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Part 130: Quiz Tournament (Rosa's Question)

BGM: Praise

"And what about pepper jack cheese?"
"Then how about anchovy pizza? And lemonade?!"
"...I see, so that's what it is..."
"Anchovies are salty. Lemonade is sour. So what is it? Do the letters match the tastes?"
"That's right! The second letter of sweet is 'W'. The second letter of spicy is 'P', salty is 'A', and sour is 'O'! So, what does black coffee taste like?"
"Exactly! And the second letter of bitter is... Wait, your dad lets you drink coffee?"
"Nice job. You got it right, Eva-sama and Ange-sama."
"Aunt Eva, you're so awesome!!"
"We had to work together to solve that one. It's a team effort."
"And here is my medal. Please take it."
"Alright, I got another medal! Thanks!"
"You didn't get it, did you, Kanon-kun? I'll bet it was hard."
"...Not bad, coming from you, Nee-san..."
"Why don't you try saying 'sorry for making fun of you'? If you don't, I'll make all your meals 'O' and 'I'."
"'O' is one thing, but eating 'I' all the time would be awful."
"I wanna eat 'W' all the time!"
"Careful, you'll get cavities. But if you ever come to my house to play, I'd be more than willing to share."
"Yay!! I love you, Aunt Eva!!"

In the end, Kanon caved under the threat of 'I' cooking and was forced to apologize to Shannon...

Shannon's puzzle in Japanese:

Same structure, but:
A = amainattou (sugared natto)
S = shiosenbei (salty rice crackers)
K = curry rice (karee raisu)
N = black coffee
? = lemonade

The answer is just using the first letter of the taste - amai, shoppai, karai, nigai, suppai. The English version would have been too easy if left like that, since you don't have to translate from kana to romaji, so they made it a little harder by changing it to the second letter.

"Yeah. Thanks!"
"It seems the other still have some brain-twisters waiting for you. Please be careful."
"Good point. Everyone left looks like they'll be a challenge."
"But we'll win! We can do it if we work together...!"
"That's right. Let's combine our wits and move on!"
"Goodbye. And good luck."

BGM: Wingless

The dining hall was filled with such an exciting and fun atmosphere, but out here in the corridor, one was reminded of the fierce winds and the rain. But they were satisfied with this. The whole point of the noisy farewell party was to forget the loneliness of the rain for just a little bit.

"I feel relieved. Finally, we won't have to be toys for anyone else. I'd like to be quietly forgotten, to get covered with dust and vanish."
"You're wrong. We aren't going to vanish like that."
"In the world locked inside the cat box, our future will continue, unknown to anyone."
"...You're right. Sorry. That's a world that even we can't know about, so I forgot."
"Just what kind of future will we make for ourselves in the cat box world?"
"I don't know. That's why it's called a cat box."
"...Good point."
"Don't you have any regrets, Nee-san? About George-sama, for instance?"
"Receiving that ring is all you can do for George-sama. As for marriage, living together, and all the rest..."
"Our future inside the cat box is what'll make all that come true, isn't it? I'm not the only one. It's the same for you, right? What about a future for you and Milady Jessica?"
"I could break off my engagement with George-sama, then leave the island and disappear. That future is also possible for me. In that world, you wouldn't have to hesitate for my sake. You could enjoy your youth to the fullest with Milady."
"...If you gave up on your engagement with George-sama, that sort of world might be possible."
"So, since it's a cat box, the world where I spend my life with George-sama and the world where you spend your life with Milady can both exist at the same time."
"...It's a world where any contradicting dreams can exist at once."
"That's the world we'll be put away in as pieces. So, there's no need to be lonely, no need to be sad. Even though the 'me' here right now can only observe the part where I accept George-sama's ring."

The cat box is such a strange thing, a place where any pieces and toys and dreams can be kept. It's no cage sealing us in. On the contrary, being inside the cat box means being free from everything in countless worlds...

"A world where we're freed from everything, and yet where all of our wishes come true. However, the 'me' in that world won't be the 'me' here and now. That's a bit depressing."
"...Hey, Kanon-kun."
"Let's do it."
"...Are you sure?"
"We both wished we'd settled this much sooner. And yet, we've put it off until the last moment, just before the game is going to end."
"...Sure. The game is nearly over anyway. Now, at the very end... It's time for us to settle things by ourselves."
"That way, we'll be able to see our future before we're put away in the cat box."
"...Sure. Let's do it. How will we decide it? A coin? Or with pistols again...?"
"Ummm, so, why don't we have our own quiz tournament?"
"...Huh? You're really getting into this."
"Okay, then... First question-"

BGM: Stuffed Toy

"I'll solve it. I'll definitely solve it...!"

As soon as Maria and Ange crossed gazes, they started fighting. The two girls so close in age were really good friends, but they also fought a lot. Especially when they were opponents in a game.

"Maria-chan probably knows tons of different quizzes. This should be interesting. Let's have it."
"Kihhihihihi, not now. I'm the star, so I'll go after Mama!"
"Really? You're sure it's okay for me to go first?"
"Then let's begin. Ready? Heheheheheh."

Eva's Hint

4 ingots
5 ingots
6 ingots
7 ingots
8 ingots