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Part 179: Kinzo's Question (Wrong Answer)

"Heheheh. Too bad. Wrong."
"Huh? Why...?!"
"Ange-chan, what time of day does a new day start?"
"Midnight, at 12:00 AM."
"There you go. Isn't it nighttime at midnight?"

I see. The first night was just after midnight on December 25th. In other words, the time right after the previous day ended and Christmas began. That would indeed be Christmas Day, and it would be at night.

"And then, the morning of the 25th would come, and when the sun sank again, that would be nighttime on the 25th again..."
"Exactly! You figured it out."
"Hohoho! If only you had figured it out a little faster."

Grandfather laughed like Santa Claus. Aunt Eva asked him to count it as a right answer, since I figured it out in the end, but Grandfather shook his head.

"Come on...! Don't be such a stingy Grandpa."
"Still, now I've figured out how to do it. I'll get the next one right."
"Yes, yes. That's the spirit. That's my granddaughter for you."
"Thank you, Grandpa! I'm really ready now. I'll start getting a lot of them right!"
"Yes. Give it your all. I have a truly splendid present waiting for you."

After bowing to Grandfather, I hurried off with Aunt Eva to where everyone else was gathered.