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by ProfessorProf

Part 212: (Hint 4)

"I found one too! On the eighth twilight, the narration clearly mentions Jessica's gruesome corpse."
"So, in other words..."
"Doctor Nanjo and Jessica. Those two are definitely dead. And that means-"
"We've proven that Nanjo and Jessica aren't culprits...! And that means-"
"All of their purple statements are the same as red truth!"
"Yes!! That's right!"

The pair gave each other a high five. Finally, they had found their first big clue. A safe slice on the roll with a needle in it. They had discovered some purple statements they could trust.

"Let's try writing out Nanjo's and Jessica's purple statements! These are the same as red truth. We're finally getting somewhere...!"
"If we're sure that Doctor Nanjo isn't the culprit, then his purple statement for the first twilight, 'no one would make a mistake in confirming those deaths, even those other than myself', becomes very important."
"In other words, no one will make any mistakes when confirming deaths...!"
"So, any time Doctor Nanjo or Jessica confirms a death, we can be absolutely sure that it's true."
"So, anyone whose death was confirmed by Nanjo and Jessica cannot be the culprit...!"
"...Uh-oh. Looks like they're moving along."
"...It's strange. I find it annoying that they're moving along, but if they did get stuck, that would just be boring."
"Okay, let's check their examinations and find some more characters who can't be the culprit!"