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by ProfessorProf

Part 222: (Hint 14)

"And yet, there's something I don't quite get. The culprit of the first and second twilights was one of those five victims from the first twilight. That person was sealed in Natsuhi's room, but we know their child was a culprit too, and lied when examining the death of the first. However, the only kids who can be a culprit are Battler, George, and Maria."
"That's right. And we've proven that they couldn't have committed murder for the fifth, sixth, and seventh twilights."
"In other words, this shows us that yet another culprit exists."
"Interesting. It also happens to be a theory that makes sense. Plus, it would mean that the third culprit was also one of those who played dead. It might even be possible to have four or five culprits this way."
"*cackle*, I'm not sure about that. At any rate, Gohda, Kumasawa, and Nanjo couldn't have been killed if there were only two culprits. There can be no doubt of that...!"
"This is getting complicated. Was it a group of three culprits? Or was it a pair working together and someone else on their own? Ah, right, we can't forget the possibility that there are more than three culprits."
"Of the 17 people who appear in the story, nine have been confirmed innocent. Let's put Battler, George, and Maria to the side since they survived. For the people who were supposedly dead, but not proved innocent, we have Eva, Hideyoshi, Rudolf, Kyrie, and Rosa, all victims in the first twilight."
"Now, the question is which of those five victims in the dining hall was faking death. We're getting close. I'm starting to like this...!"