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Part 181: Eva's Question (Wrong Answer)

I've never traveled overseas at all. There might be some strange place in the world where you could walk in a blocky 'n' and get back to where you started. Like the Bermuda Triangle, or something...

"Hmmm... I guess that was a bit too hard for you, Ange-chan."
"If you went north, then east, then south, there's no way you'd get back to where you started."
"But there is a place. A place somewhere on the Earth's surface. If you have a globe in your house, take a good look at it and think carefully. If you just can't figure it out, try asking your dad, okay?"
"Okay, I'll ask him. So tell me the right answer...!"
"*giggle*. The right answer is a ve~ry cold place. Where can you find cold places on a globe? Think about it carefully. Once you figure it out, you can try giving this quiz to the other kids in your class. I'm sure they'll all be surprised."

Where can you find a cold place? Hokkaido? I don't think you end up at the start if you go north, east, then south in Hokkaido.

...Nnnn. I don't get it. I give up.