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Part 55: Update LII

Alright, this won't be long or complicated. Here's the final vote count:

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There were also some calls for a tl;dr version, though, so that's what we'll be going through here. I still haven't actually read it, I'm just going off of somebody else's summary on a wiki. In true Hagakure fashion, we're going to half-ass the shit out of this.

So, to start, here's some things from the original game, just to jog your memory.

Update 16 posted:

Remember this one, she's going to be relevant later. Like, WAY later, but later. Also, it might be hard to tell in this case, but this is Leon's motive prisoner.

Update 38 posted:

Another collectible!


Update 39 posted:

But even if my son *is* perfect, something has been bugging me... It's just a small thing, but... He's just a teeny, eentsy bit clumsy with money. He's in debt.

These are basically the only real connections between Ultra Despair Hagakure and the original game. So, let's just get right into it. The story has five chapters.

Chapter 1: Yasuhiro, now a member of Future Foundation, is heading to Towa City in a helicopter with some other members. He fakes being airsick so he has an excuse to immediately bail after landing, and then starts trying to find stuff to loot to pay off his aforementioned debt. Instead, he gets attacked by a Monokuma, but saved by Kanon, who has a Hacking Gun for some reason. The two run away and get acquainted with each other.

Chapter 2: To quote the wiki directly: "Yasuhiro and Kanon plan to head back to the building where the helicopter landed, but it explodes and Yasuhiro is unable to call his comrades." I don't know if the helicopter or the building exploded, but it doesn't really matter either. The two shelter in a shopping mall and Yasuhiro learns that Kanon's father is a big shot at a TV station who has a lot of money, which could be Yasuhiro's ticket out of debt.

Chapter 3: The two decide to make their way towards the bridge out of town. At one point, Yasuhiro hears Kanon talking in her sleep about Leon, letting him clue in on whose Captive she is. On the next day, they make it to the bridge, but it's in the process of being exploded. To note, this means we're currently in Chapter 1 of Ultra Despair Girls timewise, with Komaru, Toko and Yuta escaping from the exploding bridge. Then, Kotoko shows up with her robot, but Kanon actually manages to beat her and incapacitate her, trying to get information out of her. All she learns is that Towa Group is behind the kidnappings and that Towa Group betrayed Junko at one point. Then, Masaru also shows up with his robot, eventually forcing Yasuhiro and Kanon to escape. After escaping, Kanon tells Yasuhiro her plan isn't to defeat the children, but she seems to have some other thing going on. They decide to head to the subway.

Chapter 4: En route there, Kanon needs to use the bathroom. Yasuhiro takes the opportunity of being alone to rifle through her purse, still looking for stuff he can use for his debt, but only finds a pocketbook with nothing but "Big Brother Leon" written in it hundreds of times, with the exception of the end, which says "They're called 'Future Foundation', but it's not my future. I'm going to crush that group of hypocrites one by one." Basically, Kanon is in love with Leon, a lot more than anybody should really be, and blames Future Foundation for his death. Have I mentioned Kanon is Leon's cousin? The two eventually enter the subway, but Yasuhiro then fucks up by asking her about her opinion on Future Foundation, which clues her in that he read her pocketbook. Kanon responds by attacking Yasuhiro and trying to kill him.

Chapter 5: However, then Kotoko shows up again with her robot and attacks both of them. Kanon gets injured and seems to be unable to move, prompting Kotoko to taunt her and then molest her with a "portable motivaion machine", because she's adorbs. Hey, when you've got a thing like that, might as well stick with it, I guess. Yasuhiro starts up a train and uses it to separate Kanon and Kotoko, allowing him to grab Kanon and try to bail, though Kotoko quickly recovers and starts chasing them again. Yasuhiro loses his crystal ball, which Kanon then takes and throws into Kotoko's face, causing her to drop the controller. Yasuhiro tries to grab the controller, but Masaru shows up again, forcing Yasuhiro and Kanon to run again. Then, the subway tunnel collapses, separating the two from Kotoko and Masaru. Kanon has a big thing about wondering whether taking revenge against Future Foundation is the right thing and goes back towards Towa City to try and find the other Future Foundation members, though she's no longer sure if she wants to murder them or not. Yasuhiro wonders if he should stick with somebody that might still want to murder him, and eventually decides to stay with Kanon and head back into Towa City.

There's a fair amount of subtext I skipped, but this is basically what happens in the story. Now, with that done, I can tell you one thing: This story does not come up in anything else. So that open ending we have here will just stay entirely open, and we don't even know if this is canon or not, which contributed to my desire to half-ass this. Timewise, pretty much everything here happens before the end of Chapter 1 of UDG, since Masaru is still around, so the subway tunnel collapsing doesn't line up with any of the collapsing that Komaru goes through.

Regardless, next time, we'll start going through Danganronpa 3: The End Of Hope's Peak Academy. Boy, that'll be fun.