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Part 197: (Eva's Hint)

"...Could it be the first letter of each word?"
"That's what I thought at first. White chocolate starts with 'W', pepper jack starts with 'P', and anchovy starts with 'A'. But then, how do you explain lemonade being 'O'?"
"Heheheheheheheh. Do you get it?"
"Aren't there any more hints?"
"Of course there are. I'll teach you the letters for some other foods. First, watermelon is 'W'. For 'P', how about picante potatoes? Albacore tuna is an 'A'. Orange-lime sherbet would probably be an 'O'. Heheheheheheheh..."
"It really does sound like the first letter is the key... But then how do you explain lemonade being 'O'...?"
"...I love 'W' foods. Cookies and cake are 'W', right?"
"That's right."
"So, it isn't the first letter after all..."
"What's going on? Is the 'W' group about desserts? But watermelon isn't a dessert... 'P' is picante potatoes and pepper jack cheese? 'A' is anchovy pizza and albacore tuna? 'O' is lemonade and orange-lime sherbet? Just what are these groups??"
"...I sort of get it, but I sort of don't. It's a little annoying."
"One last hint. Have you ever had lemonade to drink?"
"I have. I thought it was just going to be sweet, so I was really surprised. I'll never drink it again."
"...Ah, I've got it! Ange-chan, thank you. Thanks to you, I've probably figured it out!"