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Part 51: Update XLIX - Part I

Now, this particular video is like 45 minutes long. I know that seems absolutely massive, but this part is the highlight of the game IMO. This particular mammoth of a scene is the best out of them all. Also, this is very much a "this will explain everything" scene. Expect a ton of things to get cleared up.

Anyway, last time, we fought Monaca's battle robot and won.

The robot blows up like the other ones...

...and sends Kurokuma's head flying out the window.

The adults that are watching everything outside Towa Hills are celebrating...

...and the Monokuma kids are also watching from a distance.

♪ BGM: DSO_Welcome Despair Academy

That's right. Now be a good little girl and just give up.
No... Nooo... Is Monaca gonna be killed? I don't wanna die...
No, there's no way I'd kill you! Of course not!
But...if you don't hand over that controller, it will *not* be pleasant.
N-No, that's no good... If this controller is destroyed, Monaca's plan will fail... And if that happens, Monaca can no longer be The Successor...
That's enough. Just hurry up and hand it over, or I swear I will spank you good!
Ugh... F-Fine...

♪ BGM: DSO_New World Order

And then this uprising will be over.
But that was... Well, it was kinda easy. Is it really okay?
Hmph, ramen broth and climaxes should always be light.
Or would you prefer an ending that has us getting beaten up and thrown from one despair to another? ...Just like your older brother.
I don't want that, but...
Well, you're forgetting, the *real* happy ending comes after we rescue Master!
So let's hurry up and end this.
...U-Um, it's...really okay to break this, right?
It's obviously okay! You can stop the Monokumas *and* the brainwash gets lifted!

So yeah, this is obviously all fine.

And here we are. Decision time! So, if Komaru's hesitation and Monaca's entirely out of place smile didn't convince you that something is up, you're going to stumble right into the game's trap.

The right choice is to not break the controller.

♪ BGM: DSO_All All Apologies

Wh-What...? What are you doing?
S-Sorry... concerning me...
...Concerning you?
...Concerning you?

♪ BGM: It's a Kids' World

...Concerning or disconcerting?
Could it be that maybe you wanna be Monaca's ally at the last minute? So you're hes...hesi--
No need to hesitate! Just break the controller! End this already!
Y-You're right.

♪ BGM: Silence ♫

I can't say this is a surprise.

♪ BGM: Like I Would Become A Monster

Don't... Don't break the controller...
Yaaay! Kotoko, you came to saaave me!
Shut up! Who the hell would want to save *you*?
I didn't know breaking the controller would also end the brainwashing... That would be bad. If it's just the Monokumas, that's fine, but the kids... We'd lose all the friends we made...
If that happens... I'm gonna be all alone!
What "friends"!? You brainwashed them!
But even then... I don't wanna be alone! Please, pretty please don't take my friends away!
Kotoko's right. Don't break that controller.
If you don't, I promise... I'll kill all of the adults and build Paradise.
Sh-Shut your mouth, traitor!
Kotoko... Why are you saying such mean things? We're friends...
N-No we're not! You're just a traitor who killed her own friends!
Oh please, please forgive me... Let's just forgive and forget... Live in the now. Let's kill adults together again...
Shut up! Be quiet! Die!
Wh-What's going on?
Just let those idiots fight. Hurry up and break the controller.
N-No! Stop! Please... Leave me just some hope... I'll even settle for just a little!
Wh-What hope!? You really think there's "hope" for you guys!?
Miss Komaru Naegi... Please listen to Monaca's request too...

♪ BGM: Ghost Stories From the School District of Revolution

If you don't choose right, you're going to replay this moment over and over...
So make the correct choice and end this properly.

Once again, we're given a choice.

Once again, the right choice is to not break the controller.

♪ BGM: Silence ♫

Komaru...? What happened?
Huuuh? You're not gonna break it? That's weird... Why not?

♪ BGM: DSO_Despair-Syndrome

Didn't ya want to stop those crazy kids? Didn't ya want to be the heroine of this dirty, lame, penal colony?
Didn't ya want to be everyone's hope? Just like your brother...?
I... I...
Are you sure? If you don't break the controller now, this will just repeat over and over...
H-Hold on a second! This is backwards! Why do you suddenly *want* her to destroy the controller?
Because! This! Is! A! Magic! Scene!
A happy! Ending! Scene! With all the Monokumas! And Monokuma Kids! Gone! For! Good! Right!?
I-Ignore her! It's okay, you didn't make a mistake at all!
Kotoko, give it up. Watch the controller get destroyed...
Sh-Shut up! You be quiet!

