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Part 219: (Hint 11)

"A multiple culprit theory...! Yes, that does seem to be the only way. That way, even if one culprit is sealed up, the other can continue murdering..."
"If you think about it, our theory has needed an accomplice from the very beginning. In the first twilight, Aunt Eva, Uncle Hideyoshi, that old bastard, Kyrie-san, and Aunt Rosa, in other words, everyone who hasn't been confirmed innocent had their deaths confirmed by people who also haven't been confirmed innocent. Unless those people were accomplices - fellow culprits - no one would've been able to play dead."
"You're right...! After all, the rules say that only culprits can cooperate with other culprits...!"
"Culprits are capable of lying even before they commit murder. So, we have ourselves a theory."
"The culprit who carried out the first twilight murders also carried out the second twilight, then locked themselves up in Natsuhi's room."
"Then, the other culprit, who lied about the first culprit's death, carried on with the murders starting at the fourth twilight...!"
"Yes, it all matches up that way...!! So, which of them was it?!"
"Unfortunately, so far, any one of them could be a culprit. However, we can say for sure that the crime wasn't committed by a single person. And, we know that the culprit locked up in Natsuhi's room was one of those five victims in the dining hall. And we also know that the person who continued with the crimes was one of those who inspected the five suspicious corpses on the first twilight...!"
"One of those who inspected the five suspicious corpses in the dining hall...? That would be..."
"Battler, George, and Maria. We know that one of those three committed the murders later on!"
"Excellent... Let's focus on those three and find the truth about those later crimes...!"