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by ProfessorProf

Part 131: Quiz Tournament (Maria's Question)

BGM: Stuffed Toy

"Heheh, are you sure? It takes eight minutes to carry each ingot to the surface, right? 8x8 is more than 60."
"That's right. After all, the question said 'how many can she carry out of the room'. Rosa only has to take one step out of the room to 'carry it out'."
"Nice going, Ange-chan...! All those puzzles have really warmed you up good."
"That's right. To do 7 trips, you need 8X7=56 minutes. There are only 4 minutes left. However, you can make it back to the underground room in 3 minutes, then 'carry out' the eighth ingot in the last minute."
"Kihihihihihihi... Not bad, Ange! Nice one, uu-."
"I'm not gonna lose to you, Maria onee-chan!"
"Congratulations. Here's my medal. Now you can try the puzzle Maria picked out just for you."

BGM: Happy Maria! (instrumental)

"I've got Aunt Eva with me, and we'll solve it together!"
"Kihihihihihi, impossible, impossible, impossible! Even Aunt Eva won't solve this one! Wolves and Sheep puzzles are incredibly hard...!"

From her handbag, Maria pulled out a "Wolves and Sheep Puzzle Book" that was worn-out, well-used, and had a majestic feel to it, like a grimoire.

"You know what a Wolves and Sheep puzzle is, right?"
"I know. You show me those all the time."
"They're puzzles about using a boat to take everyone from one shore of a river to another."
"They usually have a few bizarre rules. When there's wolves and sheep, you can't let the number of wolves on either shore get bigger than the number of sheep, right?"
"Yeah, that's right! Send a boat back and forth, moving everyone to the other side while making sure that there are never more wolves than sheep...!! But the ones that have just wolves and sheep are only the simplest, easiest, plainest beginner's basic practice puzzles...!"
"When you get to the higher levels, you have many things other than wolves and sheep. It's pretty clever."
"...Should we write this down on a piece of paper?"
"Good idea. That'll definitely make it easier for you to sort out your thoughts."
"*sigh*, sounds like this puzzle will be a handful."
"There's no way you're getting my medal, Ange! Kihihihihihihi!!"
"I won't lose. I'm not gonna lose!!"

Eva's Hint

Less than ten steps
In 10 to 14 steps
In 15 to 20 steps
In 20 to 25 steps
Something else