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by ProfessorProf

Part 201: (Eva's Hint)

"Did you only know about the ones with wolves and sheep? There's lots of complicated puzzles that you've got to deal with in different ways! See? You don't get it either, right, Ange?! Kihihihihihi!"
"Please, give me a hint!"
"You have to organize your thoughts carefully. Only the three humans can row the boat. Then, you have to memorize all the things to look out for. When the peasant is away, you can't leave his wife with the shepherd. When both the peasant and his wife are away, you can't leave the shepherd with the meat. When the shepherd is away, you can't leave the sheep with the veggies. You also need someone to watch the cow, but any of the humans can do that. Still, I guess the meat is the real key to the whole thing."
"...Ah, I see. Just because you can't put it on the boat again once you take it off, that doesn't mean you can only take it across once."
"You've got it. The veggies really can make only one trip, so once you've sent them across, you can't get them back. But as long as you don't take the meat off the boat, you can take it back and forth as much as you want."
"...It's so complicated. Even after thinking about it, I don't get it at all..."
"We'll have to write it down and sort out our ideas. Do you want a pen and paper too, Ange-chan?"
"Impossible, impossible! You'll never solve it! Why don't you just give up? Thinking is a waste of time for the incompetent! Kihihihihihihihihi...!"
"Can this really be solved? Don't tell me there's actually some contradiction that makes it unsolvable..."
"Uuu---? Who knows? Kiiihihihihihihi!"