♪ BGM: Silence ♫

Toko... What should I do...?
...I...will leave that decision to you.
However... Because I'm leaving it to you, I will share the responsibility as well.
So... Just do what you think is best.
What I think is best...

So, how about breaking that controller?


Th-That's right... Good...

♪ BGM: It's a Kids' World

Thank you, Big Sis! Thank you so much for not breaking Monaca's special controller!
Jeez, which side are you on!?
It would be such a bummer if the end credits started rolling before all the cast was here...
Hm... He'll be here soon. Probably running down the hallway right now...

This is probably not surprising either.

♪ BGM: Secret Base ~Left Behind By The Adults~

Seee! Just like Monaca said! Bullseye! We do have a sibling connection after all.
Y-You... Why are you here?

They're being so mean! Everybody's bullying Monaca! Monaca's getting picked on by the kids *and* the adults... Isn't that awful?
Big Brother, save Monaca!
Don't tell me that's what you're actually here for...

♪ BGM: DSO_Weekly Despair Magazine

Don't be an idiot! Who the hell's gonna save you!?
B-Big Brother...
Stop calling me that! You're not my sister! You're just the old man's mistake... I didn't want you around! I never thought of you as family!
Why...? Why are you being so mean...? Monaca's just a child...
You're no child! You're a brat who never learned her place and now it's biting you in the ass! It's over, Monaca. I'm finishing this now.
Please, stop Big Brother... I'm scared...
U-Um, Mister Haiji...

What're you doing? Hurry up and destroy it! End this nightmare already!
Please stop! If you destroy that controller, all of Monaca's hard work will be wasted... I won't be able to create The Successor... I won't be able to inflict despair on the world!
How crazy are you...?
Now hurry! Hurry and destroy it!
I-I know, but...
Don't! You can't destroy it, this Is some kind of trap!
Destroy it! Destroy it, Komaru!
Wh-What...? What's going on...?


Once again, a choice.

Once again, declined. Note that at any point, destroying the controller is a non-standard game over. So far, we have no reason to know that, just a lot of suspicion that there's something really, really important about this decision we don't know yet, and because of that, we probably shouldn't take the option that can't be taken back just yet.

Ah... I'm understood us.
What is this? Why are you siding with those brats?
I'm not siding with them or anything...
Did you forget what they did? If that's the case, then shut up and listen!

We cut to outside, where the adults have taken to chanting "destroy" in unison.


Wh-What is this?
All this time, the people outside were watching. They saw you defeat Monaca's robot.

Huh? Monaca has no idea...
They're still watching... They're waiting for you to destroy that controller.

You...showed us hope. We were able to finally stand up to those brats because of your speech!
That's why I'm even here! That's why I'm not afraid of these kids anymore! It's all thanks to you... You are hope itself to us...
But if you still can't make up your mind... I'll just have to help you choose.

Tell them what you've done. Everything. The whole truth. Then there's no way they'd side with you.
The reason why you want a successor. Everything. Tell them the truth, or I'll make sure you regret it.
F-Fine... I'll talk.

♪ BGM: DSO_Desire for Execution...

W-Wait, what!? That was a prank?
Oh, of course. Monaca didn't intend to end her own life at all. But you all took it so seriously.
And around then, Monaca met Big Sis Junko with the most miraculous timing.

Big Sis Junko is light itself that will shine down on Monaca's boring little world.
It's a miracle! Thank you, God!
At least, at the time I thought it was a miracle. But later I learned it was inevitable. She came into my life just to take advantage of me.
...Take advantage...?
By then, Monaca was already a chief executive at Towa Group's robotics branch.
Oh, Big Brother, I'm sorry about that... Wasn't it painful to watch your little sister surpass you?
And I'm also sorry to you, Kotoko. You didn't want to hear that little truth, did you? Big Sis Junko only cared about Monaca. The other Warriors of Hope were just bonuses.
D-Don't make stuff up! Big Sis loved us all!
Love? What are you talking about?
There's no way someone would love you. Your own parents didn't even love you.
Ugh... Ugh!

Fucking *ouch*.

I-I'm sorry, I got it... Stop, Big Brother...

