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Part 154: EP4 Profiles

Human Side

As a real estate investor, he has put a vast amount of money into the development of a resort. However, his results have been harshly criticized.

He started his business from scratch, and now works as the president of a company operating medium-sized restaurant chains. Apparently business is soaring and things are going extremely well.

Witch Side

"Endless" is merely infinite idle repetition; "Certainty", on the other hand, indicates a far stronger absolute force of will...

What is it that witches who voyage constantly in an escape from boredom seek from their journeys...?

This witch is extremely powerful, but word has it that she sometimes becomes obsessed with the art of creating certain patterns, so that her means end up becoming her goals.
Once she was joined with the Witch of Origins in Mariage Sorcière, their system of magic obtained endless expansion and infinite power.

His system of magic is his own, and has its origins in mathematical miracles. Beatrice later reworked her own system of magic based on this.

With the Meister's death in 1986, his resurrection was lost forever. Resurrecting him is impossible even for the Endless Witch, Beatrice...

For this reason, Virgilia interacted with her in the manner of a servant. It is said that this was responsible for causing Beatrice's egotism and excesses.

Her queen-bee-like strikes would probably penetrate all famous detectives, and make them surrender.

The sisters' battle power is doubled by her support.

410 excels in firing control, and even in close range combat, exhibits battle power that is second to none.

However, her excessive power level has been criticized as inhumane, and it is not rare for her to be lynched and abused upon surrendering on the battlefield. Her one eye tells of this without words.

556 was in charge of squad fire support. She shot not to kill, but to protect her allies.

Haughy and arrogant. But actually feels pleasure from submission.

Nothing but a jealous crybaby. She'll do whatever it takes to get what she wants.

Really grumpy. But actually wants others to get angry with her.

Thoughtful and hard-working. Because of this, she corrupts her masters.

Really greedy. Once she decides she wants something, she will sacrifice anything and everything to get it.

In fact a gourmet. Would use any ingredients to make a good meal, even her own body.

At that age where she wants a boyfriend. Would give up her life for love.

They're low-level as furniture, but the ability to summon them inexhaustibly is extremely useful.

Ange Side

In her later years, she seemed to do this repeatedly as if she found it funny, and at that point it was no longer for economic reasons, but simply to harass. And all of this was for the sake of Ange, who would eventually succeed her.

Because of that long-lasting association, Eva particularly trusted him, and he was appointed to a significant post in the group.

However, that is nothing more than a manifestation of her complex towards her sister, causing her to crave the limelight. There are several opposing factions in the Sumadera family, and they are constantly engaged in a secret feud over who will control the vast wealth Ange holds.

JSDF, Foreign Legeion, private military companies - this man has traveled them all, and has skill in counter-sniping and escorting VIPs.

...and its dilettants and enthusiasts of the mystical primarily view it as a type of mental game.

Hopes are on him that he might have heard chatty Kumasawa let something important slip, but...

However, he would say nothing, and so they eventually began to forget about this old man...