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Part 203: (Eva's Hint)

"Don't you mean lying is what you're best at?"

Wow. I didn't think Dad's ears could stretch that far.

"Only one of them is speaking the truth. And both of the others are lying. So, if you find an answer where two of them are telling the truth, it's wrong."
"...I don't really get it. I want some more hints."
"That's all for my hint. If you want more, try talking to Aunt Eva."
"Aunt Eva!"
"Rika is the key. Rika says that Miyoko is a liar. So, if Miyoko is speaking the truth then Rika is a liar, and if Miyoko is lying, then Rika is speaking the truth. In other words, since that pair contradicts each other, we know that one of them is lying and one is telling the truth."
"That's Eva nee-san for you. Exactly. In liar games like this one, when you see a pair that contradicts each other, you know that one of them must be telling the truth. Neither of them is Satoko, so she's already confirmed as a liar. *giggle*, looks like the answer's already popped up."
"Ummm, ???"