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by ProfessorProf

Part 216: (Hint 8)

"Let's hear it."
"The corpse examinations of the victims in the first twilight still aren't certain. In other words, what if one of them was really the culprit! They killed the other five, locked the dining hall from the inside, then played dead...!"
"True, they could create a closed room without using master keys that way. That leaves us with a problem though."
"What problem?"
"Remember? When we were talking about the second twilight, Bernkastel said this with the red truth: the culprit of the first twilight really did kill six people."
"Yes, now that you mention it... Muu..."
"Because of that red, it seems all six people in the dining hall were dead after all. So, how did someone lock the dining hall from the outside? Without using a key..."
"Hey, Battler. Does that red truth really confirm the deaths of all six people in the dining hall?"
"...Hmm, well, it does, doesn't it...?"
"In that case, the six in the dining hall were all innocent, and excluding Genji, whose innocence has already been confirmed, we can remove five more people from the list of suspects? In other words, 9=14 people have been proved innocent...! There are only three left! Either Battler, George, or Maria is the culprit...!"
"Wait a second! That doesn't seem right for some reason. That red truth did say that the culprit killed six people. However, she didn't say that red during the first twilight."
"I believe she said it back when we were talking about the second twilight, yes...?"
"I'd like to read through that bit again. Let's search. It feels like that was a strange time for her to say it..."
"...Not bad."
"Can't underestimate these two. Even their instincts are sharp."