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by ProfessorProf

Part 129: Quiz Tournament (Shannon's Question)

BGM: Stuffed Toy

"Awesome, Aunt Eva! Why?! Why is it 78 coins?! If platinum is better than gold, then why does gold get more coins?!"
"The number of coins you get is always the same as the atomic number of the prize. Copper is 29, silver is 47, and gold is 79. And, by the way, platinum is 78. So, the platinum prize gets you 78 gold coins."
"E, Aunt Eva, you're incredible!!"

Dad once told me that Aunt Eva was an enthusiastic studier, and really, really smart even back when she was in school. Even George onii-chan, her son, is smart, so Aunt Eva must really be incredible.

"Still, that was a pretty nasty riddle to choose. You should have at least given one that Ange could understand."
"You did give me permission to show her the hardest one I've got."
"...That's right. You said it yourself. That's why we got a puzzle that was too hard for me."
"Nnggggggggggghhhh...!! I, is it my fault? Sorry, Ange-chan... But look, we got a medal, so please forgive me."

We got another medal. Just how many have we gotten so far? But we still have a lot left to get. Next up is Shannon.

BGM: Praise

"...Since you only have to think on Nee-san's level."
"Y, you're making fun of me...! Then do you want to have a go at it too, Kanon-kun?"
"Bring it on."
"It sounds like you'll be able to understand it this time, Ange-chan. I'll stick to giving hints again."
"Okay, I'll do my best. I'll solve it. Another medal for me."
"Let's go then. Listen carefully..."

Eva's Hint