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Part 168: The Blue Key

The primary weapons used by official Inquisitors of Heresy belonging to Eiserne Jungfrau.

Like the Red Key, it is a conceptual weapon, but instead of denying the existence of concepts, it is used to create self-doubt and forces others to deny themselves. For this reason, it is called the Blue Key of Reflection, in contrast with the Red Key of Judgment. Unlike the Red Key, it is possible to evade and defend against it. However, while the Red Key has severe restrictions regarding how it can be used, the Blue Key can be wielded with great ease and manipulated at will in all situations.

Furthermore, because the shape of conceptual weapons is purely conceptual, their outward appearance differs depending on the individual Inquisitor. In Dlanor's case, they appear as a long sword and a short sword, but some use them in the form of spears or guns, while others make them take shape as phenomena such as magic or miracles. The red and blue charms used by Gertrude and Cornelia are yet another shape taken by these keys.