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Part 121: Quiz Tournament (Eva's Question)


"That's right. It wasn't one of the choices, but green beans would have worked too."

The names all followed the alphabet. Apple was 'a'. Butternut squash was 'b'. Cabbage was 'c'. It kept going with 'd', 'e', and 'f'. So, after 'f' comes 'g'. That's why the answer had to be something that started with 'g'.

"Thanks, Aunt Eva. I got it right thanks to your hint!"
"*giggle*. You solved it by yourself, Ange-chan. Incredible."
"Yep, nice work! Now, here's your medal for gettin' it right...!"

Hideyoshi took out a gold-colored medal and placed it on my palm. It felt heavy in my hand. Yeah, this is what victory feels like. I'd better keep it up!

For a glimpse into the localization process, here's Hideyoshi's puzzle in Japanese:

"One day, sweet chestnuts (amakuri) came down the river.
The next day, iyokan came.
The next day, a melon (uri).
The next day, edamame.
The next day, okra.
The next day, a persimmon (kaki).
What came down the river the day after that?"

A. Cabbage
B. Lettuce
C. Corn (toumorokoshi)

It follows the same pattern as the English version, based on the first kana - the Japanese kana order goes a, i, u, e, o, ka, ki, etc, so cabbage (kyabetsu, which starts with a キ) is correct - Eva also suggests cucumber (kyuuri, same deal) as an alternative.

BGM: Doorway of Summer

"Then maybe I should give Ange-chan a puzzle."
"Huh? You will?"
"Sure. A quiz for the princess from her attendant♪ I've thought of a fun one, so please, have a go at it!"

Aunt Eva smiled brightly. I want to get as many medals as possible, so of course, I want as many chances as I can get.

"Okay, I'll have a go at it."
"*giggle*. That's the spirit. Okay, here it comes."

"Yeah. You said you like traveling overseas a lot."
"That's right. So this will be a puzzle about traveling. There was a traveler in a certain place."
"A traveler?"
"First, the traveler walked five kilometers north."
"...Should I write this down on a piece of paper?"
"Don't worry. The puzzle isn't that hard, so listening to it will be enough. The traveler first walked five kilometers north. Then, he walked five kilometers to the east. Then, he walked five kilometers to the south."
"...Five kilometers north. Five kilometers east. Five kilometers south. You mean, like a blocky 'n'?"
"That's right! You work it out, and he's in a spot five kilometers to the east of where he started."

"Wahaha, there's no way! His compass must've gone crazy."
"Of course it didn't! Eheheheheh, do you know, Ange-chan?"
"It wasn't because of his compass? Is this a play on words?"
"No, this is a real quiz. For a hint, why don't you try thinking about a globe?"

A very hot place
A very cold place
Such a place couldn't exist