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Part 45: Update XLIII

♪ BGM: Chapter Title

Alright, it's time for the final chapter. Shit gon' get real.

♪ BGM: Ghost Stories From the School District of Revolution

We begin with the sight of Big Bang Monokuma stomping through the city as adults cheer from the rooftops.

Monokuma kids run away from the giant robot.

Big Bang Monokuma gets attacked by flying Monokumas...

...but they don't exactly make for much of an obstacle.

The hope of the adults...

...that is wrecking the shit out of the city.

♪ BGM: DSO_New World Order

As long as I control this Big Bang Monokuma, those little Monokumas are like nothing!
Good work you two! You guys are the saviors of this town!
Ah, yeah... ...

♪ BGM: Silence ♫

Meanwhile, somewhere else, somebody is watching the chaos on TV.

It's Monaca! And she seems pretty happy with how things are going.

Greetings! I came to say my goodbyes.
Huh? Going already?

But this is where the fun starts!

♪ BGM: DSO_Junk Food for a Dashing Youth

Fo' real, though! The real deal starts now! It's like you finally get the girl of your dreams, so now you can start wearing her underwear whenever ya want!
That example was pretty clever! Let's put that shit on a calendar!

♪ BGM: Silence ♫

Nagito just silently lowers his head while Monaca just stares. I think neither were really impressed with that.

♪ BGM: Abnormality on the Girls' Front Line

...I've received word from the Monokuma Kids on watch. An intruder has entered Towa City. And they came alone.
Alone? I see... Was this someone from Future Foundation?
I don't know. But I recommend caution-—

Wooow, the impact! Looks just like an action movie, meow!
Ufufu, if this keeps up...all the children might end up getting killed.
...You're in quite a good mood, hm? Despite the fact that your plan is about to be ruined.
Ruined? You talkin' about ruined!?
Monaca's plan is totally goin' smoothly!
Smoothly? You call this smoothly?
Sorry... I know you helped me out and everything, but this plan is a secret even to you.
By any this plan related to The Successor of Junko Enoshima?
No! Zip zip your mouth!
Well, it does not matter what you're planning. In the end, hope shall win the day.
So to prove your little point about hope or whatevs, you brought on the despair, huh? Well, that's just fuckin' stupid! It's like goin' to the desert to drink some tasty water!

I love Kurokuma. He's the only one that gets to look at Nagito's "help despair as much as possible because hope will win regardless of how strong despair is" plan and call it "fuckin' stupid". It's very refreshing.

It's totally contradictory, riiight?
No, you misunderstand. In order to get rid of all the despair, you first must let it flourish. Wait until the despair has grown to its largest size, and then burn it, all the way to the roots.
And after that, only hope will remain. That is the world I seek. There is nothing contradictory in that.
...Well, not that it even matters.
Ptoo! So you're gonna burn the crops and salt the Earth, huh!?
Ufufu, you really are amusing, Mister Servant.
Despite the fact that you know you've fallen into despair, you still fight for hope... Could it be from Big Sis Junko's influence? Or were you always like this?

♪ BGM: It's a Kids' World

There's somethin' way more fun and refreshin' waitin' for ya!
Yep, that's right! I'm reaaally looking forward to it. Ufufu... Just how will the world look through the eyes of The Successor?
Monaca, you're so into it! Your heart resonates! Hot enough to burn!
Thank you, Kurokuma... For giving Monaca such a splendid plan...

Ah, are you pushin' those little buds on me!? Aw, you doin' this on purpose, Monaca? Monacaaa!

And off Nagito goes, to an unknown destination.

♪ BGM: Ghost Stories From the School District of Revolution

Meanwhile, back in town...

...the adults have assembled, and they're armed.

Mister Haiji! We're all here, sir!
Good. Thank you.

Haiji steps up in front of the crowd.

Everyone! Hear me out!

Komaru and Toko are worried.

♪ BGM: DSO_Beautiful Dead

The reason I was always down in that base wasn't because I was waiting for an opportunity...
That was just an excuse. Really, I was just scared shitless by those kids. Heh... Makes me a pretty bad leader. But then someone snapped me out of it. Those two girls over there, neither kids nor adults...

Thanks to them, I've finally woken up. No matter how scared you are, if you want a hopeful future, sometimes you gotta fight for one.