♪ BGM: DSO_Welcome Despair Academy

A-At first... Big Sis Junko was looking for a corporation that could mass produce machines. So that she could use them for The Tragedy.

Concentrating all of the resources of Towa Group's Robotics Branch...

I lied. To Papa and Big Brother. I told them I was building robots that could be domestic helpers and emergency aid workers...
And the adults actually *bought* that story?
No... It's more like...we turned a blind eye. She was the outsider in our family... But she's tenacious, with a genius intellect. As long as she kept earning Towa Group money... We let her do whatever she wanted.
This brat took advantage of her position and started mass producing these monsters on her own. I didn't know what the machines were even for, so as usual, I let her be... ...But I did think they had a weird design.
And thanks to that, Monaca made Big Sis Junko so happy. She started using them for the incident. That's what helped the incident get bigger and bigger...
That's when the old man finally realized what was up. And when he tried to stop you...

♪ BGM: DSO_Despair-Syndrome

If we stopped, Big Sis Junko would reveal the whole thing... She would make it known that Towa Group built all those murder machines. And if she did that... Towa Group's finished.
Monaca... Are you threatening me?

You made them, and then you sold the weapons to fight against them as well?
The more out of hand the situation got, the more profitable Towa became...
Hmph... Just what a filthy Demon would do.
We didn't have a choice... We were in too deep. If we went against the Despair group, they'd reveal what Monaca did under Towa's name. Then Towa makes enemies with both forces. We'd be shunned... Go extinct.
Anyyyways, Towa Group did the riiight thing and chose to coexist with the despair. And to the public, they looked like heroes, fighting against the incident. But behind the scenes... They were working for both sides.

Those idiot adults didn't know that, so they worshipped Towa Group like they were saviors...

He supported the incident for money and honor. He ended up being a patron of Big Sis Junko.
Towa Group... Junko Enoshima's patron?
So that's why you distanced yourself from Future Foundation... You didn't want to get found out.
No matter how rotten it is... Towa Group is still my legacy. I want to protect it.
But the good times had to end eventually... Just when things were gonna get much, much more fun, Big Sis Junko died.

♪ BGM: Silence ♫

Since then, Future Foundation gained power, and Big Sis's influence got weaker and weaker... Monaca tried her best to rebuild it by any means necessary...
But Papa just said "It's over," and gave up like all the fickle, wishy-washy adults do. Papa betrayed Big Sis. No matter what Monaca said, Papa just wouldn't listen anymore...
And you couldn't forgive him for that, could you? That's why you targeted this city.
That's what you told us, right?

♪ BGM: Like I Would Become A Monster

We shouldn't give up. We can't abandon hope.

Adults are dirty Demons who killed Big Sis... You guys killed them off so well for me.
I was sooo happy... It was just as I thought, kids are so simple-minded.
The truth is...Monaca didn't really care about things like revenge and paradise...
Succeeding Big Sis's will was far more important. Monaca...doesn't want Junko Enoshima's legacy to end.
So that's how you came to the brilliant conclusion that you should become The Successor?
And in order to become The Successor... What exactly did you do?
Big Sis used to say all the time that she wanted to paint the world with despair...
If someone could do that... Don't you think they would make the best Successor ever?
...What do you mean?


Causing war. If a war breaks out, the world topples back into despair, right?
War...? What are you talking about, brat?
You're bluffing. You're trying to trick us again, aren't you? You've got some ulterior motive.
If you think so...why don't you just break that controller Miss Komaru has.
Break the controller...and start a war.
W-Wait...why would a war break out if this controller is destroyed...?

Ow! Heyyy, don't call Monaca a liar! You told me to talk...
I told you to tell the truth, not spew more of your lies!
Enough of this. No more talk, destroy that controller right now!
Hey, hey what are you doing? Don't tell me you seriously trust what this kid said...

Another choice.

At this point, there might as well be neon signs around "break the controller" going "THIS IS A BAD IDEA".

So you're taking this little brat's word over mine?
It's not like that...
P-Please, wait! I remember!
A while ago, Monaca and Kurokuma were having a secret talk... I was listening in...
What are you talking about? Get to the point.
At the time, I thought they were kidding, but... Maybe they weren't... If that's the case...this is very bad.
Wh-What are you talking about!?
The Monokuma Heads the kids are wearing... They're linked to the Monokumas' power source. If that power source is cut off...the helmets explode.

