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Part 71: Episode 11 - Future Side, Episode 6: No man is an island

We begin our next trip to the Future Side with a sea monster!

Oh, wait, it's just Yasuhiro. He's still outside doing Yasuhiro things.

He decides to take a look into the future...

...and sees everybody surviving and living happily ever after, proudly declaring that everything's going to be alright to himself. ...well, there is that whole 30% accuracy thing. So, I guess we can now figure out how many people are going to survive - 30% of the original number.

Back inside, Kyosuke has saught out Chisa's corpse, and that causes him to shift into flashback mode.

Here we are at the graduation ceremony for Kyosuke and his crew.

The three have a bit of wistful graduation talk, and Kyosuke then brings up that the management for Hope's Peak needs an overhaul, and that's why he's going to be working towards building an overseas campus, with the plan being to take the helm at Hope's Peak after that campus finds success. He also promises jobs for Chisa and Juzo at his new Hope's Peak, and is generally very confident that his plans work out.

And boy, look how that all turned out.

Kyosuke then stabs his sword into Chisa's corpse because sure, why not, and then says farewell to her. So apparently stabbing you with a sword is just how Kyosuke says goodbye.

We then cut to Makoto. Note another use of the overhead shot with a piece of the ceiling missing. Also note what seems to be a massive pool of blood over on the left. Makoto wakes up, and...

...yeesh. That is not a pretty sight to wake up to.

Makoto predictably freaks out and is then accosted by an old friend with a sword.

Now, if you saw the dead Kyoko and wondered "is this another fakeout" then have that question immediately answered with "yes". Makoto can't tell, but we can, given that Kyosuke here very clearly doesn't look like he actually looks right now, meaning this has to be some sort of dream or something. Kyosuke and Makoto have another philosophy-off, essentially reiterating the same points they've been iterating before about hope.

Oh, and then Kyoko's corpse tells Makoto that that ("that" being Kyosuke's last statement about words only being good to rally rabble to a lost cause) is the nature of reality. Because dream sequence. As a side note, Future Side sure has some grisly shots. There was a pretty nasty shot of Kazuo having had his throat slashed out that I decided to skip.

Makoto then actually wakes up. Turns out everybody there with him, that being Aoi and Miayabot, are OK. Makoto then immediately wrecks the mood by saying that somebody must have been killed by the attacker.

Kyoko, Koichi and Ryota are all fine, too. With Kyoko apparently having finished her investigation of Gozu's corpse, gaining whatever information out of it - she's not one to share, after all - she suggests they move on to find the third victim.

En route, Koichi wonders just how many bodies Kyoko will need to check before she figures this out and makes some snide comments about detectives. When Kyoko calls him on that, he just says that he has a friend that really hates detectives and it probably rubbed off on him. He also suggests it would do Kyoko some good to break out of that logical mindset every once in a while.

Kyoko is not impressed, and makes a point of going a different direction to Koichi, who, as you might remember, just kind of added himself to their group.

Kyoko and Ryota round the corner, and Ryota freaks out. Did they find Seiko?

Nope! Turns out Sonozuke bit the dust too! Rest in pieces, Sonozuke. You were... a guy. You liked sweets, I guess.

Koichi then shows up and asks that the other two follow him for a bit. Ryota says they don't have time for whatever it is, but, well...

...they can make time for this. Both of them were killed by a single knife wound to the chest. I don't think we ever really established how Chisa or Gozu died beyond a generic "they got pretty fucked up".

Koichi tries to get some information out of Kyoko after Ryota runs off to vomit, but they're then interrupted... Ruruka, who begs them to help her.

Meanwhile, Makoto and Aoi are trying to hook Miayabot up to the surveillance system so she can find the next victim.

With that, they find Kazuo's corpse.

Makoto doesn't take it well. It doesn't help when Miayabot brings up that Kazuo's wounds were caused by a katana, meaning that it wasn't the attacker, but Kyosuke who got him.

So, with Makoto nearing a mental breakdown about how people keep dying and how everything he does is pointless...

...Monaca is enjoying a delicious-looking dessert. She decides that Makoto needs a bit of cheering up and starts hacking on her keyboard.

This has Miayabot spring into action, giving a motivating speech about the infectiousness of hope, and she says that she wants to give back a smidgen of that hope to Makoto.

She then shows that Kazuo has some pretty good writing for somebody literally dying from having their throat straight up slashed, with his dying message being "I entrust the hope of the world to you.". Makoto figures it can't be addressed to him, but Aoi disagrees, and says that while it might be a heavy burden, he won't have to carry it alone, since they're there to help him out.

That cheers Makoto up, with him saying he has to stop thinking like a lone wolf and that they'll get through this together as a team.

Monaca is... not impressed: "Sounds like he wants the girls to solve his problems for him... freakin' loser. If something that cheesy can put him back on his feet, his head must be like totally empty! To think a whiny little tool like this got the drop on Junko! Way to set an example, Big Sis!"

Monaca is basically here to shittalk. I approve.

