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Part 182: Gohda's Question (Wrong Answer)

"Well, uh, that's because this is a fairy tale puzzle..."
"Hohhohohohohoho... It looks as though she didn't figure it out."

The answer I'd chosen at random was wrong, apparently. Too bad.

"Then tell me the right answer, Aunt Eva. You figured it out, right? Tell me!"
"Alright. The answer is-"
"Eva-sama, if you wouldn't mind...! They say recipes and riddle answers are best while they remain secret."
"You think so...? Eheheh, I'll have to tell her sometime later when you aren't around, then."
"Yeah, it's a promise!"

But even if I hear the answer later on, I still got it wrong. Oh well. I'd better pull myself together and take a shot at Kumasawa-san's puzzle.