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Part 75: Episode 15 - Future Side, Episode 8: Who Killed Cock Robin

So, this time around, we'll begin our episode with a flashback!

We find ourselves following Koichi, who seems to be involved in some sort of military deal attacking a heavily fortified building alongside another former teacher.

The two charge the building while having a moment reminiscing about their pasts as teachers...

...until the other one gets blown to bits. This causes Koichi to think of Kyoko, and we get our opening.

After the opening, we rejoin Yasuhiro, who continues to find himself being chased down by an attack helicopter.

However, the helicopter then gets shot down by a missile!

Turns out the cavalry has arrived.

Meanwhile, Komaru and Makoto continue talking about the whole "somebody's going to die because of Makoto" thing Monaca said. Komaru gives Makoto a pep talk by reminding him of his promise to come back to Towa City and pick Komaru up after everything is over. However, the connection then cuts out.

After that, Miayabot starts freaking out again, talking about some sort of "auto remote" mode that has been activated. Aoi doesn't know what it is, but figures it can't be good, and bails with Makoto.

But after leaving the room, they run into somebody else.

Iiiiiit's Kyosuke! He's, uh, certainly looked better.

He also picked up a new katana somewhere. Where did he get that? Don't ask me. I presume that given how edgy he is, he can probably just pull new katanas right out of his ass. He makes his intentions to kill Makoto known again...

...but then Miayabot blows through the wall.

Kyosuke cuts her head off, but it doesn't really faze her. She declares Kyosuke to be a threat...

...and switches into "berserker mode", going full mechsuit in the process. The two start fighting and Makoto and Aoi take the opportunity to bail, with their goal being to find Kyoko.

Also, Kyosuke apparently has the ability to turn his katana into a thousand degree knife.

Meanwhile, with Kyoko's group, she's still trying to figure out who the attacker is, while Koichi works on a massive pile of traps that were originally set by Sonozuke that he's disarmed. Ruruka suggests leaving, but Kyoko is having none of that shit, saying that they're leaving when she's done and that's that.

Kyoko then spots the marks that show that one of the bookcases is movable. We've already seen that it hides a secret door.

Ruruka stumbles over the traps in what Koichi suggests might be an attempt to sabotage the investigation. Ruruka has none of it, but Koichi lays it on a bit more, saying that rumor has it that Ruruka formed her own little splinter group within the Foundation, that she's in hot water with the higherups over that, and that there are rumors of her wanting to start her own organization.

Koichi then asks the door, who he says is in the vice chairman's faction, about its opinion.

Except he meant Juzo. Good ear, I suppose. Juzo just straight up says he's planning to murder all four of them. Remarkably straightforward, that guy.

Back outside, Byakuya's group is planning to make their way inside. Yasuhiro finds himself on hauling duty and doesn't like it.

Back inside, Juzo has beaten everybody up and now wants to stab Kyoko, saying it was a mistake to let her live earlier.

He is then however interrupted by having a book thrown at him, though he barely even needs to dodge it.

Turns out Koichi isn't staying down.

In fact, he's done some thinking, and declares that he knows Juzo's forbidden action - throwing a punch.

Juzo's reaction tells him he actually got it right.

Koichi then, out of some strange sense of fairness or something, also reveals his own forbidden action. He then continues to taunt Juzo by calling him a gorilla with roid rage, shittalking Kyosuke, and calling Juzo's track record of actually doing something into question.

Juzo gets pissed off, and declares that while he might've dropped the ball in the past, he won't make the same mistake again. We also get what seem to be some quick flashback shots. Don't worry too much about what they mean, we'll get to see the actual events in Despair Side soon enough.

Juzo charges at Koichi, but it seems like there's something there...

...and he gets speared. Turns out Koichi didn't disarm all the traps, and in fact marked the trigger earlier with some marker. Good call on that. Koichi suggests tying Juzo up, and Kyoko gets up to get back to investigating.

But then, Ruruka pushes a button!

And the fucking floor just straight up collapses under Kyoko!

She falls, but Koichi has her. Except... uh oh.

Yep, he triggered his forbidden action.

Despite literally dying, he somehow manages to heave Kyoko up to safety, much to Ruruka's chagrin.

When Kyoko asks him why he did that, Koichi flashes back to him taking a picture of Jin and a young Kyoko...

...and as he falls into the hole, he thinks of how he did indeed keep his promise to Jin of watching over Kyoko. RIP Koichi, you turned out to be a pretty good guy.

