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Original Thread: The Day I Became a Witch - Let's Play Umineko Chiru



Umineko no Naku Koro ni Chiru is the 2009 sequel to Umineko, and the second half of the story. The first four episodes introduced the central mystery of the identity of the Golden Witch, Beatrice, and the search for the truth of what happened on Rokkenjima. In the episodes to come, all will be revealed at last. Maybe.

Chiru is not yet available on Steam, so I'll be using a fan-translation this time. When it comes out, I urge you all to shove your wallets all over it immediately.

Why is everything so low-res now?
Episodes 2-4 in the last thread used the Umineko Project release. Sadly, that version of the game doesn't cover Chiru, so we're back to PC version resolution.

What's with all the weirdly-formatted text?
Umineko makes heavy use of significant, colored text. SA doesn't allow colored text in posts, so I am forced to improvise. Red text is represented with bold courier, and blue text is represented with italics courier.

What's the spoiler policy?
None. Not even the slightest small spoilers are permitted. Don't talk about events or characters that have not yet appeared in the story. Do not say "this scene is so important in hindsight" or "I can't wait to see the thread react to the impending big twist" or anything of the sort. Do not post spoilers disguised as speculation. Umineko is, on several levels, a whodunit murder mystery, so speculation and theorycrafting are most of the fun. Don't ruin that.

But I have a burning need to discuss spoilers!
Luckily for you, we have an open-spoiler Discord chat, for veteran witches to come in and discuss the game and laugh as the thread newbies stumble just inches short of uncovering the truth again and again. Do not join unless you have already experienced the entire game, start to finish.

I'm going to post something that looks innocuous, but in hindsight will turn out to have been a clever secret spoiler!

What about Higurashi spoilers?
These are fine, but black bar them.

Special thanks to poorweather for helping out with identifying music links during episode 8.

Table of Contents

Episode 5: End of the Golden Witch
Chapter 1: Prologue
Chapter 2: Magic of Miracles
Chapter 3: Magic of Miracles II
Chapter 4: A Proper Mystery
Chapter 5: A Proper Mystery II
Chapter 6: Closed Room Barrier
Chapter 7: Furudo Erika
Chapter 8: Witch of Miracles
Chapter 9: Witch of Miracles II
Chapter 10: Those Who Reach It
Chapter 11: The Frantic Golden Drama
Chapter 12: The True Family Conference
Chapter 13: The True Family Conference II
Chapter 14: Revenge for 19 Years Ago
Chapter 15: Morning of Tragedy
Chapter 16: Morning of Tragedy II
Chapter 17: Ten Wedges to Pierce Witches
Chapter 18: Ten Wedges to Pierce Witches II
Chapter 19: Ten Wedges to Pierce Witches III
Chapter 20: Ten Wedges to Pierce Witches IV
Chapter 21: Reasoning and Inspection
Chapter 22: Reasoning and Inspection II
Chapter 23: Closet
Chapter 24: Closet II
Chapter 25: The Great Court of Illusions
Chapter 26: The Great Court of Illusions II
Chapter 27: The Great Court of Illusions III
Chapter 28: The Great Court of Illusions IV
Chapter 29: The Great Court of Illusions V
Chapter 30: The Great Court of Illusions VI
Chapter 31: Revenge After 19 Years
Tea Party
???? II
???? III

Episode 6: Dawn of the Golden Witch
Chapter 1: Prologue
Chapter 2: The Witch of Theatregoing
Chapter 3: Game Master
Chapter 4: Game Master II
Chapter 5: True Feelings
Chapter 6: The Annoying Guest
Chapter 7: The Annoying Guest II
Chapter 8: The Source of Magic
Chapter 9: The Lovers
Chapter 10: The Lovers II
Chapter 11: Magic of a Different Interpretation
Chapter 12: Magic of a Different Interpretation II
Chapter 13: Zepar and Furfur
Chapter 14: Zepar and Furfur II
Chapter 15: Self-Reliance
Chapter 16: Self-Reliance II
Chapter 17: Romantic Regrets
Chapter 18: Romantic Regrets II
Chapter 19: The Fate of Those Who Do Not Fight
Chapter 20: The Fate of Those Who Do Not Fight II
Chapter 21: About the Crime Scene
Chapter 22: About the Crime Scene II
Chapter 23: Detective Proclamation
Chapter 24: Detective Proclamation II
Chapter 25: A Small Contradiction
Chapter 26: A Small Contradiction II
Chapter 27: Logic Error
Chapter 28: Logic Error II
Chapter 29: Logic Error III
Chapter 30: The Demon Wedding Ceremony
Chapter 31: The Demon Wedding Ceremony II
Chapter 32: The Demon Wedding Ceremony III
Chapter 33: The Demon Wedding Ceremony IV
Chapter 34: The Duel of the Lovers
Chapter 35: Red and Blue Truth
Chapter 36: Red and Blue Truth II
Chapter 37: Red and Blue Truth III
Chapter 38: Red and Blue Truth IV
Tea Party

