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Part 214: (Hint 6)

"Yeah. And as a result, we've proven that Genji-san isn't the culprit."
"For the first twilight, Kanon announces in a purple statement that he confirmed Genji's death. That clears Genji of suspicion as well...!"
"So now, a total of 9 people have been proven innocent. Things are going pretty well."
"Ah, right. It looks like Shannon's and Kumasawa's purple statements confirm that the six people of the first twilight all died."
"...We shouldn't accept that so easily."
"Why not? We can trust Shannon's and Kumasawa's statements, can we not?"
"Yeah, right? If you're sure they aren't culprits, why can't you trust their purple statements?"
"Kumasawa-san, for example, only said they were 'lying there, covered in blood'. So, it's not clear whether they were alive or dead. We can't call this a perfect examination of the six victims."
"Shannon speaks of those six in a different way. She says 'each of the children confirmed that their own parents were dead'."
"In the dining hall, that means George-aniki, Maria, and I each examined our own parents. However, we haven't proven yet that any of those three are innocent."
"Oh, I get it. Shannon's words prove that the children confirmed each of the six deaths in the dining hall, but they don't prove that the examinations those kids performed were legitimate."
"That's it. Since we can't deny the possibility that the kids are lying, we still can't remove any of the six in the dining hall from suspicion."
"How troublesome... All three of those are the survivors who live until the end. Since they are alive, that makes it impossible to prove that they aren't culprits..."
"Battler, George, Maria. While these survivors are very likely to be culprits, it's probably also hardest to prove them innocent."
"At any rate, it looks like those nine are the only ones whose innocence we can be sure of thanks to their confirmed deaths."
"From here on out, it'll just be pure reasoning based off the purple statements of the nine we can trust."
"Nanjo, Jessica, Krauss, Natsuhi, Shannon, Kanon, Gohda, Kumasawa, Genji. We can only read through their purple statements once more..."
"Things are going to get hard starting now. Let's steel ourselves and take a shot at it...!"
"Yes. It's finally starting to feel like a real mystery...!"