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Part 167: The Red Key

A weapon for emergencies used by official Inquisitors of Heresy belonging to Eiserne Jungfrau. Dlanor's primary weapon. Unlike a normal weapon, whose purposes is to cause physical damage, this special tool is known as a conceptual weapon, and it is used to deny the existence of people.

Regardless of whether the target is physical, mental, or conceptual, it is impossible to use any defensive concept, such as physical barriers, mental isolation, and conceptual inheritance, to defend against this weapon. Because the concepts themselves are denied, even the concept of resisting an attack does not exist, and it is impossible for the target to endure regardless of their stamina. Furthermore, all supernatural methods of buying time, such as amelioration, time reversal, revivals, and inheritance are impossible. Because denials of concepts conform to verdict procedures dictated by the Great Court, all future concepts that disobey them will be denied immediately. In addition, when the Red Key forms a complete barrier, all concepts of evasion cannot be successful.

Defense is impossible, evasion is impossible, buying time is impossible. This ultimate conceptual weapon is the embodiment of these three impossibilities.

A strict investigation by the Great Court of Heaven is required for the use of the Red Key. Because of this, the very act of dispatching Dlanor, who arms herself with it, is equivalent to a death sentence.

In this world, Senator Lambdadelta has placed restrictions on its use and power.