Episode 7: Requiem of the Golden Witch
Chapter 1: Prologue
Chapter 2: The Murder of Beatrice
Chapter 3: Rosa's Confession
Chapter 4: Rosa's Confession II
Chapter 5: Ushiromiya Kinzo
Chapter 6: Salo Republic
Chapter 7: The Witch who Came from the Sea
Chapter 8: The Witch who Came from the Sea II
Chapter 9: The Birth of Beatrice
Chapter 10: The Birth of Beatrice II
Chapter 11: Ghost Story of the VIP Room
Chapter 12: Ghost Story of the VIP Room II
Chapter 13: Here's the Culprit
Chapter 14: A New Life
Chapter 15: The First Friend
Chapter 16: Days Enraptured
Chapter 17: New Days
Chapter 18: New Days II
Chapter 19: A New Element
Chapter 20: A New Element II
Chapter 21: Days of Trial
Chapter 22: Days of Trial II
Chapter 23: Sprout of Love, Root of Love
Chapter 24: Sprout of Love, Root of Love II
Chapter 25: Journey to the Golden Land
Chapter 26: Journey to the Golden Land II
Chapter 27: Journey to the Golden Land III
Chapter 28: The Day the Witch Revived
Chapter 29: The Day the Witch Revived II
Chapter 30: Breakdown of the Witch Illusion
Tea Party
Tea Party II
Tea Party III
Tea Party IV
Tea Party V
Tea Party VI

Episode 8: Twilight of the Golden Witch
Chapter 1: Prologue
Chapter 2: To Rokkenjima
Chapter 3: Six-Year-Old Ange
Chapter 4: Returning the Gold
Chapter 5: Halloween Party
Chapter 6: Halloween Party II
Chapter 7: Quiz Tournament (Kinzo's Question)
Chapter 8: Quiz Tournament (Hideyoshi's Question)
Chapter 9: Quiz Tournament (Eva's Question)
Chapter 10: Quiz Tournament (Gohda's Question)
Chapter 11: Quiz Tournament (Kumasawa's Question)
Chapter 12: Quiz Tournament (Nanjo's Question)
Chapter 13: Quiz Tournament (Genji's Question)
Chapter 14: Quiz Tournament (Natsuhi's Question)
Chapter 15: Quiz Tournament (Krauss's Question)
Chapter 16: Quiz Tournament (Kanon's Question)
Chapter 17: Quiz Tournament (Shannon's Question)
Chapter 18: Quiz Tournament (Rosa's Question)
Chapter 19: Quiz Tournament (Maria's Question)
Chapter 20: Quiz Tournament (Kyrie's Question)
Chapter 21: Quiz Tournament (Rudolf's Question)
Chapter 22: Quiz Tournament (Jessica & George's Question)
Chapter 23: Quiz Tournament (Finale)
Chapter 24: Banquet of Witches and Humans
Chapter 25: Banquet of Witches and Humans II
Chapter 26: Bern's Puzzle
Chapter 27: Challenging Bern
Chapter 28: The Visitor Who Came Late
Chapter 29: The Visitor Who Came Late II
Chapter 30: The Visitor Who Came Late III
Chapter 31: Black Cat Scratch Marks
Chapter 32: Black Cat Scratch Marks II
Chapter 33: Black Cat Scratch Marks III
Chapter 34: Hachijo Toya
Chapter 35: Hachijo Toya II
Chapter 36: The Book of the Truth
Chapter 37: The Book of the Truth II
Chapter 38: Hachijo Ikuko
Chapter 39: Hachijo Ikuko II
Chapter 40: Siege of the Fleet
Chapter 41: Siege of the Fleet II
Chapter 42: Siege of the Fleet III
Chapter 43: Ange's Choice
Chapter 44: Ange's Choice II
Chapter 45: Ange's Choice III
Trick Ending
Magic Ending
Tea Party

Profile Archive
Episode 5
Episode 6
Episode 7
Episode 8

Episode 5 TIPS
Eiserne Jungfrau
The Red Key
The Blue Key
Knox's Decalogue

Episode 6 TIPS
Duel Pistol Set

Episode 7 TIPS

Guest Updates (courtesy of tiistai, oath2order and archaeo)
Arigato for 556
The Witches' Tanabata isn't that Sweet
Game Master Battler!
Beach Party of the Golden Witch
Cornelia the New Priest (cont'd)
Valentine's Day Letters

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Hideyoshi's Question (Wrong Answer)
Eva's Question (Wrong Answer)
Gohda's Question (Wrong Answer) (Eva's Hint)
Kumasawa's Question (Wrong Answer) (Eva's Hint)
Nanjo's Question (Wrong Answer) (Eva's Hint)
Genji's Question (Wrong Answer) (Eva's Hint)
Natsuhi's Question (Wrong Answer) (Eva's Hint)
Krauss's Question (Wrong Answer) (Eva's Hint)
Kanon's Question (Wrong Answer) (Eva's Hint)
Shannon's Question (Wrong Answer) (Eva's Hint)
Rosa's Question (Wrong Answer) (Eva's Hint)
Maria's Question (Wrong Answer) (Eva's Hint)
Kyrie's Question (Wrong Answer) (Eva's Hint)
Rudolf's Question (Wrong Answer) (Eva's Hint)
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