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by ProfessorProf

Part 127: Quiz Tournament (Krauss's Question)

BGM: Stuffed Toy

"Ah, is that it?! It's a keyboard?!"

Something that can be found in kindergartens and schools, which is covered with a line of white and black things. It's an instrument. Like a keyboard on a piano or a melodica.

"The first two black keys are between 'do', 're', and 'mi'. The set of three black keys are between 'fa', 'so', 'la', and 'ti'..."
"It started 'white black white black white ? black', so... the three white ones are 'do', 're', and 'mi'..."
"There is no black key between 'mi' and 'fa'. So, 'fa' comes right after 'mi'!"
"And since the question mark comes after 'mi', the right answer is 'fa'. In other words-"

"Correct. I thought it might have been a bit too hard, but you did well."
"Splendidly done, you two. Go ahead, Natsuhi."
"Congratulations, Ange-chan. Here's my medal for you."
"Alright! Aunt Eva, I got another one!"
"Things are moving along nicely. Next up is Nii-san's puzzle. Let's solve it in a flash and teach him a lesson, okay?"

BGM: Endless Nine

"Stop it, Aunt Eva! Don't provoke him! You'll make the puzzle harder!"
"Heheheheheheh. If there's anyone you have to blame, it's Eva! Now take this brain-twister! Here's a puzzle about the tenants of a skyscraper I've invested in."

Eva's Hint