However, no time to mourn. Ryota accuses Ruruka of being behind this, and she just flat out states her plan is to kill everybody. However, she has a different plan for Juzo, and she shoves a bit of candy in his mouth. This seems to make him a lot more docile, so that was either some brainwashing stuff, or just a strong painkiller.

Though the way she sics him on the other two with the promise of more sweets if he kills them more suggests brainwashing.

However, as Juzo pulls himself off the wall and just straight tears the spear out of his body, he makes it very clear that whatever it was, it didn't work on him, and he's still very much intent on killing all three.

But Kyoko stops him in his tracks by basically just telling him to stop. Strap in, it's time for some detective shit.

To start us off, Kyoko accuses Ruruka of killing Sonozuke. Juzo doesn't really care, but Kyoko suggests that solving this particular murder hides a way for everyone to escape, which gets his attention.

Kyoko's investigation had revealed that his cause of death was not the stab wound he got - he was in fact killed by way of his forbidden action being triggered. Also, the knife stuck in Sonozuke's chest actually originally came from Seiko's body. The stab wound on Sonozuke wasn't consistent with the other stab wounds inflicted on the other victims, and there was no blood loss, showing that the knife was stuck in him after he died.

Turns out Sonozuke's forbidden action was eating. And Kyoko figures that he ate one of Ruruka's sweets, because she tasted Sonozuke's saliva off of his corpse, and it tasted sweet. Kyoko is fucking hardcore.

Ruruka protests, saying that Sonozuke was on her side and she had no reason to kill him, but Kyoko knows what her motive is.

And with that, she shoves over a bookcase and reveals the secret entrance. She says that the shelf wasn't sitting quite flush, and that combined with the scuff marks made it fairly easy to see that there was something hidden there. Now, things are coming together, but there's still no real motive for Ruruka...

...except Kyoko then completes her reasoning - she figures that given the game's setup with the forbidden actions, there's a lot of people doing things that don't quite make sense. Therefore, if you turn that around, something Ruruka does that doesn't make sense could be explained with her forbidden action, which Kyoko believes to be "allowing someone to leave the playfield".

Juzo figures "screw this" and starts trying to open the door. Ruruka trying to stop Juzo from doing so should be all the answer Kyoko needs.

With that done, Kyoko then moves to leave. Ryota doesn't understand, saying that they should try to get through the door, but Kyoko just quietly shakes her head, and the two leave.

While the two run through the halls, Ryota asks Kyoko why Koichi would sacrifice himself for her, and while Kyoko has her suspicions, she doesn't know for sure just yet. With a flashback, we are shown that her suspicions are based on Koichi saying at one point that a friend of his hates detectives, and while we know this to be the case, she can apparently only suspect that that friend is her father, Jin Kirigiri.

Ryota says that Kyoko really is cold, and Kyoko simply replies that she has to be - she's a detective. And that ends our episode.

However, we have another post-credits stinger. Byakuya and his group, sans Yasuhiro, whom Byakuya told to stay outside, have made their way into the building by blowing up the rubble. One of the agents finds what seems to be a body and ends up touching it.

That seems to have been a mistake.

We then cut to Makoto being carried through the halls by Aoi and thinking to himself how he won't let anybody else die. However, his thoughts are interrupted by what sounded like an explosion and rumbling.

We are then shown the main building of the complex collapsing to end the episode proper. That'll be it for this update - next time, on the Despair Side, an old friend returns, and things really start getting out of hand.

What the fuck just happened?: Makoto and Aoi run into Kyosuke, but manage to avoid him after Miayabot intervenes while on auto mode. Meanwhile, Juzo barges in on Kyoko and her group with the goal of killing them all. Koichi then outsmarts Juzo and has him run into a trap that incapacitates him. Ruruka then sets off a trap of her own which has Kyoko falling into a pit, but Koichi grabs her hand and pulls her to safety. However, doing so triggers his forbidden action and kills him. Juzo then manages to free himself thanks to one of Ruruka's sweets, but then gets detectived at by Kyoko, who figured out that Ruruka killed Sonozuke and did so because her forbidden action is to let anybody leave, and Sonozuke found what seems to be a secret passage. Juzo then tries to open the secret passage as Ruruka tries to stop him and Kyoko and Ryota simply leave. Meanwhile, outside, Byakuya arrives and blows his way into the building with his agents. However, something seems to go wrong and the entire building is now collapsing.