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Part 57: Voice Actor Talk 2 - Toko / Genocide Jack

New episode of voice actor talk. I'll hold off on doing the Warriors of Hope until we see a little more of them, but have the co-protagonist.

Toko is voiced by the same person who voiced her in DR1, Amanda C. Miller. In the land of Danganronpa, Amanda C. Miller also voiced Junko (both her normal speaking voice and some of her personalities). Recently she landed the role of Boruto which is undeniably gonna be huge for her career, and she was also the voice of Sailor Jupiter in the VIZ redub of Sailor Moon. She's very good and having so much dialogue in a game like this means she really gets to show off her talents. In particular I've always been a really big fan of Toko's stutter. There's a lot of really stereotypical and over-the-top stutters in acting so I appreciate how natural Toko's sounds. It's just a slight drag on some of her letters, like she's not entirely sure of herself. One of the best performances in the series for sure.

And here we have her serial killer alternate personality, Genocide Jack. Or Genocide Jill. She's voiced by Erin Fitzgerald, who ALSO voices Junko (to be exact, Erin voices Teacher Junko, Jojo Pose Junko, Monokuma Junko and the Horny Junko from DR2). I think it's pretty cool that they just decided to run with the connection between her and Amanda C. Miller, with both of them sharing two different roles in the series. Apart from DR but still in the world of anime, Erin is easily most famous for being the role of Chie Satonaka in Persona 4 in every game after the original, but she's in a ton of other games and anime too. She's also got a great resume in western cartoons, such as Ed, Edd n Eddy and Monster High. Anyway, voice acting wise she's absolutely excellent at Jill/Junko. Jill in particular being a complete psychopath, the voice acting needs to be absolutely on-point to make the character work and sound genuine, and yeah, she nails it. Just like with Toko, it's one of my favourite performances in the series for sure. In addition, she actually streams on Twitch quite a bit so if you're interested in following her, here you go: