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Part 36: Prologue

Good morning. Now, the curtain will finally rise on Battler's game.

Can Battler skillfully fulfill his big role as the Game Master? Let's take a look at the light from the opposite side of the chessboard.

There is no longer any difficulty level. By now, this is not a hint, but a confession.

BGM: Grey Empty Smile

The place was somehow different from the way it had been during the witches' trial. The decorations had changed. The several pleasantly sparkling white ribbons were paper-thin, but they hung beautifully in the air. Flowers were arranged all over in a way that would make any place look cheerful. It was like how a single drop of impure water could spoil an entire cask of wine. Just the presence of the flowers, the ribbons, and the red carpet that ran down the center of the room... made it hard to believe that this was the same place Ushiromiya Natsuhi had been falsely accused of a crime...

It had truly become... a wedding chapel.

These words, spoken by two demons who seemed to be in charge of this gathering, were part of a ceremony for making an oath of love before the eyes of God. Of course, in this wedding celebrated by demons, there was no priest in sight. Instead, there stood the witch who controls miracles.

"In sickness and in health. Yeah, a wife's true job is to be supportive in times of sickness. Isn't that right, Erika?"

"That looks good on you. What a fitting outfit for the one who has conquered the bridegroom. *giggle*giggle*giggle*."
"Ehehehehehehehehehe. I'm honored, my master."

The bride's outfit was, without a doubt, a pure-white wedding dress. The bride's veil represented both the white of God's blessings... and the white of the demons' cruelty. A great many goat nobles, witches, and demons were gathered for this wedding. If only their heads hadn't been those of goats, it would probably have seemed to be a very refined crowd worthy of this great cathedral...

"...I'd expect no less of you, Bern. Every single thing you come up with is always so screwed up."
"A wife to support her ailing husband. Isn't that wonderful? It suits you, Erika."
"...And... congratulations to you too, Mr. Groom."

At that point, Bernkastel stared straight into the groom's eyes. The groom... didn't answer. His eyes were gray. His lips would mutter something from time to time, but no one could tell if the words meant anything.

She spoke to the groom in the plural. Of course, there was only one groom. And, of course, the gray-eyed groom didn't answer...

"*giggle*giggle*giggle*. He might be able to hear you, but he can't answer, right? Don't worry, okay, Battler-san?"
"...Nn... gah..."
"I'll take everything of yours, and trample all over it... *giggle*giggle*giggle*!!"

The Witch of Miracles sneered with an evil smile that would make even demons want to avert their gaze. Even that sneer... provoked no response... from Battler's dim eyes.

"...Just give it a rest already, you demons. What comes next?"
"The couple will now make an oath of eternal love."
"After that, they will exchange rings...!"

On Battler's hand... was a ring bearing the seal of the One-winged Eagle, proof that he was the territory lord of this world. And on Erika's finger was a diamond ring that could not be shattered by any miracle. Diamonds signify an 'eternal bond'. However, in Greek, the word diamond simply means 'unbreakable'. Erika wasn't vowing to love Battler forever. She just wanted to take Battler as her property for all eternity.

This wedding was being performed... for the sole purpose of humiliating Battler.

"...Your heart will be shut inside an inescapable closed room forever... where I, Furudo Erika, the detective and the Witch of Truth, will command it. Your position as territory lord and your ring will become mine..."
"...Can't... get..."
"...Hmm? What was that?"
"...Nn... gah... Can't... get out..."

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