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by ProfessorProf

Part 125: Quiz Tournament (Genji's Question)

BGM: Cage

"And if you subtract 20 from 130, you get 110. That's the emergency number for calling the police."
"Splendid! That is correct. I knew you were a quick thinker, Ange-san."
"Oooooooh, well done, Angeeeeeeee! What a wise granddaughter I have!"
"Congratulations. This medal belongs to you."

At any rate, the gold medal glittering in Nanjo's hand is now mine. Okay, now I'll defeat Genji too and get another one.

"Yes, that's the spirit. Let's solve more and more!"

"My friend here doesn't speak much, but his knowledge is quite extensive. Even I cannot wait to see what sort of puzzle he whips up."
"Now then, Ange-sama. Prepare yourself. The puzzle starts now."

...I've never heard anyone say 'prepare yourself' like that when giving a quiz. I started to get so tense that my stomach began to hurt...

"It'll be okay. Hang in there!"

Aunt Eva gripped my hand firmly, and my stomachache got a little better.

"...Ange-sama, have you learned division?"
"Y, yeah. I learned it in cram school."
"Incredible, a six-year-old who knows division?"
"Then there should be no problems. Here it comes."

This is bad... I did learn division, but I'm not very good at it...

Eva's Hint

about 3mm
about 6mm
about 8mm
about 10mm