With that done, the topic changes to how they stop the attacker. Aoi suggests punching him in the face, but thinks better of it, given her forbidden action, and says that she hates this game. This causes Makoto to think about what Kyosuke said to him earlier about him only being able to succeed in the first killing game because it had rules, and how there are no rules in the real world, a statement that I thought was stupid to begin with given that they are literally in a game with rules. For some reason he only thought of this now. Anyway, his big plan is to shut the game down - everybody is free to leave if they can. Even if they don't have any exits right now, they can just make their own, and the rules don't say anything about doing that.

Miayabot then suggests hacking into the monitoring room to get a connection to the outside world and using that to get into contact with the rest of Future Foundation so they can assist with making an exit.

Then, in what is probably my favorite little gag in this anime, Aoi praises Miayabot... by calling her a "warrior of hope".

This freaks Monaca out, who thought she was found out for a second. Anyway, the group has their plan set.

Meanwhile, Kyoko is checking out Sonozuke's corpse while Ruruka freaks out. She begs to be let into their group, though she admits she can't really do anything. Introspection! Anyway, they reluctantly let her in. Ruruka then wants to move to a different room on account of not wanting to be in the room with Sonozuke's corpse, to which Kyoko basically replies "fuck no, I got detective shit to do". She convinces Ruruka to not freak out about it by saying she wants to avenge Sonozuke's murder.

With another suspicious ceiling shot, we cut back to Makoto and the gang.

Miayabot brings a new meaning to the term VLAN and hooks up with Future Foundation on the outside...

...and hey, it's Byakuya!

We get some new insights. For one, Byakuya and the rest of Future Foundation had no idea there was another killing game going on. Turns out the whole thing about this one being broadcast was just a lie. Byakuya also says the Remnants don't have the wherewithal to pull something like this off, but then remembers something - a Future Foundation peacekeeping squad is en route to "a certain island", but none of the other branches have been informed of that. That certain island? Jabberwock Island, where the survivors of DR2 are still hanging out.

The plot thickens further, as the peacekeeping squad answers directly to the vice chairman - Kyosuke. Seems like regardless of how the whole "trial" thing went, Kyosuke had intent to just roll into Jabberwock and take out the DR2 survivors, since they're Remnants and all. Byakuya sees some sort of connection between the events Makoto is in and this peacekeeping squad, essentially implying Kyosuke is the mastermind or at least working with them, and he doesn't like it, so he deployed his own forces to where Makoto is. He'll also let Toko into the loop, and Aoi says it's time for the 78th Class to reunite. Makoto then adds that they're forgetting someone...

...but it's not hard to forget Yasuhiro, who has now taken up fishing.

Byakuya gives them a little finishing pep talk about how this isn't a good time for Monokuma and Kyosuke, and that he'd rather go swimming with sharks than make an enemy of Makoto, Kyoko and Aoi, before ending the call.

With the call done, Byakuya tells his men to get moving, and one of his agents asks why he didn't tell them about Miaya. After all, Makoto said that Miaya was the one that facilitated the call...

...but they have already found Miaya's corpse on the outside. Byakuya says that since they're dealing with an imposter here, he'd rather not expose them while they're so close to Makoto. He thinks it's better to let them be and focus on the mastermind instead. The agent asks if Byakuya doesn't believe the imposter is also the mastermind, and Byakuya figures that with the Remnants' weakened state, that might be, and there's only one that could be it: Monaca, who is still hiding out somewhere in Towa City.

Fortunately, they already have somebody in the field.

We then cut to Toko, absolutely terrified. What is she terrified of?

Komaru! And she's armed with shampoo! Turns out that in the long run, Toko's lack of bathing does become a bit of a problem, and Komaru is ready to change that.

However, they get a video call...

...causing the ensuing scuffle in the bathroom to fall apart as Toko immediately runs for the call, since it has to be Master Byakuya. Komaru decides to shelve the plan for now.

We then get a bit of a roll call over the credits as Makoto talks about how they can survive if they all work together and all that jazz.

Yasuhiro somehow actually managed to not fuck up and caught some fish...

...Komaru and Toko gear up - note the spiffy new fingerless gloves Komaru picked up...

...and Byakuya takes off in a helicopter.

And in the end, we see a fleet of ships heading for Jabberwock Island, with an old friend standing there awaiting them. And what does that old friend have to say about this situation?


And that's the episode! Lots of intrigue going on now. Next time, we'll be back to the Despair Side to see how the class life, Chisa's investigations and Junko's plan develop. And next time on the Future Side? It's the Ultra Despair Girls episode. Aw yeah.

What the fuck just happened?: We find that both Seiko and Sonozuke are dead. Makoto gets really down about the murders going on, but Monaca/Miayabot cheers him up and develops a plan to contact Future Foundation on the outside by hacking into the monitoring room, which they do. They talk to Byakuya, who thinks that Kyosuke could be involved with the mastermind and also tells us that Kyosuke is sending a force to Jabberwock Island, probably to wipe out the DR2 survivors. Byakuya sends his own force to the building where Makoto is. What he doesn't tell the others is that they know the real Miaya is dead and therefore the one with Makoto has to be a fake. Byakuya thinks Monaca is behind this and calls up Komaru and Toko in Towa City to send them into action. Meanwhile, Kyosuke is being brooding, and Kyoko does detective shit.