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by ProfessorProf

Part 119: Quiz Tournament (Kinzo's Question)

BGM: Stuffed Toy

If I get a lot, I'm supposed to get a wonderful prize from Grandfather. Okay, here I go.

"Who should I start with?"
"I don't think it matters. Start with whomever you like."
"I'd better think up a killer puzzle while I have the chance."
"Maria, didn't you have a quiz book in your bag?"
"Uu-! I do! Kihihihihihi, I'm gonna bully Ange with a mean one...!"

Maria onee-chan laughed with an evil smile. Looks like everyone's going to try and bully me. I'm sure they'll think up some really hard questions.

"Don't worry, I'll lend a hand."
"Of course. After all, I'm the princess's attendant. So, let's give it our all together and get a huge pile of medals."
"Come now, Ange-sama. Start wherever you want. I, Gohda, am ready to challenge you whenever you please."
"Whoa, not so fast. The honor of the first audience with the princess belongs to me. Ange, begin with my challenge...!"
"O, okay!"

I suddenly got tense, and my stomach began to feel tight. Then, Aunt Eva gently held my hand.

"It'll be alright. Let's do this together!"
"O, okay!"


Even though it was October, he suddenly started talking about Christmas. Is he going to ask what day Christmas is? I know that. It's December 25th.

"On Christmas Day, a woman looked up at the night sky and spoke. 'Eventually, the night will end, and morning will come. Wouldn't it be wonderful if, after the sun sinks and it becomes night once more, it could be Christmas again?' And then, the man spoke. 'Okay, I'll make your dream come true for you.' Is such a thing possible...?"
"The day after Christmas is the 26th, a normal day. That's impossible."
"...Still Christmas, even after the sun rises... Oh, I've got it."
"Huh? How?! How can the day after Christmas be Christmas again?!"
"Wahhahahahaha. Think about it for yourself, Ange."

And here it is! The gimmick of this section. I hope your little grey cells are ready for a little quiz tournament! We're starting with an easy one here, but things are going to get harder as we go. I'll give this hint to you for free: Knowledge of Japanese is NOT required for any of these puzzles. They have been thoroughly localized by the good folks at Witch Hunt for your enjoyment.

Please keep track of your score as you advance through the quiz questions. You'll need it at the end. You only get the medal if you get the question right on your first try.

It's Possible
It's Impossible