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Part 152: EP2 Profiles

Human Side

Afterwards, he was crunched to pieces and eaten by demons, and went to hell.

As a real estate investor, he has put a vast amount of money into the development of a resort. However, his results have been harshly criticized.

He started his business from scratch, and now works as the president of a company operating medium-sized restaurant chains. Apparently business is soaring and things are going extremely well.

Torture is meaningless if you kill the subject. You have to alternate between causing them pain and letting them rest.

Witch Side

This witch is extremely powerful, but word has it that she sometimes becomes obsessed with the art of creating certain patterns, so that her means end up becoming her goals.

In theory, she holds the strongest power of any witch, but in practice, that is no more realistic than saying a piece of paper can reach the moon if you fold it a hundred times. And fold it a hundred times she did.

However, she is fickle about those whose efforts she chooses to reward, and in many cases, she bestows her favor upon those who can please her the most. Her massive, swift, and terrifying power can cause any witch to submit in an instant. However, she is often reckless, and Bernkastel was able to take full advantage of that.

Though his power is great, it is also extremely lopsided. In particular, he specialized in summoning and barriers, so perhaps it is fitting to call him a summoner instead.

Kinzo has begun to lose this power with age, but Battler's power is still on the rise. Perhaps it is understandable why Beatrice tried to crush it as soon as possible.

In the many years following that, he began to mature and compensate for his many deficiencies, turning himself into the nearly flawless furniture that he is now. He is approaching the limit of his service life, but the magical power he can unleash for an instant rivals Kinzo's.

In the length span of time following that, she began to mature, becoming exceptionally skilled with power of a protective nature, such as magical barriers. Because of this, in the realm of barriers alone, she possesses an immense, mage-class level of power.

However, he hasn't yet matureud very far and is unable to control his own power and speed.

Haughy and arrogant. But actually feels pleasure from submission.

Nothing but a jealous crybaby. She'll do whatever it takes to get what she wants.

Really grumpy. But actually wants others to get angry with her.

Thoughtful and hard-working. Because of this, she corrupts her masters.

Really greedy. Once she decides she wants something, she will sacrifice anything and everything to get it.

In fact a gourmet. Would use any ingredients to make a good meal, even her own body.

At that age where she wants a boyfriend. Would give up her life for love.