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Part 53: Update L

Alright, here's a short update to clean up the rest of Chapter 5 before we head to the epilogue. Point of order one: What happens when you open the wrong door?

Komaru gets blowed to smitheroons, that's what.

And then she gets squashed by a Ball Monokuma for good measure as Kurokuma declares "Victory! And that's the end of the third arc!", which is probably a reference to something.

EDIT: Thread to the rescue!

Hobgoblin2099 posted:

That would seem to be a reference to Stardust Crusaders, the third arc of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. In one fight, a minor villain seems to kill the main character, at which point he exclaims "I win! Part 3 is over!"

And if we open the other door, a gargantuan Beast Monokuma awaits us. Komaru getting murdered is only implied here.

Now, what happens if we break the controller?

Well, Komaru smashes it, and then...

Fireworks heralding a savior.

I became hope. The hope of the adults who were treated so cruelly... Fireworks...blessing me. It's all...thanks to me... Everything... ...Is all my fault.

And instead of "game over", we get "game clear". However, remember what Monaca said about us replaying this scene over and over if we don't choose correctly? Well, she's not lying. We immediately get dropped right back at that choice after the "game clear" screen. So you don't lose any progress by making the wrong choice, which is nice of them.

Next, we blitz through Chapter 5 again to find the missing collectibles. Since I'm using the post-epilogue save, I can just collect the few things missing and don't have to grab everything. In fact, I couldn't grab everything because everything I already collected the first time around is no longer there. The first we missed is here, in Nagisa's room.

It says "Toko Fukawa's latest work" right there, genius.
Um, how many books have you written, Toko?
Never really counted before... Let me think. If we're talking about novels, I'd say more than 80.
It's not so surprising. I wrote every single day, after all. And it's not the quantity that matters, it's the quality. Only 3rd-rate companies value quantity.
A-As expected of an Ultimate!
But are you getting antsy lately, since you haven't been able to write?
Oh yeah. I'm aching to get all these raging emotions onto a manuscript. I'm worried if I don't get these babies out, my creative womb is going to explode.
...Y-Yeah that sounds bad...
What about you? What do you want to do when you get out of here?
Well, lots of stuff really... I want to go to school, and eat my mom's cooking, and there's a lot of manga to read...
And also, I wanna go on a picnic with you!
A picnic...? A virgin dude's date of choice?
It's just that, I haven't really seen a nice, peaceful blue sky lately.
So when I get out of this place, I want to go on a picnic with you. Under a clear, sunny, blue sky... I want to do all the cliché things, like eat sandwiches.
Hmph, even when you're fantasizing you're normal. Well... If I don't have any engagement ceremonies with Master planned that day, I'll think about it.
Ah, you said you'd go! It's a promise, then!
I-I said I'd think about it! It's too early to think about that kinda stuff until we escape.
Well, the way I see it... I'm definitely going to escape. You think the same way, don't you?
Th-That's true but... I guess I'm just surprised by how much you've changed in this short time.
Hehe, people change.
Cut the attitude... I should make a daily routine of lubing up your doorknob with salad dressing!
E-Ew! Please don't! I'd never want to go home!

Also, this isn't a collectible, but note this magazine in Nagisa's room. I guess his confusion about just what it is he felt about Monaca has led him into some other research on some different topics. Turns out he's not as mature as he thought he was.

This one pisses me the fuck off. These sparkles can be seen between the room where the game threw a bunch of Bombers over a pit at us and the chairman's office, and I know damn well I spent long enough looking around in this area looking for those very sparkles. Somehow, I just god damn missed them.

This means we now have 100% completion for the Hidden Kids.

Also, here's a sidenote: When we check out our collected Hidden Kids in the menu, we get little scenes to show them off with. Here they are in order:

Extra effort.

Finally, we have one more collectible to get. After opening the way to Monaca's room in the throne room, another Bomber drops into the room. The use of this one is to use it to blow up the left wall.

This hides another collectible!

Yes, a stink bug. Now, there's something special about this collectible. You see, it's a Hit List entry. However, we can't backtrack to bring it to Hiroko. So what do we do? Well, we create a time paradox!

Like I said earlier, once you beat the game, you can just save the game with the collectible collected, then restart the chapter, and you have the collectible at the start of the chapter, meaning we can now give it to Hiroko.


Kameko...? Is this...a bug?
Wh-What do you mean, "bug"!? Kameko is my dear friend... No, not just a friend, but an insect friend... A friendsect! If you *ever* call her bug again, I won't forgive you!
The only one who knows what it's like to be called smelly is my Kameko! Every time my classmates coughed when I walked in, Kameko was the only one who didn't! The trust relationship between me and Kameko goes deeper than any human and insect out there!
It's okay, Toko...
You're not alone... You don't have to lie to yourself anymore...
You already know it, don't you?
Kameko is a regular insect.
What!? Like I said, she's no insect, she's a friendsect!
Insects don't understand how humans feel...
But Kameko!
Y-You're right... Kameko is just...a normal insect. I... I can accept that.
You don't have to lie to yourself anymore.
The world is a kinder place than you think.
Y-Yeah... ...I hope to see you again, Kameko...

And that's it for the collectibles we missed. Next time, it's the epilogue, and we'll be officially done with the main game, though that of course doesn't mean the LP is over.