♪ BGM: DSO_Ocean Breeze Dead End

But all the Monokuma Heads will blow up! And then, headless children everywhere!

B-But I'm serious! I heard them say it!
You know Monaca would totally pull something like that... She betrayed the Warriors of Hope... She could do it without even feeling guilty about it.

♪ BGM: It's a Kids' World

S-So mean, Kotoko! Making me out to be the bad guy...
Monaca doesn't *want* the controller to be destroyed!
A rift in the group now, huh? Well if you're both lying, you need to get your stories straight.
No, I'm serious! I heard it!
That's enough. Destroy that thing already.
N-No! Never, ever destroy that controller!
Huh...? Huh...?

Once again, we get to choose.

Blowing up the heads of hundreds of children might sound hardcore as fuck, but I think I'll pass on the idea.

♪ BGM: Like I Would Become A Monster

Hey... What are you doing? Why aren't you destroying it!?
Because...the children might die if I do...
They're *bluffing*! I've been trying to tell you!
But even if there's a small chance they're not... I can't do it. The kids wearing those helmets... They're just being brainwashed, none of this is their fault...
Not everyone involved was doing this of their own will!
Brainwashing? Are you serious? Who the hell cares about that...?

♪ BGM: Secret Base ~Left Behind By The Adults~

You've seen what they did to us! They deserve it!
You can't be serious... You're just blinded by revenge.
Maybe I am! But how could I not be!? After what they did to us... Not even the harshest revenge is enough to make me forget what I've been through! Listen! Listen, outside! The screams of the adults, the ones who lost everything!

Once again, we cut to the adults chanting "destroy".


But you were the one who told us to stand and fight, right? It's because of your speech that we're even here right now!
If you really are our ally, then finish this!
You are... You're our hope. Please... Don't betray us... Destroy the controller, please... Please just... End this for us... We just want it to be over...

♪ BGM: Silence ♫

H-Hold on a minute!
You can't fool me!

♪ BGM: DSO_Despair-Syndrome

...Hm? Are you talking to Monaca?
I get it now... What you meant by "war"... You're trying to start a war between Towa City and Future Foundation.

They'd think the adults who survived were behind it... And then they'd find out Towa Group was involved with manufacturing the Monokumas... From that evidence, I'm guessing Future Foundation would think the adults were Remnants of Despair. And if that happens... Future Foundation would crush this town immediately.

...Nope, that's not quite it! Cuz it won't just end with a war between Towa and Future Foundation.

♪ BGM: Ghost Stories From the School District of Revolution

Future Foundation isn't the only one who'd see the adults as Remnants of Despair. The true Remnants of Despair that are spread all over the world... They'd learn about the war in Towa City, and they'd come charging in.
Towa City would become the heart of a resurgence of the despair that Big Sis Junko left us. Worthy of the name of Junko Enoshima, wouldn't you agree?
Are you serious with this?
She can't be... She's bluffing anyway.
Even if it were true, all you'd have to do is explain the situation to Future Foundation, right? And you're with them, right, Toko? I mean, you could straighten this all out easily.
Hm, I dunnooo... Because this city shares a past with the incident, they won't take any chances.
The moment they see the headless bodies of children in the streets... It's over.
They wouldn't even care about their hostage or Miss Toko's testimony, don't you think?
Child victims have quite an impact on people. It's just like I said from the beginning. Pitiful children are the most powerful.
So that was your plan... You need the adults to take revenge, so they will cause more child victims. You chose adults with no children because you thought they'd kill the kids with no remorse.
I mean, adults with no children wouldn't have a single bit of mercy, would they?
W-Wait, then... We were... We were sorted and kept alive...?
You used Komaru to incite the adults to take revenge against the kids, didn't you?
Ufu, fufufu...

♪ BGM: DSO_Ocean Breeze Dead End

That delicate little girl maturing, growing to overcome the despair as hope itself.

At times, hope can be a terrible burden... It can be a drive to hurt others. Just like now.
What did you think would happen if you gave people who watched their loved ones die hope? Didja think they'd all be positive, working together, nice and peacefully? Of cooourse not!
They will turn into Demons. Demons who live for revenge. You see? Just *listen* to them...

Once again we cut to the adults, however they've now traded in chanting "destroy" for just outright chanting "kill".

Now, don't touch that dial! This update is too massive for one post to hold, so check further for the second half!