with Break when the other two Bombers are at the left.

That then causes a chain reaction that blows all the enemies up.

Our next stop is another Monoku-Man room.

Here, we start out by using the hologram to move the Siren over.

Then, we Move the car and hit the Siren with Dance to allow the regular Monokumas to move over to the Siren. This also moves the Guards on the other side close to the car, where they will also stand on the water.

Then, it's just waiting for the right moment and one right shot with Paralyze takes everybody out.

After that, another Monoku-Man room I fucked up last time.

This one isn't that hard once you take the time to figure out the patterns, when you can move where, and where you can safely stand.

Eventually, we find the kid in the last quadrant we can get to.

Next, we missed a pickup in the subway entrance.

Well, that's depressing.

Then, we have a wall we can break by Linking up with this Bomber all the way back there. I missed this the first time around.

This allows us to access this collectible we saw the first time around but couldn't get to.

It makes the crosshair even faster!

We make it to the secret base without further incident. Now, we get to give our new Hit List entry to Hiroko.

He's probably just a faithful servant to his Young master...
I wonder if the kids think like... The older they are, the bigger the enemy?
Th-Th-Th-This is!
Hm? What's up?
Don't "what's up" me! This is a grave matter! An Earth-shattering event!
Seriously...what? Did you hit your head or something?
This is Byakuya Togami's name here on the file. It's who Toko likes. That's why she's so excited, I think.
I-I'm not excited, I'm worried! If he's Master's butler, that makes him *my* butler too! In the future! Wh-What's going to happen if he gets hurt!? We have to go save him!
Why don't we just leave it to Miss Hagakure like we usually do?
Yeah, listen to Koko! Just leave it to us, it's not a problem.
W-Well, maybe, but...
Hm? What is it?
I-I want him to owe me one... I want to make it so he cannot defy me! With that butler in my pocket, I can do anything I desire! Like love potions or hidden cameras...
Sleazy until the end...
Y-You guys just don't get it! This is a huge deal for me! This is like...the world exploding! I gotta be sleazy till the end!
But even if you were one day able to tie the knot with Byakuya...would that really make you happy?
Geh, th-that's...
You should stop before it's too late. You regret a win by cheating more than an honest loss.
...Do you feel some kind of regret too, Miss Hagakure?
Yeah...I was young. I did something I shouldn't have because I wanted to be with my ex husband no matter what. But when I got found out, I had to end it with him. But then...I was honestly relieved. I was relieved that I was finally free from my sin.
If you don't mind me asking, what did you mean by "cheat"...?
...No, I shouldn't. Even if I explained myself, I'm sure you'd think less of me.
Anyway, I'll do something about that butler. Leave it to me. That okay, Toto?
Yes...I will achieve my heart's desire with a full-frontal assault instead!

Next, we have one more Monoku-Man room I screwed up.

Here, we have to move the regular Monokuma onto the switch, while at the same time paying attention that it's not looking at the hologram.

Then, we turn on the hologram, moving the Bomber there as well.

Then, we send the Ball into everybody else with Knockback, setting off a chain reaction of Bombers that takes everybody out.

Next, we have a collectible on the floor with the password puzzle, south of that room.

It's another +1 to HP, probably the last one.

Now, on the last floor, here's the collectible that probably fucks every non-guide 100% attempt over. See this gap inbetween the Monomono machines?

You can just walk through it and it takes you to a secret area.

And there's a collectible!

So that's why this is a secret area - it's a little easter egg alongside the appearance of Toro and Kuro, the Sony mascots, on the Monokuma assembly line we saw in the last update.

And that's it for the chapter. That looks like a much better rating to me.

You are mine, after all. I would lose my temper if you got yourself hurt without my permission. Now listen. I am the only one who can hurt you. You better not be hurt by anyone else.

Now Byakuya has words of... praise for us?

And we get the 500 Monocoin bonus plus a new skill, which gives us another extra battery.

That's it for what we missed in Chapter 4. Next time, we're on to Chapter 5, the final chapter of the game.