Now it's time to stand up! With our hands, we're gonna take back this city! We have the power now! With Big Bang Monokuma, we can do this! So listen up! Teach those deranged kids who really runs this town! Towa City! Our home! Our town!

The adults are really hyped up for this now.

Isn't it better if the adults are...a little more calm?
Probably, but we can't just tell this group to keep level heads. They'd turn on us.

Shirokuma! Good timing! There's something we have to talk about, too.
So you guys are worried too, right? It'd be bad if the adults attack the kids, riled up like this...
You think so too?
Haiji seems like he's holding a grudge... Not just against the Monokumas, but the children, too. If they end up fighting like this... Both the kids and adults will end up killing each other.
Why did it end up like this...? I mean, didn't you want the adults to fight back, too?
Well, just like you, I didn't know that Haiji had that kind of weapon. The reason I tried to motivate them was to give them the power to protect themselves. But Big Bang Monokuma isn't about protection. It has the power to destroy. If the adults and kids fight one another with the power to destroy, the damage would be terrible.
Hey... Is there anything we can do to maybe calm them down a little?
The way they are now, I doubt it.

We might lose our lives, we might take lives, but either way, we will *not* be afraid anymore! Today, we make the memorial of our victory! We make the memorial of the kids' defeat!

The moment they saw that stupid huge Monokuma, their eyes lit up. Yeah, maybe it is their last hope... But maybe it's far too big of a hope. There's no way they'd listen to us if we told them to go easy because they're just kids...
Shirokuma, do you have any ideas?
There is one...
Well then, hurry up and say it!
The Monokumas running amok in town aren't moving on their own, like me. There must be a device somewhere giving them orders.
I would guess that the controller is at Towa Hills, the kid's HQ.
If we get to Towa Hills before the battle gets out of hand, and destroy that device...
Yep, the Monokumas will stop functioning all at once, and the kids will no longer have an army. If you guys do that, I'm sure you can prevent the fight between adults and children.
Yeah, it's not like they're a group of fanatics who would attack defenseless children...
...I hope.
But who's going to do it? It sounds really dangerous...
Ah... About that...
...You better not tell us to do it. Sneaking into heavily-guarded enemy territory to look for a device that's who knows where... That's just begging to get killed.
But when the Big Bang Monokuma starts attacking, the Monokumas will be busy dealing with that... If you use that as a distraction, it won't be impossible to break into Towa Hills.
Wh-Whether it's possible or not isn't the problem! Why do we have to be the ones to risk our lives? order to save Byakuya, we have to go to Towa Hills anyway, right...?
Y-Yeah, but a device used to control Monokumas is obviously going to be well guarded... No matter what the plan is, it's just not possible.
I know I'm asking you for a lot... But you two are the only ones I can rely on anymore! I beg you, you guys are the only ones who can save this town!
Save this town? What do you mean? That's not what we're in this for. We're...not heroes or anything, y'know? Why put us in that situation?
Wait, Toko.

♪ BGM: DSO_Welcome Despair Academy

H-Hey, what are you saying!?
I know it's dangerous, but even then... I can't just leave it like this. I know I'd regret it later on. want to be like your brother? You admire him?
I-It's not like that!
Hmph, so it's *definitely* like that. I knew it... You have a brother complex.
No seriously, it's not!
Komaru... You've grown. I'm so glad to see you like this.
That's what's been bothering me...
Watching this new you... For some reason, it concerns me. I don't know...
Don't worry, I'll be just fine. After all, I have a reliable friend named Toko!
Th-That's... Well, it's true, but...
So? It's the final hour, what are you guys gonna do?

♪ BGM: DSO_Beautiful Dead

However, the objective is rescuing Master! Everything else is secondary!
Yeah, okay.
Thanks, you two! Thank you so much!
...Hm, looks like it's about to begin.

♪ BGM: Secret Base ~Left Behind By The Adults~

Big Bang Monokuma is back on the move again.

And the adults are also going into battle.

They're taking the fight to the Monokumas with remarkable success.

The Monokuma kids are hiding in terror...

...and inside Big Bang Monokuma...

...sits one smug son of a bitch.

♪ BGM: DSO_Living to the Fullest

Master... If our plan succeeds... Catch me in your open arms, Master!

And with that, we're back in control. So, next time, we'll make our way towards Towa Hills in an attempt to prevent this war from turning into an outright bloodbath by disarming one side.