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Umineko no Naku Koro ni Chiru

by ProfessorProf

Part 112: ????

BGM: Look Back

...The countless black pieces surrounding them were now just packed together, not even placed on the squares. Then, Bernkastel tipped the two white pieces over... and took them off the board.

"...Yes. It seems I'm really most used to hearing you read aloud, my miko."
"As you wished, I've scraped out even the inner parts of the guts. Was this enough to check your answers with?"
"Yes. I am very satisfied. Using the answer you have revealed as a key, I will go back through all the tales so far, opening the closed rooms like treasure boxes, one by one."
"...It's fun finding the key. And it's even more fun to stick it into all the locks. You have done well, my miko. From now on, let me enjoy my thoughts alone. This has been enough..."

The Witch of Theatergoing sat back in her rocking chair, a satisfied smile on her face, as though enjoying a pleasant aftertaste. There was no need for a game board anymore. She just had to go back in her mind, through the whole set of tales, to check whether her theory was right or not. It seemed to leave her pleasantly drunk, even better than the most expensive wine...

"...Are you done with me now?"

"And when I grow tired of that, you will find yet another tale to keep me entertained. For those centuries, which will pass in the blink of an eye, I grant you your freedom."
"Heheheheheh... Splendidly done, Bernkastel, my cute, cute miko..."
"...It's not like I care. Just dry up and die, won't you. So long, for the rest of time."
"You call a few mere centuries 'for the rest of time'? *cackle*cackle*..."

BGM: None

As the owner of the study's slumber grew deeper, the lights about the room slowly darkened.

"Good night forever, Auaurora. You don't need this game board anymore. I'll take it."

Bernkastel reached out towards Beato's game board, which lay on the table in front of Featherine's rocking chair, and tapped it twice. The game board and the pieces flew into the air, folded up and put themselves away, then landed on Bernkastel's outstretched right hand.

"...I still haven't had a chance to do any real Game Mastering. I just did Beato's funeral. That, and tearing out the guts. I still haven't done anything."

Bernkastel's smile twisted evilly. Then, the game board floated up once again, and a world unfolded itself above Bernkastel's palm...

BGM: Liberated Liberater

"...Though just saying it would be boring. Maybe I should follow Beato's rules and say it in red."
"Are you sure? There might still be some witches with naive dreams."
"Ah, Lambda. So you're here? Of course, you're always wherever I am."
"Go on and say it. You tell those naive dreamers."
"Yes, I will. As the Witch of Miracles, and as the final Game Master, I proclaim the start of the final game. And I make you this promise."

BGM: None

A single girl... was crying in a desolate, quiet chapel. She was a small girl. Only six years old. The girl who would, for 12 years starting now, lament the fact that she wasn't on the island on October 4th and 5th, 1986...

Then, a single man appeared... The man noticed the girl... and walked up to her quietly, trying not to scare her, putting his arms gently around her shoulders...


The girl jumped into her big brother's chest and started crying again...

"What's wrong? Why are you so sad?"
"Today, a kid in class bullied me... He said the people on TV were saying Mom had ties to bad people. So, he said that Mom and Dad were the culprits, and that they probably killed everyone... I asked Aunt Eva, hoping she'd say it wasn't true, but she didn't say anything... Mom and Dad aren't bad people, are they? Are they...?"
"Poor thing... Everyone says whatever they please about what might have happened on that island on that day... Sit over here."

When the man pointed to the floor, a group of gold butterflies gathered there and created a chair. The girl obediently sat down on it...

"Yeah. Of course I know that. I know that none of them were bad people."
"Then tell me. What happened that day? What happened on Rokkenjima?"
"Okay. I'll tell you. This is what happened on that day."
"Is it... a scary story...?"
"Come now."
"Is it a sad story...?"
"Of course not."
"Then, what kind of story is it...?"
"You can decide that for yourself when you hear it. It isn't a painful story at all. So listen up."
"Okay, Battler onii-chan..."

BGM: Song Without a Name

This is... The final game, made just for Ange.