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Part 207: (Eva's Hint)

"...I thought that too. Still, that would make the answer too obvious, wouldn't it? I wonder if there's some trick here..."

Or, that itself might be the trick, and the obvious answer could be the right one. It might be one of those classic puzzles that trips you up by making you think too hard and suspiciously.

"...I have two questions for you two. Is that okay?"
"Go ahead."
"Who do these three boxes belong to? You, Jessica-chan?"
"Well, yeah."
"In other words, you know which colors are traps, right?"
"Yeah, of course."
"Thanks. And now for my second question. A second ago, you opened one of the boxes to show us how scary the traps were. Would you have done that no matter which of the boxes Ange-chan chose?"
"That's right. I figured giving her a bit of a scare would make for a nice psychological warfare tactic."
"Thanks. Those hints will be enough."
"Hints? Huh...??"

I'm completely lost. How were Aunt Eva's questions just now hints...?